Cycling: Fat Tire Massive Coney Island Results

January 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Fat Tire Massive Mountain Bike’s fourth race of the season was held at Coney Island this weekend.

Alan Potts won the male open 60-minute race clocking an 11-lap time of 1:02:41, Kavin Smith was second with an 11-lap time of 1:04:11, and James Holloway was third clocking a time of 1:04:29.

In the female open 60-minute race, Pansy Olander clocked an 8-lap winning time of 1:01:51, Jennifer Wilson was second completing 7 laps clocking 1:00:01, and Jennifer Lightbourne finished third with a 7-lap time of 1:00:51.

The male open 30-minute race saw Andrew Davis clock a 5-lap winning time of 36:02, Justin Horsfall was second in 36:18, and Daniel Ringer finished third clocking a time of 36:36.

Rebecca May won the female open 30 minute race clocking a 4-lap time of 35:44, Florence Pedro was second with a time of 38:37, and Zina Jones was third in 40:08.

Rui Moniz won the male novice race clocking a time of 34:09.

Gordon Smith won the male 13 – 16 age group division race with a 6-lap time of 31:33, Wyatt Hall was second in 33:40, and Joshua Wilson clocked a time of 34:34 finishing third.

The female 13 – 16 age group division race was won by Kelise Wade who clocked a time of 34:34, Skye Ferguson was second in 35:25.

The full 2023 Fat Tire Massive Mountain Bike Coney Island results follows below [PDF here]:

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