Flyer Circulating About A ‘Public Demonstration’

June 23, 2021 | 9 Comments

A flyer is circulating promoting a public demonstration which is apparently scheduled to be held at the Cabinet Building at 11.30am on Tuesday, June 29th.

An email sent to the media said, “Calling on all Bermudians and residents, politicians, church ministers/pastors, community leaders/community activist and the wider population of Bermuda. No more division, no more discrimination, vaccinated or unvaccinated, we are one. You stood up for Black Lives Matter, now stand up for yourselves Bermuda.”

Concern Citizens Of Bermuda Public Demonstration June 2021

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Proven says:

    All for demonstrating displeasure with current state of affairs. Let’s be clear – We Are NOT All Equal! The people who thought they were voting for a government that would narrow the gap have been very disappointed – we have more to demonstrate for than some others. Our forefathers were denied education, laws were enacted to intentionally harm them, etc. The ramifications of those actions still harm us today.

    • saud says:

      You’re no different than the people you hate.
      You discriminate, you’re prejudiced, you’re racist and homophobic.
      You are everything you said about the OBA.

  2. About time locals start standing up for themselves, if I still lived in Bermuda I would be at this protest for sure!

    ” This Government ” needs to let it sink into their thick skulls that if those who have been vaccinated ( being its supposed to work ) or those that have already had covid, why to heck would they care if others have not had the jab?

    leading up to Covid I was still flying back to Bermuda every two months for business reasons, I since Jan 2020 have never gone back, and absolutely refuse too until those stupid regulations are dropped entirely, I have been Jabbed, and I refuse to go through the potential nightmare it can become if one person on my flight tests positive, sorry nope not going to happen!

    And they wonder why Tourist are not coming either? SMDH!!

    • If you still lived here says:

      Exactly – you don’t live here anymore so STFU!

  3. sandgrownan says:

    The anti-vax movement is perhaps one of the most stupid, boneheaded and asinine groups known to man.

    Never mind the outright hypocrisy of those still pursuing a legal plan to ban SSM.

    The fact is this – vaccination programs have historically been the single most important medical advance known to man since the advent of clean drinking water and basic hygiene. There is enormous historical precedent for forced vaccinations, and the effectiveness of vaccination programs.

    A key factor is volume of vaccinations. It’s well known that vaccines are never 100% effectiveness, but by increasing the numbers of those who are vaccinated significantly increases effectiveness. Fact, End of story.

    COVID-19 is highly contagious, and deadly in many cases. All ICU cases in Bermuda were unvaccinated. How many walked out? THe global pandemic continues with thousands dying daily for lack of vaccines.

    And a bunch of up their own arse Bermudians think they know best? No, we’re not equal, those that choose not to be vaccinated should be ridiculed and treated with contempt for increasing the risk for the rest of us.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    A quick look around the internet reveals that..

    “Morgan Stanley in New York will not allow unvaccinated staff back into their offices…”

    “Cathay Pacific have said unvaccinated staff risk losing their jobs…”

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    San Francisco (city) now requiring all employees to be vaccinated or risk losing jobs.

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    Could this be the return of the People’s Campaign?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Not a chance. They’re in a fix.

      The People’s Campaign was a PLP construct, what do they do now? Everyone know’s it was bullsh*t.

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