Low Flying Aircraft Over Island During November

November 12, 2019

The public are “advised to be on the lookout for low flying aircraft” during the month of November, as a hydrographic survey is being conducted which will involve a small aircraft flying twice daily for up to 4 hours at a time over Bermuda.

A government spokesperson said, “The public are advised to be on the lookout for low flying aircraft during the month of November.

“The Bermuda Government, in a joint partnership with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office [UKHO] – Overseas Territories Seabed Mapping Programme, will be conducting a hydrographic survey of Bermuda.

“Scheduled to occur this month [November], the survey will involve a small aircraft flying twice daily, for up to 4 hours at a time over Bermuda.

“It will fly at a height of around 300 meters, and using survey equipment, capture water depths, land elevation, and high resolution images of both land and sea, allowing accurate mapping of the entire local seabed.

“The survey data will be used to update and modernize the islands nautical charts to ensure safe and efficient navigation of all marine traffic including ships in harbours and around the island.

“This is of vital importance to Bermuda, as it falls in line with our efforts to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s [IMO] Triple I Code and audit scheduled for December 2020.

“The data can also be used to support the development of a sustainable blue economy.

“The government departments involved in this project will be the:

  • “Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority;
  • “Department of Marine and Ports; and the
  • “Department of Public Lands and Buildings – Survey Section.

“It is important to note that the survey will be conducted at no cost to the Bermuda Government.”

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  1. Farmer says:

    Put ya plants inside!

  2. Real Deal says:

    what happen to the 3d point cloud data the public was to get access too from the last fly over?

  3. charles daniels says:

    Yes please and thank you very much! This Data will assist in upgrading all information needed in preparation for monitoring climate change effects. Question – Will the Survey Section be updating and or merging this information with a new mainland Survey?

    Hopefully, those folks with drones will respect the Survey Planes flight elevations.

    • Real Deal says:

      can you please explain how 3d contour data helps monitoring climate change effects. i think in order to have benefit to monitoring climate change effects if would have to take into account tide line data.

      • Phil says:

        The survey will also include measuring tide levels at 3 points around the island to ensure that the height/depth data can be related to tidal levels.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Careful family this could be the enemy playing their evil tricks on us.

  5. pspspsps here Kitty Kitty says:

    Chemtrails/ has entered the chat.

  6. Mr Gene Nuss. says:

    How low are these so called planes flying? Do we need to duck our heads? If it is a hydrographic survey they should be flying over the water not the land!

    • DZ says:

      Try reading the article, it’s usually a good place to look for information prior to commenting…

    • brown bag mamma's boy says:

      I don’t know but they better not mess up my kite flying every day all day.

    • Scott says:

      as long as you are standing lower than trees, telephone poles, houses.. you’ll be ok!

  7. Circada says:

    Surely DENR (environment) should be involved since they are mapping living reefs, even if the hemispheres think of them as just shipping hazards. :/

  8. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    make sure your not sunbathing naked!

  9. Tell me something says:

    Is it more than one of these flying around at night?

  10. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    Will this have some relation to Climate Change as well? Higher tides or lower. Can it spot more Pollution around Bermuda? Recently Devonshire Bay & Grape Bay areas were highlighted for the dying of a specific vegetation that protected those areas. These two activities would need researching by air or land a couple times a year & over years I’d imagine.
    Like hear of the results of the low flying research Government through BerNews.

  11. 235 says:

    Haven’t we learnt yet that nobody does anything for “free”?