Cannabis Activist Petitions For Medical Marijuana

January 15, 2014

Law graduate and medical cannabis policy activist Alan Gordon has started an online petition asking Public Safety Minister Michael Dunkley to allow emergency medical cannabis permits for cancer patients with a doctor’s recommendation.

Mr Gordon said he has two good friends with recurring cancers that conventional treatments have failed to quell.

According to Mr. Gordon, section 12 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1972 [PDF] allows the Minister to make case-by-case exceptions to the general ban on cannabis. Mr. Gordon said he also wants the Minister to “publish rules for successful applications, since common law forbids invisible guidelines for Ministerial discretion.”

“All over the world, governments allow cancer patients to have medical cannabis, not only to ease side effects of toxic treatments, but even to fight the cancer itself,” said Mr. Gordon.

The text on the petition [link] says:

The Government’s proposed 6 month waiting period (for research and recommendation prior to Parliamentary debate) is too long for those dying of cancer and other serious illness.

The overwhelming majority of Bermudians support medical cannabis access.

US States where it is legal for medicine have seen little to no negative consequences, especially compared to the benefits seen. Those States have seen a 9% drop in road traffic deaths, a reduction in suicide, and no increase in use of cannabis by minors.

6 months is too long to wait — this is a matter of life or death, with overwhelming popular support, and little by way of negative consequences.

“This stuff can really save lives,” continued Mr. Gordon, who has been in extensive contact with caregivers and researchers in the United States.

He added: “One recent study found that at least six different cannabis chemicals shrink tumours, and that they work best in the presence of the other anti-tumour cannabinoids, not isolated from one another such as you might find in patented pharmaceutical plant extracts.”

Mr. Gordon says he cannot understand why Bermuda feels the need to wait for the new Government appointed Cannabis Reform Collaborative’s mandated six month timetable prior to potentially making changes to the law.

“That’s why I started a petition,” explained Mr. Gordon. “Last month, 2000 people signed a petition to save a dog’s life – the Bible teaches us we should do no less for a human, even if it’s on a Sabbath or in some other way violates strict medical laws, like Jesus is said to have taught in the Gospel of Luke.”

Mr Gordon notes that foreigners have signed the petition as a matter of compassion, but that it should be primarily for Bermudians, and that the Minister may feel free to disregard non-Bermudian submissions, even if some of those are from Bermudians living overseas.

The e-petition is available online here. As of this writing, it has over 300 signatures.

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  1. Gonna have a lotta cancer patients in Bermuda if this exception is made.

    • inna says:

      and that is a bad thing because? the plant cures diseases, and has been since the beginning of time. it has only been in the past 60 years or so that the world (insert USA) decided to do a u-turn on the substance and start the war on drugs. what is even more sickening is that amount of money that is generated in the states from keeping cannabis illegal; private prisons, court time, lawyer the list goes on and on.

      answer me this, if you or a close relative of yours were diagnosed with a terminal or near terminal cancer, and a doctor or friend recommended you try smoking some grass, would you not give it a go? i know i would sure as hell not hesitate!

      • YADON says:

        I agree but it must be known that to recieve the medical properties of the plant smoking does little. The essential oils must be extracted to make a medicine. If anyone is curious about this and wants to learn how please Google Phoenix Tears. It could save your life!

      • “the plant cures diseases”? Oh that’s why people smoke weed so that they might be “cured”. And all the “munchies” are part of that curing effect. Of course the incredibly deep inhales help expand the lungs thereby also helping to facilitate the curing effect.

        And absolutely no side effects whatsoever. What a drug! That mean old US of A trying to prevent the world from enjoying this panacea for all ills.

        • inna says:

          what drug do you know of that doesnt have any side effects??? ill wait…

          • You’ve made my point.

            • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

              First of all Googa Mooga…YOU called it a drug and he was too quick to retort…so you got him…Cannabis is not a DRUG…what makes people so thick…well i know why but cannot say it here.

            • JD says:

              Googa – Your comment is first very childish.

              Second despite your uninformed view there is evidence to support the medical benefits of marijuana. I’d point you in the direction of Sanjay Gupta’s recent decision to support the medical use of marijuana.

              Third you have created your own quote which you are then arguing against. At no point in the article can I see any claim by anyone that “the plant cures diseases” or has no side effects. If you enjoy chasing your own tail, please do it in the privacy of your own home.

              Finally your flippant view on this is insulting to everyone with cancer who may benefit (even a little) from medical marijuana.


              • The quote was made by @Inna who did in fact make that statement. If you would read carefully you would realize what I stated was in response to what he had written. You know under the reply section.

                And please don’t act as if you care about cancer patients when all you want to do is get high. My views are about this issue being used to glorify weed under the pretense of helping victims. My sympathies to any cancer victims including those who use weed for medicinal purposes.
                You talk about the benefits but what about the detrimental effects. Do some more research please!

                • LOL (original TM*) says:

                  Your no supposed to smoke it. You eat, drink or vaporize it. There are too many articles form researchers indicating that it can help with many health issues.


        • Jadon says:

          Alcohol and cigarettes are legal ? Alcohol causes more problems and deaths than cancer does. You ever hear of someone smoking a joint and then becoming outraged and beating the crap out of some one ? Didn’t think so. Go to some bars on front street for a night. Guaranteed to see a scrap. And he is just asking for medical weed. Not to make it completely legal or decriminalized.

      • Next says:

        If it cured diseases nobody would be dying of diseases. Please stop talking out your a**.

        • YADON says:

          ADSI. 2013. Federal Government Reports Marijuana Effective in Combatting Certain Cancers Reports ADSI. NBC News. GlobeNewswire.

          American Thoracic Society. 2006. Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer. Science Daily. Web. 2013.

          Anderson, D., and D. Rees. 2011. M(edical M(arijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption. IZA Discussion Paper No. 6112.

          Anderson, D., Rees, D., and J. Sabia. 2012. High on Life? M(edical M(arijuana Laws and Suicide. IZA Discussion Paper No. 6280.

          Appendino, G. et al. 2008. Antibacterial cannabinoids from CANNABlS sativa: a structure-activity study. Journal of Natural Products. 71(8):1427-30.

          Let me know if you want more studies.

          • Next says:

            Let’s see. The first one states it slows or stops certain cancer cells. Does not cure. Certain. Not all. You need to read it again and focus in on certain words, including “may provide”, you see reading comprehension is important. Maybe you were too high to understand it.

            So based on that FAIL I’m not even going to bother reading the rest. I’ll say it again, if marijuana cured diseases – NOBODY WOULD HAVE DISEASES/DIE FROM DISEASES.

            You are dismissed.

            • sage says:

              Thanks for reenforcing the cause, no one but the most rabid, hysterical anti herb ganjaphobes would consider your ridiculous dismissal of scientific evidence, as anything other than the foolishness that it is.

              You are a joke.

              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                +1 just recently a TV show where a 10 year study had been done on cannabinoids showing it did in fact help to shut down the gene responsible for some cancers. Again smoking is not the only way to take it and I don’t think smoking it is good but ingesting it like this program said has a whole host of benefits. Just do the research. Pharmaceutical companies pushed for it to be illegal. Why so that cancer patients would have to pay incredible amounts of money on radiation therapy that has been proven not to be as effective in over 65% of cases and in fact can speed up the process or do other damage. It’s all about money. Not to mention how much power and funding the war on drugs gives the police.


      • OMG says:

        Didn’t cure Bob!!!! And he was one that could smoke!!!!

        • sage says:

          No one said smoking herb cures cancer, although it works for other things like MS (ask Montel Williams) amongst many others, the oil extracts taken orally, on the other hand, slows, strangles and kills cancer in enough people to warrant research being done to further knowledge in this area, but what would you care, you only want to malign an honorable man who isn’t able to defend himself.

        • WhistleBlower says:

          Clearly you are limited in your knowledge of “Bob” and his cancer!! Do you even know which stage he was at when it was discovered? I thought not Do you know anything on the cells that are affected by cancer? Thought not! Just a suggestion: Before shooting off your mouth read! Gather facts and then comment!! Otherwise continue to be BRANDED a fool!!!

          • Polka Dots says:

            Bob smoked all of his like, what does it matter, what stage it was at when they found it. If it was the great cure, he should never have gotten cancer, and at worse should have been cured by the Natural Mystic.

            • sage says:

              “Propaganda spreading over my name,
              say you want to bring another life to shame,
              oh man your just a playing a game,
              and then you draw bad card…..”

              “Stiff-necked fools, you think you are cool,
              to deny me for simplicity,
              yes you have got, the wrong interpretation,
              mixed up with vain imagination….”

              How prophetic, Bob saw you fools coming. Give up.

        • YADON says:

          Here are some more studies if you still do not believe

          Arnold, J. et al. 2012. CB2 and TRPV1 receptors mediate cannabinoid actions on MDR1 expression in multidrug resistant cells.Pharmacological Reports. 64(3):751-7.

          Ashton, C. et al. 2005. Cannabinoids in bipolar affective disorder: a review and discussion of their therapeutic potential. Journal of Psychopharmacology. 19(3):293-300.

          Ashton, C., and P. Moore. 2011. Endocannabinoid system dysfunction in mood and related disorders. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 124(4):250-61.

          Bab, I., Zimmer, A., and E. Melamed. 2009. Cannabinoids and the skeleton: from marijuana to reversal of bone loss. Annals of Medicine. 41(8):560-7.

          Bátkai, S. et al. 2012. Delta (8)-Tetrahydrocannabivarin prevents hepatic ischaemia/reperfusion injury by decreasing oxidative stress and inflammatory responses through cannabinoid CB2 receptors. British Journal of Pharmacology.165(8):2450-61.

          Biegon, A. 2004. Cannabinoids as neuroprotective agents in traumatic brain injury. Current Pharmaceutical Design. 10(18):2177-83.

          Blázquez, C. et al. 2006. Cannabinoid receptors as novel targets for the treatment of melanoma. FASEB Journal. 20(14):2633-5.

        • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

          i notice that a lot of people on here either never went to school or was forced to go to classes …and my reasoning why, is that there seems to be a lack of a hunger for knowledge and a thirst for the truth…i guess what you don’t know wont hurt you. Brings to mind The Pied Piper of Hamlin….

      • Polka Dots says:

        The amazing thing about this amazing natural “medicinal / curing” drug is that nobody ever seems to ever get “cured” and stops using it, when their disease goes away. However, most claim it isn’t addictive. HAHAHA . Wake up. Its called Dope for a reason! know, I was a user for 8 years. I was addicted.

        • sage says:

          And what are you on now?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Guess you where on hard stuff then to me dope is injected.


        • jald1983 says:

          Just FYI studies have proven that marijuana is not chemically addictive. If you think you were addicted, that would need due to you having that kind of personality. People who get “addicted” to weed are just as likely to get addicted to anything else that makes them feel good… alcohol, candy, junk food, a person…

          Marijuana is a plant with many great properties. Too many to list but easily discovered with tools such as Google… go read some medical studies.

          Of course smoking it will put users at a higher risk for lung / throat / mouth cancer etc just as smoking ANYTHING would. It’s not specifically weed that is the problem, it’s the smoking part and if taken in other ways (vaporized, ingested) it has no negative, only positive, effects.

          • sage says:

            jaid, check out the study on heavy herb smokers and cancer of the lungs and upper respiratory tract conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin and tell me what you think, everything else you say is spot on.

            • jald1983 says:

              Yes, I did mention that smoking it can cause issues.. but that’s not the weed.. it’s the smoking.

              Smoking anything will cause issues like cancer / respiratory problems etc. It is not a marijuana specific issue and if it is taken in a way that does not involve smoking, those issues are not present.

              • sage says:

                I am not a doctor but the study I referred to says smoking herb, in large amounts for long periods, does not cause cancer. I didn’t make it up, google it and get back to me.

    • Sara says:

      I am glad you find such a serious life threatening topic so funny. I wonder if anyone has ever told you that you are selfish or narcissistic…

  2. sage says:

    It is hard to believe that in 2014 people who are dying anyway, or have problems that cannabis can treat, would be denied access to a relatively harmless substance which brings great relief to them. Minister, this is a valid issue and I hope you will use your powers under the existing legislation to do what is right for those who may benefit. Enough people have suffered unnecessarily due to our collective ignorance and inaction.

  3. Unearthed says:

    +1 Signed!

    • Polka Dots says:

      I the words of Public Enemy…don’t believe the hype, it’s a sequel!

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        Well apparently you don’t know Public Enemy…the hook that you just quoted was when Chuck D was telling you NOT to believe what the Social Engineers have indoctrinated in you from the day you were born…you are jus a** about face there brah…you are Officially a Zombie…a product of social engineering ….jus go with the flow …right along down the drain…pitiful state of people in Bermy.

        • sage says:

          I’m thankful for these anti-drug warriors they do almost as much to advance the cause as the advocates.

  4. O'Brien says:

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” – Winston Churchill

    I’m beginning to think the worst side-effect of marijuana is that leaves its consumers unable to stop talking about it. At this point I just wish the Government would get on with legalising it already so I don’t have to hear about it anymore.

    • Great quote.

    • pabear says:

      you are so right

      • sage says:

        Here’s a quote; “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” Carl Sagan.

    • skinnydipper says:

      here here o’brain, i knew dscussion would open the door for a lot dump talk. just legalize it….some fool saying he was addicted..what a joke

  5. swing voter says:

    Medical reasons? yes…..casual use? hell no…you weedos have got some nerve tryna link your selfish indulgence to a noble cause. Just like any drug used to ease a medical condition, so has marijuana mis-use by you weedos

    • inna says:

      go drink your bottle of wine you boozeo!

    • MA$E says:

      your right … why indulge in weed when you have fun stuff like Cigarettes , alcohol , POrn and lets not forget my personal favourite indulgence Fatty foods.

      stop believing things your mummy and teacher told you at 5 … grow up

      adults have the right to make a choice on what they put into their body …if it isnt hurting anyone else …WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ????

      • Polka Dots says:

        @Mase …yup , you are right… people that smoke weed don’t ever smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, watch porn or eat fatty foods.

        If you smoke weed it is because you are doing it for the selfish high, don’t hide behind this natural plant B.S.! Eat marijuana and encourage its intake by ingestion and maybe we might listen to the healthy benefits. When you smoke weed , you do so because you want to get STONED. If that wasn’t true , growers wouldn’t have the need to grow more POTENT strains of the plant. Nothing natural about smoking!!

        • 'nuff sa-d' says:

          Sounds like the very same reason why you drink, watch porn, eat French fries and fried chicken and pork skins and smoke cigarettes:- P.D. You personal selfish high that you think is legal but kills.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          So you admit it has potential good in it and health benefits. Thanks now either read up on it or go lay down under that rock you came from.

          LOL by the way I’m not a smoker weed is to expensive.

    • pabear says:

      your an a**hole why is someone who smokes cannabis being selfish when more people mis-use pharmaceutical drugs and die and you won’t say a thing about that fu

      • jald1983 says:

        Let’s not forget that alcohol has much worse and longer lasting effects on the body and mind.

        Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safer.

    • sage says:

      Weedos, a term like druggies used to insult cannabis users ( and even non using supporters) as being low down addicts, almost exclusively over utilized by the actual addicts of tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals who try to demean others because of their own deep seated problems and inadequacies, allowing them to look down their noses, probably with a cigar and a snifter of brandy to wash down the viagra (or prozac), disdainfully at an herb smoker. Got some crust!!

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Basically used to decredit anything anyone says who does not agree.


    • Could not agree more. While I do not oppose de-criminalization for small amounts this deceitful approach should be condemned. A significant percentage of people who smoke weed do so for one reason and that is to get high. Period.

      As a consequence they are reluctant to admit that there are in fact many negatives associated with the practice. Having said that it is their right but let’s not try and make this what it is not. And for the record I have smoked weed in the past and am well aware of it’s highs and lows.

      • sage says:

        Having medical exemptions for a law which is generally accepted as being counterproductive is not deceitful . Spreading false propaganda, misinformation and outright lies certainly qualifies in my book, though, and the people we should be able to rely on for quality information, are guilty of this. If people wanting to get high bothers you, what’s your stance on alcohol, where 100% of users want to get “high”? Certainly you are aware of “many negatives associated with the practice” when it comes to drinking. Should we set limits of small amounts for the personal use of first time young offenders and jail old users, dealers, suppliers and importers? If you answer no (and something tells me you might) then you don’t really give a rat’s a$$ about anyones health do you, just like government. Change is coming.

        • Please re-read my comments and explain how you could possibly misconstrue them to mean people getting high bothers me. I plainly stated that it is an individual’s right to get high. I also stated that I am not opposed to the decriminalization of small amounts for personal use.
          And please do not twist my words regarding small amounts of weed out of context to further your own agenda. That is consistent with what advocates of legalizing weed suggest and is not my personal philosophy.
          As far as drinking I do think it is a very harmful drug and steps should be taken to discourage its use in our community but that has nothing to do with this issue.
          Your problem is that you want to glorify drug use and you want everyone else to do so as well. Acceptance is not enough you demand approval and that is the issue.

          • sage says:

            Were you not answering swing voters post and agreeing with the suggestion that casual “weedos” self indulgence and “misuse” should not be tolerated, but medicinal use is ok? The urge to get “high” in your words causes people to deny any negatives involved with it’s use, not true, they just don’t dwell on it. I guess the next person arrested can invoke their “right to get high” defense since you did plainly state that it’s theirs to enjoy. Your words don’t need to be twisted to apply to alcohol, you just get defensive when the same rules are applied to your drug of choice, alcohol is a drug, a more harmful one by far, so it has everything to do with this issue. I do glorify herb, it is an amazing plant and deserves a lot of respect, and there are too many lying ganjaphobes to be left to their own devices. PS. many people do approve.

            • I don’t drink at all. Stop assuming that everybody who disagrees with you drinks. Please re-read what I wrote about alcohol. It is a destructive drug as is weed when smoked. Which one is the lesser of two evils I don’t know but I’ll go out on a limb and say you also drink.

              • sage says:

                Alcohol kills, herb chills. Even smoking of herb, is nowhere near as dangerous or damaging as alcohol consumption, no comparison at all. Lesser of two evils, are you kidding me? Herb could never be defined as “evil” by any sane human being but the system which incarcerates people for herb definately fits the bill.

                • Concerned Citizen says:

                  All I know is that a man who tries to drink a bottle of high-proof “spirits” will kill himself……a man who tries to smoke too much high grade herb will, well, fall asleep! PS, he will wake up feeling fresh in the morning too.

                • Answer the question please. Do you drink? So many weed smokers who use alcoholism to push their “cause” also drink to enhance the high. Been around a little longer than you might think.

                  • sage says:

                    You may have been around for a while but clearly lack the wisdom, knowledge and understanding which should, but doesn’t necessarily, go hand in hand with advanced age. Learning new things opens neural pathways and expands the mind, try it sometime.I know quite a few herb smokers and although one or two may be alcoholics they certainly never use alcoholism to “push their cause”, no one would take them seriously, except maybe you. Do they drink to “enhance” the high? Couldn’t tell you, I do not drink, don’t like the taste and like the “high” even less.

      • 'nuff sa-d' says:

        Decriminalize it for a set small amount and adopt it’s use for medicinal purposes (Dr. prescription needed) and we’ll all be safe.

        Alcoholics:- “you’re gonna need a prescription as well”. How do you like that P.D and G.M. ???

    • Next says:

      It’s sickening how they are using actual sick people as a cover for them to get high. Very selfish and disgusting behavior.

      • 'nuff sa-d' says:

        You’re the one saying that nonsense. No one is using it as a cover to get high. They are just supporting the need for it to be used for medicinal purposes.

        Stop jumping to your own high and mighty foolish conclusions.

      • Exactly! Somebody with sense who is not so addicted to weed they can’t think straight.

  6. Jus' Askin' says:

    If you don’t agree with this, you are a ‘Weedophobe’ ;-)

  7. If I drink a beer around my 6 mth old baby he does not get high. If I smoke a joint on my way to the nursery he does. THINK folks.

    • Wow what a great audience says:

      I’m not actually sure if I get what you’re trying to say here. In the first scenario, are you also drinking a beer while going to the nursery to drop off/collect your child? If that’s the case, I think that you need to think, mate.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Did you think before you said that or ..?

    • 'nuff sa-d' says:

      Don’t smoke and drive..Just like you shouldn’t drink and drive. Safe driving with your 6 month old.. Or drive vif a friend that wants to get high wit you! hahaha

  8. Rob says:

    Legalization of this medicine isn’t just important, it’s a matter of growth in medicine, growth of a civilization. It’s just a shame that to do so, you’ve got to cross such crazy barriers.

  9. James says:

    I understand why marijuana was outlawed in the first place. We were a country fueled by hate for specific races and made the rest of the world follow in our footsteps. But, it baffles me that this race fueled prohibition still lives on today.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Not sure I get what your saying here are you in the US. I contest that the drug was common used and that it did in fact help. Drug companies needed money and could not control it so they push to have it banned so people would buy from them things that actually made them sicker and hence they had to keep going back the drug companies for additional treatment sound familar? It’s basically what the seed companies are doing now with gemo seeds. It kills anything around it and does not bear more seeds, also it leechs the soil. So you gotta go back to them just to eat. Think about that.


  10. bruce willis says:

    only 300 votes we need more signatures wake up Bermuda or im moving to colorodo

      • Next says:

        Enjoy the snow.

        • sage says:

          You idiots realize you could be talking to a “high net worth individual’, the head of a billion dollar international company, a “job creator” who has employed many Bermudians and contributed greatly to our economy? Or did you assume bruce is a broke “weedo”?

  11. Historically Speaking says:

    Amazing what we find ‘evil’ and ‘unacceptable’ at different stages in history. Always good to know the how and why! Here is an interesting perspective re: the war on drugs in the USA and, by extension, the rest of the world.

  12. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    Oh!…by the way…To all of you who hate the thought of Cannabis ever becoming “the norm”…just get over it…because it’s coming Globally and your little voice is like a fart in the wind…so stop ya b****** and get on with supporting your family.

    • sage says:

      All together now,

      I close my eyes,
      only for a moment and the moments gone,
      all my dreams pass before my eyes a curiosity.

      Farts in the wind,
      all they are is farts in the wind.

      Same old song,
      just a drop of water in an endless sea,
      all they do,
      crumbles to the ground though they refuse to see.

      Farts in the wind,
      all of them are farts in the wind….

  13. SPlacek says:

    •What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? How And Why Cannabis Cures Cancer- Scientific Explanation. Cannabis Kills Cancer, Gov. Knew in 1974 The Endocannabinoid System CANNABIS KILLS CANCER

  14. SPlacek says:

    Denial of cannabis by Prohibition ‘law’ premeditatedly inflicts suffering, blindness, and, in many instances, death. Those who maintain any use of life-saving cannabis to be “illegal” should be regarded and treated as perpetrators of the gravest of crimes, and deemed unfit to hold any public office in a democratic society.

    The Report collates Empirical Evidence and the Findings of Fact of official clinical studies which exonerate cannabis and vindicate all cultivation, trade, possession and use. The Report establishes massive ulterior money-motive and prejury behind prohibition; and indicts government.

    The Report presents irrefutable Legal Grounds for Restoration: Relegalisation, Amnesty & Restitution.


  15. wolf segal says:

    It is a fact, established by a multiplicity of well-designed, peer-reviewed studies, that cannabis has legitimate use in medicine and, in fact, appears to be an effective cure for several forms of cancer.

    Does cannabis have the potential for abuse? Of course it does. Name a single therapeutic subdtance which does not. In doing so remember that there is not a single known death by overdose of cannabis in history. This latter was a finding by the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s CHIEF Administrative Law Judge.

    Now imagine that a beloved family member was dying and that you could save them by doung something which could land you in prison for years. If you’re anything like a decent human being you would risk your freedom to save their life. Wouldn’t you?

    Now let’s say you got caught. Your loved one dies and you go to prison. This is how things stand right now. Does this sound like justice or decency?

    Smoking cannabis does risk second hand smoke. So what? Anyone who is familiar with the use of cannabis in nedicine will tell you that the correct way to administer it is in tbe form of an extract which is eaten, inhaled as a spray or used in a suppository.

    Even though it is less dangerous than alcoholgo ahead and keep the use of cannabis as a social intoxicant illegal but for the love of God and in sumple human decency, PLEASE, legalize the use of cannabis in medicine immediately.

  16. Unbelievebale says:

    I would tend to agree that most people who want to legalise marijuana just want to get high. I wish they would stop using medicinal marijuana as their M.O.

    I’d rather they just come out, cut the crap and say that this should be a personal freedom. I also see that the judiciary side of things is quiet in this debate. We’ve forgotten that there are young (and older) black males going to jail for this still. I’m white and even I see that.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Boo I’m white too and see white people going jail as well. Race is not a factor as to why it remains illegal it’s a stright money thing and who can control the money from it.


    • sage says:

      It’s you who needs to come out of mom’s basement and meet people who have been helped by cannabis, the benefits are undeniable and you are being ridiculous. People should be allowed to make their own choices ,more so since the least harmful is heading the list of dangerous drugs at this time. It needs to be free for any and all use by adults.Grow up.

  17. Confused says:

    This is a plant that cures and alleviates pain. Those are facts. How ignorant to say that we will deny people a cure or relief. But it’s ok to suffer through chemo, right? Chemicals that tear your body apart. As for personal use, follow the lead of other countries who allow a certain amount for personal use. Really, we are going to put people in prison for a joint? Oh and pay for them while they’re there and give them a criminal record.

    • sage says:

      True, but as far as “small amounts” are concerned, this concept does not address any other aspect of the issue. The question is, how can a society advocate imprisoning people for a relatively harmless, potentially beneficial plant, yet allow people to freely trade in, profit from and abuse another plant which KILLS around 50% of its addicted users? The laws against herb are unjust, hypocritical, archaic and far more harmful than the substance could ever be.

  18. Giovanna says:

    I have witnessed the benifits of medical marijuana first hand. My mother who was diagnosed with cancer benifited from it greatly. When the chemo left her to sick to eat the marijuana improved her appetite. When the disease left her depressed it lifted her spirits and gave her a reason to laugh again. When the pain became unbearable, marijuana eased the pain enough she regained mobility.
    I don’t think anyone is asinine enough to claim it CURES diseases but it helps to manage the symptoms of the disease and treatments. Much like Advil Tylenol or even food or alcohol ( which some prefer to comfort them in times of illness)
    Seeing IS believing. I’d rather have a mind open by wonder then one closed by belief

  19. jald1983 says:

    If you think any of the following, please read the sentence at the bottom of this.

    -that weed is a gateway drug
    -that weed is addictive
    -that alcohol is safer
    -that weed users are bad people
    -that it makes sense for police to waste their time arresting weed users when there are much bigger problems for focus on

    If you believe any of this, I seriously encourage you to go read some medical studies and inform yourselves about the benefits of marijuana and how it is NOT dangerous, not chemically addictive and how alcohol is much much worse, yet legal.

    I used to be like you. I used to believe all the nonsense we are taught as kids about marijuana. I used to think all of the above… then I grew up. I became a free thinking and intelligent adult. I went to one of the best universities in the world (*toots own horn*) and I took a chemistry class about drugs. I listened to my profs, I talked to people, I read medical studies and I opened my mind. I realized that Bermuda has been taking the lead from the US on this matter and that the US government had its own underhanded reasons for distributing ridiculous propaganda against weed.

    I won’t turn this into an essay, but I really and truly hope that you will take this opportunity to expand your knowledge, to approach this with an open mind, to read what scientists have to say about this and to read about how countries where it is decriminalised have FEWER marijuana related problems.

    Open your eyes.

  20. abillionjunkies says:

    my government has been at war with me my whole life for smoking marijuana. rich people import it and profit by it. poor people get their characters assassinated for using it, and get selectively prosecuted. legalize cultivation. the united states helped force our draconian laws on us, and now they have admitted it was a big conspiracy against poor people. cigarettes and alcohol are legal and they kill loads of people. marijuana helps people cope with living on a desert island like Bermuda. selling booze on sunday is so easy to change on the laws, why does weed take so long to legalize? I call again for the govt to surrender and legalize before people here begin demanding compensation for the suffering caused by the state.

  21. Sergio McGeez says:

    The legalization of marijuana will definitely have the positive impacts on people’s health and it helps to cure the disease.