Get To Airport By 8am If Traveling In Morning

May 25, 2023

If you are planning on leaving the island on a morning flight on Bermuda Day [May 26] the police have advised that you get to the airport by 8:00am due to all the road closures that will be in effect for the cycling and running races, which will be starting from St George’s.

In issuing an overall holiday advisory, the police said, “On Friday, the roads along the race route will close at 8:00a.m. Therefore, persons who are travelling on morning flights need to be sure they arrive at the LF Wade International airport prior to 8am. The road closures for the races will be in effect from 8:00am until around 12.30pm.”

After the race concludes, there will be road closures in town for the parade.

The Govt’s official traffic control and road closure notice follows below [PDF here]: divider line ewrr

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