Family Centre To Move Into Sunshine League

February 20, 2018

Family Centre is this week preparing for the biggest move in their 27-year history to the Sunshine League House that was gifted to the charity by the former Board of the Sunshine League Home in April 2017.

Executive Director, Martha Dismont explained: “With the appropriate approvals in hand we are planning to move to our new home before March 1st. We recognize that our move to Sunshine League House carries with it a major responsibility to continue the legacy and commitment of Agnes May Robinson, the founder of the Sunshine League Home, to care and nurture Bermuda’s forgotten children.

“Taking responsibility for this property means much more to us than simply moving into a building. Like Ms. Robinson, over the years, Family Centre has endeavored to provide services that demonstrated care and concern for children.

“We are privileged to be granted this property and the gauntlet to carry forward this important legacy. Many former residents have pleasant memories of this home. We want to acknowledge the good that it represents and we will endeavor to honour the best of its history.”

She concluded: “At Family Centre, our mission is to ‘strengthen families and support systems to create a healthier Bermuda for our children’. We will not be running a residential programme. Today, children need to be connected to family.

“Having Sunshine League House as our base, will allow us to deliver even more effective services for our families and with this gift, we are further inspired to fulfil our very specific mission. We will ensure that this property becomes a place where our specialized programmes and prevention initiatives provide children and families with the skills they need to be successful and to sustain that success for future generations.”

Family Centre Board Chair, Justin Freisenbruch stated: “The Board has an immense sense of gratitude for the gift that we have been given. Renovations to the building and property have just been completed to accommodate particular services and activities offered by Family Centre.

“The charity extends sincere thanks to Benevides Associates, David and Georgia Benevides, for their tireless efforts to complete the renovation plans and GL Construction who worked around the clock to ensure the renovations were complete before March 1.”

He added, “An Open House is being planned for early April to acknowledge the donors who have made this move possible and will include an opportunity for the public to also donate toward the renovation expense. The Open House will feature special acknowledgements of support, and in the coming weeks, the public will have the opportunity to add their names to the list of well-wishers and donors.”

Family Centre hopes to begin moving into their new home starting February 21, with the expectation to be completely in the new location by February 28th. Offices will be closed February 21st through February 23rd, to accommodate the move and will re-open on February 26th in their new location on King Street in Hamilton.

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