Police: Crime Prevention Tips For Businesses

April 16, 2020

With many businesses closed and others operating on reduced hours, there are fewer ‘eyes on the street’ to notice and report suspicious activity to police, said Detective Chief Inspector Arthur Glasford of the Bermuda Police Service [BPS], Serious Crime Department.

Detective Chief Inspector Glasford said, “As such, the BPS urges business owners to consider the following crime prevention tips during this time. Make sure all access points tour premises are properly secured.

“If you have roller shutters installed at the entrances and windows of your business premises, we suggest that you have them lowered.

“If you do not have roller shutters installed, in addition to exterior lights, keep the lights on inside so that when the BPS are doing their patrols at night, they can see inside your business. Also, remove anything, like posters, retail display racks and similar, from the windows as to not obstruct the view into your business.

“Remove all cash and receipts. Don’t leave donation boxes on the front desk, cash boxes with “floats”, or safes at your business. Empty out cash registers and leave them open or put the empty cash try out to show there is nothing in it.

“If a safe cannot be removed, we suggest that you empty it of all cash and other valuables, as well as important documents.

“Remove client or staff personal information that could be stolen and used for identity theft.

“Don’t leave any valuables visible or accessible. Remove computers, projectors, and other valuables from your office and take them home.

“Remove all alcohol products from display and put the inventory in a locked storage area, or remove it from the premises.

“Consider posting an “All Valuables & Cash Removed” sign on your door.

“Remove material around the exterior of the property, such as wood pallets, bricks, ladders, or metal poles, that may be used to gain entry.

“Ensure the emergency contact list is up to date on any alarm monitoring system.“

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