Asbestos Work Carried Out At Clearwater School

August 19, 2019

Government has confirmed that this summer, “abatement for asbestos was carried out at Clearwater Middle School by a licensed abatement firm”.

A Government spokesperson said, “Now that the works are complete, and as per norm, an independent inspection is being carried out by a qualified third party to ensure that the school is safe to occupy. Further statement will be made once the third party inspector has submitted the final report.”

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  1. Mb says:

    Why bother?
    If your kids are in private schools you commute half hour into Hamilton orWarwick…so why not save money and ensure students and teachers safety and close it and move

  2. potato juice says:

    Wonder at what cost..

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    Clearwater Middle School is the old Roger B. Chaffee school on the base. We got the base and all buildings on it back in 1995. Why is this only being discovered now?

    • Mb says:

      The BUT now complaining is ironic given they consistently pressure government to keep schools open to keep their members in jobs
      At some point you have to do what makes most sense
      consolidate and give kids a better education and save tax payer more money

  4. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    When did teachers and parents learn of the asbestos? Did they learn after the removal like everybody else?