Photos & Video: Beacon Lighting Ceremony

November 11, 2018

[Updated with photos] A Beacon Lighting Ceremony is taking place at Government House this afternoon [Nov 11] in commemoration and remembrance of the end of World War One and of those who served in that conflict.

It is one of a few events taking place on this Remembrance Day, as the island pauses to pay tribute to the island’s war veterans who served in the two World Wars and other international conflicts, as well as mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded, and the video replay is below

Government House previously said that a recorded total of 544 Bermudians served in World War One, and of those 544 Bermudians, 53 were killed in action; 15 were wounded; 14 were taken prisoner of war; 4 were missing in action and 19 died of disease or wounds.

Governor John Rankin previously said: “Our beacon lighting ceremony will be part of a much larger event taking place across the United Kingdom and our sister Overseas Territories plus the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The beacons will symbolise the ‘light of hope’ that emerged from the darkness of four years of War, 1914 – 1918.


“It is an opportunity for us to remember and honour those brave Bermudians who fought in the ‘War to end all Wars’, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order that we can live the lives we lead today with the freedoms we enjoy.”

We will have a photo gallery later on, and in the meantime the live video is below, and you can view all our coverage of Remembrance Day here.

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  1. Respect to out Veterans, especially those who were racially discriminated against and got less pay and no pensions, who fought for Freedom around the world and at home.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Good to see captain titty milk in attendance after a night partying in Wakanda!!

      • Yahweh says:

        Seriously screw you OJ, screw you.
        How dare you bring race into this.

  2. MM says:

    Was this a public event,

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