BMRC Fundraisers To Support Spark Program

January 25, 2018

The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club [BMRC] is getting set to hold three fundraisers aimed at supporting its Spark program, which helps local youths take part in motorcycle training.

The fundraisers will be held on January 27, February 25, and March 25.

A spokesperson said, “The Spark program was set up by the Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club to expose local youth to motorcycle training, preparing them for local and international opportunities.

“The club strives to provide unique experiences to young riders that are seeking to develop their riding skills and realise ambitions and goals. Spark is currently holding a winter term of Youth Riding Clinics for children aged between 5-15 years old and has 23 students currently enrolled in the program.

“The BMRC is currently facilitating ten youth racers in their goal to participate in an advanced, international training weekend at the M1GP raceway in Willow Springs, California. As an extension of their local Youth Riding Clinics, they aim to support talented youth in gaining valuable training and priceless race experience through motorsports both on and off-island.

“Currently, the club is raising funds to help the top youth racers to attend an international training weekend paired with the group’s first international race in April. Local riders include Keimari Burchall [17], Nathaniel Binega-Northcott [15], Aiden Lopes [14], Sheun Simmons [12], Jediah Cumbermack [12], Kymaree Pitt [11], Norre Robinson [10], Za’Naj Bascome [9], Ryan Chequer [8], and Aeziah Divine [8].

“M1GP states that they are for riders, new or experienced, serious about honing their riding/racing skill with a method proven by world champions – skill development and great racing through mostly smaller displacement motorcycles.

“The youth division of the BMRC has been liaising with M1GP’s director, Young Lee, to structure a training weekend that will be beneficial and specifically focused on developing Bermuda’s local youth racers. The BMRC sent a group of young racers to the same raceway in 2008 and the experience proved a big success for those who participated.”

Kristin Divine, Youth Development Chair of the BMRC said, “We are thrilled to be in the position again, ten years later, where we have another group of extremely talented and eager young racers who want to take their involvement in the sport to the next level.

“These advancement opportunities are only possible when riders get a chance to get off-island to train on larger tracks and engage with internationally-acclaimed coaches and competitors.”

“Spark has attracted many families who want to support their children and teens by immersing them in their chosen sport, building confidence, independence, and developing an array of life skills.

“The local group competed in the BMRC’s Circuit Racing Championship Series in the summer of 2017 with several placing in the top tiers of their divisions of Minibike Junior and Minibike Senior race classes. The two eldest racers competed in the Dockyard Grand Prix for the first time in early 2017 against some of the club’s adult racers.

“Both boys are eager to take their racing up a notch and move up to the adult race classes for the 2018 season. With M1GP having a wider variety of motorcycles for their clinics, local racers will be able to test out motorcycles that are not currently on-island.

“Providing an opportunity where young racing athletes can follow their passions and explore other possibilities within their chosen sport beyond Bermuda, is an ambition the club is honored to strive for.

“The group has the following public fundraisers scheduled:

  • Saturday, January 27: Car Wash at the RUBiS Paget Service Station, 12:30pm-5pm
  • Sunday, February 25: Trash-a-thon, Bermuda ‘Rail Trail’
  • Sunday, March 25: Fundraiser TBA

“Corporate or individual donors with interest in supporting the further development of BMRC’s youth in their chosen sport of motorcycle racing can learn more here.

“This non-profit club has been issued a fundraising license number T2008 specifically for this experience.”

The full 2018 M1GP Sponsorship details follow below [PDF here]:

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