OBA Respond To Dr. Ewart Brown’s Speech

September 3, 2014

[Updated] The One Bermuda Alliance has responded to the speech made by former Premier Dr. Ewart Brown at the recent Labour Day Banquet, saying that “Bermudians should have been alarmed by the speech.”

Dr. Brown, who served as Premier from 2006 – 2010, delivered a wide ranging speech covering politics, the media, JetGate, the PRC issue, casinos and much more. His full speech can be read here.

Responding to the speech, an OBA spokesperson said, “Bermudians should have been alarmed by the speech made to the Bermuda Industrial Union’s Labour Day Banquet by former Premier Ewart Brown.

“He said, among other things, ‘I am calling for an organized effort to take back the government…we cannot afford to wait three more years for an election.’ So much for Dr Brown’s respect for democracy and the rule of law.

“It’s interesting to compare his speech with that of Bermuda Industrial Union President Chris Furbert. He told the audience that Bermuda would suffer if political parties, unions, employers and government did not cooperate to confront the economic problems we face. The Premier, Hon Michael Dunkley, echoed those words, saying “We must put country first; not politics, not party and not personalities. The people and country must be first.

“Chris Furbert’s way forward is quite obviously a great deal more constructive than putting effort into trying to topple the government. Bermuda is, as everyone knows, confronted by a host of difficult problems.

“If the Progressive Labour Party keeps putting all its effort into complaining and manufacturing scandal in an effort to thwart the government’s efforts to repair the economy and get people back to work, Bermuda will quite obviously suffer. At the very least, recovery will be delayed.

“Is that putting the people and the country first?

“Was Marc Bean, Leader of the Opposition, putting people and country first when he described 2014 as the year of a choice between struggle and silence? There are those, he said, who count on fear, intimidation and economic terrorism to keep you silent. Fear, intimidation and economic terrorism. Really? Economic terrorism?

“Mr Bean must think the language of fantasy, not reality, will best get him where he wants to go, which is to give unqualified support to his mentor, Dr Brown, and to tear down the OBA government at any cost, even at the cost of sacrificing Bermuda’s fledgling economic recovery.

“Dr Brown is a man whose good qualities – strength, decisiveness and intelligence – are often overwhelmed by bad ones – impatience, arrogance and the belief that he is the smartest man in Bermuda.

“Those bad qualities allowed him to praise union leaders at the banquet, especially BIU President Chris Furbert, but also to fire two young female workers at his office, Bermuda Healthcare Services, who had complained to the press about their conditions of work, and acknowledged that they were trying to introduce union representation to their workplace.

“Those bad qualities allowed him to agree to Bermuda taking in four Uighur prisoners from the American military prison at Guantanamo Bay without consulting anyone – not the public, not his Cabinet and colleagues and certainly not the Governor, who the Constitution requires him to consult. Indeed, Dr Brown presided over the creation of a division between the government and the Governor the like of which Bermuda has never seen.

“Those bad qualities led him to deceive his own PLP colleagues over and over again while he was in the House – for example, when he told his party whip, the opposition and the media that he was going to delay introducing a bill allowing gambling on cruise ships, then sprung it on its unsuspecting opponents in the House of Assembly the following morning.

“Those bad qualities led to his own colleagues and supporters describing him as little better than a dictator. And to an open revolt against his rule in the House of Assembly, with Cabinet Ministers and backbenchers openly calling on him to resign. One of the Ministers he fired in the wake of that debacle was Terry Lister, the very man he urged to ‘come home and be on the right side of history’ in his Labour Day speech.

“Those bad qualities cost the people of Bermuda hundreds of thousands of dollars which went to pay his Warwick campaign manager, Andre Curtis, for the most extraordinary boondoggle in Bermuda’s history – faith-based tourism.

“We could go on for a long time about Dr Brown’s “mistakes”.

“During his speech, he gave his own answer to the question of how the PLP lost the last election by paraphrasing Malcolm X – ‘We were had, we were took, we were hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok.

“Frankly, it seems more likely to us that PLP supporters might say that of those in the PLP Government who led Bermuda into the mess it is currently in.

“And it is what we might say to PLP supporters whose memories are short enough to allow them to admire Dr Brown’s speech – Don’t get hoodwinked again! Don’t for the sake of Bermuda’s well-being.”

Update 11.50am: Jamahl Simmons, spokesman for Dr. Brown, said: “Here they go again, demonizing Dr. Brown anonymously instead of dealing with the issues in his speech. Clearly Dr. Brown and Mr. Bean struck a nerve.”

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  1. Mr. Speaker says:

    Well said

    • Kunta says:

      That was weak, no rebuttal on his comments that he was accused off and what de O.B.A/ubp are all about so I guess what he said was true.
      This would be thrown out in a court of law.

      • LiarLiar says:

        The rebuttal of what ‘he was accused of’ will be highlighted once the investigation has concluded.

        What will you say then?

        • Ian says:

          Wow… you reeeally believe something will come out of that “investigation” eh… thats so cute.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            “Impressive, Powerful, Forceful Message, Provoking, and Outstanding Speech” by Dr. Brown.


            DR. Brown’s speech was so Powerful, Commanding, Dominant, and Forceful that it has provoked the “FEAR, ANXIETY, and PANIC” within the OBA party.

            Today we read a reply from a governing party that lacks any depth, intensity, vigor, or seriousness to the issues as presented by Dr. Brown. Today we read a reply that is riddle in inaccuracies, imprecision, blunders, and misinformation. A reply that fails to address the key issues as presented by Dr. Brown. A brilliant speech that struck at the core nerves of the OBA party. It hit them so deep that the pain is hidden deep within their moral conscious. As a result the only way the OBA can come to grips with the Speech and Message is to again resort to personal attack, or attempt to demonize Dr. Brown.

            The OBA failed to take the higher road, and addresses the issues, as a mature political party would often do. The reply instead takes a deep nose-dive and crashes into a dark hole. The OBA scrawny and weak response fails to present the political party in fairly good light, it puts the OBA in a fragile and limp position.

            The OBAubp could have taken the higher ground, and not to reply at all. Or they could have attempted to address some of the pressing issues as stated by Dr. Brown in a professional manner. This was a mis-opportunity by a party whom indicated that they are doing politics different. Today we can see this is far from the truth.

            But, today is does confirm, substantiate, validate and strengthen the positions held by many that the UBPoba FEAR Dr. Brown’s message and influence his has upon many, as well as the overall impact it had upon many and what the overall future outcomes of the speech presents.

            OBA has shown us today that clearly, recognize the power and influence that Dr. Brown still holds with in Bermuda’s community. It is killing them so much. The comments from the Blogger Team of the OBA is evidence and proof of that !!

            STAND TOGETHER PEOPLE >.. WE Hold the POWER AS ONE !!

            Watch the FEAR from Afar…it is interesting indeed.

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:


              “OBA’s strategy is the same strategy as that which was used in the past by the colonial powers: “divide and conquer.” OBA plays one leader against the other. OBA plays one Individual or organization against the other. OBA attempts to makes us think we have different objectives, different goals. As soon as one Individual says something, OBA runs to this INDIVIDUAL and asks him, “What do you think about what he said?” Why, anybody can see through that today–except some of those Individuals or leaders seeking individual power.”


              What is most interesting, is that OBAubp Supporters and Fans have never valued or had anything good to say about Chris Furbert. He often called all kinds of names. One can research and go back and read the articles in the media in Bermuda in regards to Mr. Furbert, and see that 99% of the times they were not favorable.

              I have been the lone solider writing in his support of what he was doing. This is why OBA comes across as extremely hypocritical to suggest or make it appear you now LOVE and Praise CHRIS FURBERT. WHAT A JOKE! “As Dr. Brown said, Whats Love Got to DO with it? ” IT is a strategy of an attempt by OBA of “COURER AND DIVIDE”….

              It will not work, as we believe in the MOTTO.


              Aesop’s The Bundle of Sticks

              The quote, “United we stand divided we fall,” is not used directly in this fable. However, the moral of the story is the same.

              This short fable tells of a man whose sons often quarrel among themselves. To show them the benefit of working together, he brings them a bundle of sticks. He asks them to break the bundle of sticks. As expected, the brothers cannot break the sticks when they are together. However, they can easily be broken individually. The moral of this story is written:

              My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be as this bundle, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks.



              • Okay BETTTY TRUMP we’ve all heard it before… You’re constantly repeating yourself, ranting and raving! Which are by the way, based upon untruths and it’s another attempt to lead them that can’t or may have difficulty thinking for themselves.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                Out of all your responses to date, this one comes across as definitely one of your most ridiculous. It is important to note that as far as the latest comments on Chris Furbert, most of the remarks comment on how well he spoke for Labor Day, certainly an unusual situation when CF comes out as a voice of reason, but after Dr. Brown’s and Mr. Bean’s speeches, that wouldn’t be too hard.
                As for your notion that the OBA are following a divide and conquer strategy, well one would have to be a subscriber to the completely absurd to find logics in your argument, especial since dividing this country, particularly allow racial lines, would serve only one party, the PLP. This would explain their strategy quite well though doesn’t it.
                Finally, I found it quite entertaining that you would use Dr. Brown quoting Tina Turner’s ‘What’s love got to do with it’ as the song is about her abusive husband and the irony being it is Bermuda that still bears the scars of our relationship with Dr. Brown and the PLP. For all your talk of unity, we all know that the PLP are only interested in the success of the PLP and is more than happy to keep this country divided to achieve this. Their actions and the last few speeches continue to prove this, but do keep trying to deny this, it is after all what they pay your group to do.

              • BeAfraidVeryAfraid says:

                FEAR! POWERFUL?

                Holly hell yes I’m fearful. What will he strip out of this island next? He fooled me once but never again.

                Don’t let him strip the soul out of this island, it’s about all we have left.

                • Truly Facts says:

                  Why your focus is so strongly on
                  Dr. Brown, the OBAubp are taking everything away from you, and putting the wealth in the hands of only a few in Bermuda. The OBA are moving in a direction that your not able to see right now, but later on down the road you receive a rude awakening that will eventually slap you in the face.

                  Your putting your focus on the wrong individual, you do not need to FEAR DR. Brown, you need to fear this current government OBAubp. The OBAubp has hoodwinked you, and you never saw it coming, as your focus was on the wrong individual….WAKE UP !!

                • Truly Facts says:

                  You are fearing and putting too much energy on the wrong individual. This is not Dr. Brown whom you need to be concerned about.

                  Your concern and fears should rest with the OBAubp. While your putting all your energy and emotions on Dr. Brown, the OBAubp are busy hoodwinking you.

                  The OBAubp are putting the wealth in the hands of a selected few in Bermuda. While they have you distracted and focus on Dr. Brown. WAKE UP !! Sad thing is many are not awake, to what the OBAubp are really doing and the direction they are moving this country.

                  It will be a great surprise and disappointment when you do WAKE UP to the REALITY of it all

                  I have missed you Bettty Trump, your spot on.!!

                  • LiarLiar says:

                    Betty, betty, betty.

                    You have used all these same aliases prior.

                    In order to fool people maybe you should also try and change your writing style as well.

                    Just a few recommendations.

                    • Truly Facts says:

                      Thanks if you believe my writing style is just like Betttys. That’s great at least you and the other OBAubp folks read what she writes. Keep writing Bettty. At least they read it !!

                      Is it true that your also kangoocar?

                    • Truly Facts says:

                      Thanks for the compliment, that I write just like Bettty. She is often spot on most of the time.

                      The OBAubp say that you write like Kangoocar?

          • Kunta says:

            Ya and at one time they thought de world was flat.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Why should the OBA address something they have already addressed, when Dr. Brown has never addressed why he lead our economy to ruin, why he privatized TCD with no going out to bid or RFP’s? How he could let $800,000,000 dollars disappear from the government books? What did Bermuda get from the US for taking in the 4 refugees they created? Why was Andre Curtis never required to provide any details about what he was doing with $450,000 taxpayer dollars, until questioned by the opposition, and what did we ultimately get for that money when the documentation he managed to scrounge together quickly was woefully inaccurate and insufficient? Why, when the economy was failing, did he increase funding to Tourism and Transport (wasn’t that his portfolio) while decreasing the budget for education and healthcare? Why has he now chosen as his spokesman, someone who believes our country should be burned down and our government shot? Why does he cheer for democracy, but think it should be overthrown at his call?
        He is not a messiah, he is not some sort of enlightened prophet, he is someone who has deceived, hoodwinked and bamboozled all the people of this country whenever it has suited his needs, so why should we believe anything he has to say now?

        • Islander says:

          When I come back I am going to get what belongs to me ahhh yuh rite. I guess he felt and feels he is due so much for nothing EB continue to shine that piece of brass on your beret to remind you of what was and what will never be

        • Oh how soon some choose to forget or, is it they just don’t give a damn about certain things? (Especially the facts of misappropriated funds etc.that still remain unanswered for :-( )

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          “Impressive, Powerful, Forceful Message, Provoking, and Outstanding Speech”

          I Expected such a Reply, afterall the FEAR I mention a few days ago is Now been proven even more REAL…. FEAR OF A POWERFUL INFLUENCE DR. BROWN STILL HAS !!

          Thanks Dr. Brown for the delivery of such an overpowering, pungent, and insightful message. NO one in Bermuda can deliver such a dynamic speech and have the power to present in a manner that reflects the bold and honest truth. It is often difficult for some to hear and accept the truth, as it is often painful. Only Dr. Brown has the ability to deliver such a speech, as he is one of Bermuda’s strongest leaders. Most strong leaders have those that love or hate them.

          The bloggers comments clearly prove that you have the power to move a people. It is evident by the comments made today, many are working hard to send a message which is besieged in fear. The quality of the speech and the high level of attendance of folks at the banquet, validated and endorsed that Dr. Brown is a very influential, high-ranking, forceful, and prominent political figure in Bermuda today despite being out of politics for years.

          Dr. Brown has the power to influence Bermudians to focus on the key issues that are very crucial, and critical facing Bermuda today. He can motivate a people, and this is another fear that some have today. We as a people must understand the message and accept what he is delivering to us, for our long-term future.

          The power of Dr. Brown’s message, has struck at the core nerves of those whom fear his powerful message and strength of a people. The comments reflect a certain sector of people whom are fearful, terrified, worried, and scared of what could be accomplishment if we as a people came together in unity as one. We as a people must receive the message Dr. Brown has delivered to us, and push through the political strategy of the bloggers, and move on to achieve what is in the best interest of Bermuda. We must stay focus, and do not allow any negative, and falsehoods to fool us moving forward. We must get focus and stay focus on the goal.

          I believe today, Dr. Brown’s message to some is that “their deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that their deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens the OBA so much.”

          This power that we possess can make a difference in Bermuda, and we must act as one to make the necessary changes. We must come together folks, and ignore all the noise that is out there to distract us, like the blogger team of the OBA. We must not allow that to distract us from reaching and achieving a goal for our children and future generations of Bermudians. We must stand as one.

          Let’s unite, and move forward as one. Hi all !! Much love !!

          Do not be distracted by this nonsense.

          • Anbu says:

            Sorry betty and i hate to burst your bubble bit we do NOT fear you or anyone else in your party, past or present.

        • Kunta says:

          Ahhh, does Scotland Yard ring a bell, either their incompetent or de Dr. is one of de smartest cookies in de package.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            What does Scotland Yard have to do with the fact that Dr. Brown oversaw the decline our economy, the loss of 1000′s of jobs from it, the decimation of our children’s education. Bermuda needs more than the hollow emotional rhetoric that is all the PLP seems to be able to produce. No amount of these speeches will change that fact, they only highlight that the PLP still has as little clues about how Bermuda achieved it’s once success now, as they did when they let that success crumble.

        • LOL says:

          Blah, blah, blah! Why does the OBA feel the need to rebutt Dr Brown’ s speech at all? This is a speech made by a speaker at banquet. This not the throne speech. This is highly unusual behaviour! They must be reeaally scared!!!

    • Makes you wonder was this the plan!!! says:

      Makes me wonder UBP/OBA know one has come out publicly denying what he stated in BLACK & WHITE! Here we have some an unknown UBP/OBA spokesperson speaking, what are you afraid of a lawsuit from the Doc. Remember which part of the community you need to win the next election. You only won because people like me either stayed away or voted UBP/OBA.

      My guess is the last 24 months before the next election is when you will try to earn my vote again!

      The BIU/PLP has got you so rattled you have lost a Premier, Chairman, Chief of Staff, Press writer and 3 Ministers who were all part of the former BDA before you hood winked them with the merger.

      • Kunta says:

        Now that you had a come to Jesus moment I hope you feel better, now all you fools a kicking yourselves in de @** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve Davis says:

        Great I am glad the PLP/BIU’s methods of intimidation are working on the government and causing chaos when we least need it!

        You are openly admitting that the main role of the BIU and the Opposition is to insight fear and chaos amongst Bermudians.

        That is the PLP/BIU strategy for economic recovery. FEAR!?

        The more you write the more you show that the PLP are not about Bermuda they are about power at all costs.

        As a result of the hate spread, we now have peaceful people being violently attacked in the streets.


        • Kunta says:

          “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe”
          Frederick Douglass

      • JustAskin2 says:

        “My guess is the last 24 months before the next election is when you will try to earn my vote again!”

        Oh don’t worry, the pundits will start threatening again to get your vote. Remember the statement they threw around “if you vote for PLP IB will leave?” So they will probably use that old saw horse again. Why shouldn’t they, they hoodwinked folks with it the first time.

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. OBA show me where money was stolen. You’ve had almost two years to show us concrete proof. Put up or shut up.

      • Double D says:

        Just like the PLP had 14 years to show all the alleged underhanded dealings and theft that supposedly took place under the UBP?

        And don’t worry my friend it is coming. The question is are you ready to accept the findings?

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:


          • Pequot1609 says:

            False Allegations, with no proof. Sounds like the script from the Forty Thieves tale!!!

          • Kunta says:

            Now, now, now, you know when a certain segment of de community are wrong there is a justifiable explanation, or just move on, or you done it too or …………………………………

      • wtf says:

        they are busy running a country. PLP were HORRIBLE at fininces.

      • Lucky 7 says:

        @NO MORE WAR–I can’t believe you’ve made it this far in life with such a little brain. Concrete proof?? Seriously, you can’t see for yourself what Ewart Brown did to you, and all of Bermuda? You, instead will sit on your azz and allow yourself to be brainwashed…PATHETIC.

        • Ian says:

          Lucky 7, do you really think your rebuttal to “NO MORE WARs” request for proof would hold up in a court of law? Is concrete proof THAT MUCH to ask for?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        So you are saying that really don’t care that $800,000,000 are accountable from the government books. Can say you still wouldn’t care if this had happened under the UBP or if it happens under the OBA. Would you blow it off then, or would you demand justice. Take a guess which answer would make you a hypocrite.
        This is $800,000,000 public dollars, over $57,000,000 a year for each the PLP were in power for and the PLP made no mention of it’s disappearance, money that could have helped bolster the deflating government pension fund, educate our children to be better prepared to be leaders of their future, bolster the public health funds.
        Tell us you don’t care that it is missing, tell us that you think that this is the result of good financial governance.

        • (This’ll be easy enough for everyone to comprehend) “The former P.L.P. Government were like a person who didn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain unless they were led by the hand”. Sad yes, but true :-(

    • Strike fund says:

      I miss Betty Trump.

      There, I said it. Also, as a tribute, I replied to the first comment to say it.

    • ole Onion says:

      Wow what a very prompt response from the oligarchy/ uba !! A Full page too !! laughing out LOUD !! When a Lion roars the whole jungle trembles!!
      doesn’t surprise me though , they’ll always try to ***** a great a great leader of African descent!! What are they trying to accomplish ? Why are they so barbaric? What are they afraid of ? We all have to live on this island together?
      It seems like their plan to miss represent the true fundamentals of the education system across the island so that we’d be majority owners of Bermuda whether your color isnt in our best interest.
      The air horn sirens must go off when the Brown Bomber fly’s around !!!
      Why do they want us to be mediocre at best ?

  2. watching says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. for the OBA to put such attention to a union banquet speech given by a retired politician shows that Dr. Brown must have really hit home on some of his key points.

    • LiarLiar says:

      He threatened to overthrow a democratically elected government! I think they are well within their remit to respond to this nasty, nasty individual who did much damage to Bermuda in his short stint as Premier.

      The most ironic thing is that the BIU would even contemplate this man as being a suitable speaker for a labour banquet despite the fact that Dr. Brown has done the following and much more:

      - fired two workers from his business because they sought to be unionized as revealed in September 2013
      - gave away millions of taxpayer dollars to an overseas firm as opposed to the DoT employees who were made redundant under his watch. And yet there are supporters like you who conveniently forget this fact and harp on the 90%+ Tourism Authority

      - the BPSU declared ‘war’ upon in 2008 because he sought to shut down the Bermudian run HIP government department and give it to another foreign firm Apollo. Thought privatization/outsourcing was bad.

      - allowed the already rich construction firms (the ones that just happened to get the majority of Govt contracts) to use oversized tractor trailers resulting in independent truckers losing valuable business

      This was a labour banquet whose main speaker whose speech was 85% about ‘me, me, me’ while the other 15% was about achieving a coup d’état. Nothing mentioned about labor at all., and instead just yammered on about the 3 year old (i.e. before OBA’s time) investigation going into his past dealings and Government contracts.

      Sounds to me like it was a pre-emptive strike because of the findings of the investigation are soon to be made public (on top of Misick singing like a canary).

      • Joe says:

        He was the first to privatize a government service when he put emissions testing into private hands. There was no consultation and no tender for the contract that was awarded. I think the Auditor General had some comments to make on that one!

        • LiarLiar says:


          Where were the Unions (all of them) when this happened along with the other ‘attacks’ on organized labour took place under Dr. Brown’s reign of terror?

          Why didn’t these same organization care or issue ‘red lines’ about privatization/outsourcing of BDA Govt functions?

          And the most ironic and pathetic part of Dr. Brown’s speech was that he declared his opposition to privatization/outsoucing and the crowd and PLP supporters applauded him!

          Who’s hoodwinking who?

          • Double Standards says:

            Let’s not forget the closure and gifting of the BDA Govt owned golf course in St. George’s to a foreign developer who never developed anything.

            In the same swoop Dr. Brown forced the closure of a Bermudian owned beach bar business down at Fort St. Catherine to give the land to the same foreign developer who never developed anything.

            And yet not one cry or protestation at the time. What a shame.

      • Ian says:

        Before the OBAs time??? What does that mean? The OBA IS the UBP!

        • LiarLiar says:

          Meaning that the investigation was started prior to the OBA becoming Government.

          Keep up.

          • Ian says:

            Its no surprise the investigation was conducted while the OBA/UBP werent in power… so… still dont see where youre coming from.

          • Lucky 7 says:

            Yeah Ian, DUH……you PLPers are exasperating, we have to pick every paragraph apart and explain little bits to you…and you still don’t really understand whats going on and who’s REALLY pulling the strings, and what’s REALLY best for Bermuda….My God people, get a clue….from somewhere.

          • Lucky 7 says:

            yeah Ian, DUH …you PLPers are exasperating, we have to pick apart every paragraph and explain it to you…and you still don’t understand who’s really pulling the strings and what’s best for Bermuda….My God people, get a clue…from somewhere.

        • Scott says:

          Actually there are more ex UBP in the PLP now than in the OBA..

          • Ian says:

            Which makes perfect sense considering the entire “OBA” cabinet is UBP… lol

            • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

              jus remember the great Dr.s phrase..”you’ll get over it”

              • Frank says:

                No it is `And this to will pass`.
                What a thing for a Premier to say!

          • Time to change the name back UBP 100% says:

            That’s so true the black men and women that the UBP/OBA used as puppets. The rest of the sheep stayed to change the name.

            • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

              Bulls#!t…No one was forced to be a Politician…EACH and EVERY ONE of them WANTED to be there. I also doubt that there is a Black man or Woman on this Island that would be a Puppet to any WHITE man…so WHAT are you saying??

      • Yes, it will come to the surface…Then what?

      • Rhonda says:

        Why is it that every time the OBA is caught in the sh$$e, Obers spew finding of investigation, now I have to ask…is their political interference by the OBA going on.. it was near 16 months ago, and 12 months and 4 months ago…

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          How is the OBA caught in the ‘sh$$e’, they responded to a former member of government who has openly called for the democratic government to be overthrown, they question how he can say is all for democracy, but thinks it should be thrown away at his call. Like how the Mr. Bean demanded the FCO, the very organization they want us to break from, un democratically dissolve our government. The fact is, then PLP do not want the OBA to succeed in fixing our economy, because if they do, come next election, it will be hard for them to get back in and it will also reinforce how the PLP failed in their management of it. They want to disrupt government operations as much as possible and if possible, force an early election, not for the benefit of the Bermuda people, but for PLP’s quest for power.
          Remember, the PLP is only a part of Bermuda, they are not Bermuda, I know this is a separation that many PLP cannot perceive, it also a perception the PLP ensure isn’t acknowledged. They do not speak for the people of Bermuda, they speak for the PLP, and right now the PLP membership should be concerned as the message from their leaders is down with democracy and rule of law. It is all well and good for Mr. Bean to get up and say that the people should speak up, but what he is really saying is speak up If you are saying the same thing as us, otherwise shut up cause we don’t care what you think. And the OBA are taking this chance to say they are against this belief that Mr. Brown and Mr. Bean are promoting in our community. The question is, are you for or against democracy?

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

            similar to GW’s phrase “if you’re not with us…then you’re with the terrorists”….lol

      • Bermuda Bliss says:

        Woe…you said it all. I can’t wait for the findings of that investigation and if EB and misick are still such good friends now.

    • sonso says:

      Or maybe its the fact that BRown and Bean mentioned that they want to overthrow the OBA and get back in power before the next election? How do you suppose they are going to manage that one?

      • enough says:

        come on, everyone knows tha dear Mr. Bean is nothing but Dr. Brown’s little puppet.

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      Retired? Right. Unofficial might be more accurate.

    • aceboy says:

      When a guy like Brown calls for essentially a “coup” then the OBA had better pay attention to it.

      He is reired in name only and has been pulling Bean’s strings from Day 1.

      Only a fool believes otherwise.

    • enough says:

      If he was so well liked, why did his own collegues in and oustide of parliament want him out, and got him out. He said years ago he was going to bring Bermuda to its knees, well he did accomplish that and took all of us, PLP, OBA and others with him. Please wake up and smell the roses. This man is so full of hatred I bet he doesn’t even know why.

    • OhNo says:

      I’ve got to say, I agree with you (partly). Why give this degenerate any more press than he already has. In the banquet he was preaching to his choir, now you are giving him a voice to the island.

      The is school boy politics from the OBA. I would have thought they’d know better.

      • me says:

        because the OBA’s desperation and exasperation is pilling over. I thought the same thing – why bother to respond. Guess, a few nerves were struck or even severed! lol!

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          dont you get tired of a dog constantly barking ?? geesh give it a break.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      They were always afraid of him.

  3. swing voter says:

    I’m not worried about Brown, Bean, and the others. They preach to the converted. what I want to know is can I feel good about voting for the OBA in 3 years. It has nothing to do with being bamboozled, tricked, or deceived. It has everything to do with CAN YOU DELIVER ON YOUR ELECTION PROMISES.

  4. Terry says:

    Great rebuttal of the good Dr.’s collage or firing up supporters.

    By any means necessary.

    Operation Pressure Cooker Chapter 24.


  5. Onion says:

    I thought Jamahl Simmons resigned from the PLP after the tweets. I guess that was just a smokescreen.

    • watching says:

      Um it said spokesman for Dr Brown, not the PLP, bright sparks.

      • JD says:

        Ummm…what does a retired politician need an official spokesman for?

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          All the big American politicians have them, course he wants one, remember who it was that gave us a ‘First Lady’, that could be outdone by what the governor was driving, employed police protection everywhere he went and motorcades when he travelled, encouraged the American economic policy of running the economy with debt. Even the PLP left wingers thought he was too American, for Bermudian politics, but then they are happy the let the PLP run with an American style political campaign/agenda.

        • edwin says:

          It,s not taxpayers money so no need for you to know.

    • Cleancut says:

      Payback for radio time.

    • Charles says:

      They had to deceive you.
      Sound familiar?

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Yes it does. Reminiscence of what the OBA is doing to us these days.

  6. Mr.Speaker says:

    I have a feeling in 3 years time no one is gonna vote or vote independant

    • PBanks says:

      Yeah right.
      Independents won’t sniff 100 votes combined in this island. In the end, people will vote for whoever they see as less likely to screw them over.

  7. watching says:

    funny how they didn’t rebut any of the content of the speech but instead chose to focus on the messenger not the message.

    • What content ... says:

      What content was there to rebut? Perhaps his making himself the focus of the speech? Or his call to overthrow a democratically elected government? Other than that there was no content.

      • @ What content,

        Exactly!! Don’t know why they bothered to respond. Outside of the converted Dr. Brown’s opinions mean little, especially when they are all about him.

  8. wtf says:

    PLP and Dr. Brown remind me of…. They just need to go

  9. Triangle Drifter says:


    Well, the OBA has had about a year & a half in & three & a half years to go. The road has not been smooth. They did not take over a well functioning, virtually debt free Government. They took over an unholy financial mess, the likes of which Bermuda has never seen in its 500 year history.

    Much is expected of the OBA, especially by PLP supporters. Too bad they did not demand much of the PLP otherwise they would have thrown them out after one term.

    In less than 5 years the PLP has amassed a per capita debt way higher than the US has accumulated in 100 years. The OBA does not have a magic wand. That debt, along with all of the other PLP created problems will not be eliminated in the next 3 1/2 years.

    The constant nipping at the heals of the OBA by Bean, Brown & whoever turn it is that week to try to get media attention will only delay progress.

    • Whats the ole sayin’ “An empty can makes much noises” Sad yes, but so true :-(

    • swing voter says:

      The PLP were held to accountability in Dec 2012. The electorate knew that the island wouldn’t survive another PLP term. We had no choice but to hand the island over to the OBA for obvious reasons. Yes the OBA inherited a big mess to clean-up. No-one is asking for 100% delivery….but 75% ain’t bad. What I asked for is delivery on election promises which doesn’t include a magic wand to make our financial commitments disappear overnight.

  10. Alvin Williams says:

    The premier Browne factor is going to haunt the anti-Bermudian OBA government and it’s herd mentality supporters right up to the time the people of Bermuda get rid of them.
    They are feeling the effects of the growing disaffection on the part of the people of Bermuda so much so that within that compound there is a feeling of being under siege.
    But I wonder does the OBA have a messiah complex because every time that there is talk about them going; the reaction is;’But you can not talk about us no longer being the government; because we are going to save Bermuda and you? Well messiah complex or not one thing is for sure the OBA government is afflicted with a sense of entitlement and self importance and as it has become clear to growing numbers of Bermudians; it is a sense of entitlement and self importance only unto themselves.

    • sonso says:

      The OBA govt factor is going to haunt the anti-Bermudian PLP government and it’s herd mentality supporters right up to the time the people of Bermuda get rid of them.
      They are feeling the effects of the growing disaffection on the part of the people of Bermuda so much so that within that compound there is a feeling of being under siege.
      But I wonder does the PL have a messiah complex because every time that there is talk about them going; the reaction is;’But you can not talk about us no longer being the government; because we are going to save Bermuda and you? Well messiah complex or not one thing is for sure the PLP government is afflicted with a sense of entitlement and self importance and as it has become clear to growing numbers of Bermudians; it is a sense of entitlement and self importance only unto themselves.

      Sound familiar?

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Lets ask the church where the PLP people got upset cause they got there late and the opposition was sitting in the front.

        LOL entitled indeed……….PLP you have much changing to do.

    • enough says:

      You must mean the PLP when you refer to “Herd Mentality Supporters” don’t you, opps sorry

  11. Rhonda says:

    great responds from the OBA, attack the messenger, when the message is indisputable…

    • bdaboy says:

      The message is that the PLP hates democracy and want to return to the tin pot dictatorship that the, so called, Dr. provided.
      Where is Brown now? Where is all the money?

    • Tolerate says:

      Message indisputable? Attack the messenger?
      This is the “Message” and Dr. Brown is the “Messenger?”
      Are there any other voices you blindly follow while your sharing?
      Wow delusional,

  12. Spliffs says:

    Dr.Brown is the reason why Bermuda is where it is now.
    Friends and Family want back at the money pit ( taxpayers monies) to continue on with the unaccountable behaviour.Remember the $800million The Auditor General could not decide where it went? Go ask Faith Base Tourism,The Grand Atlantic,Emiision Centre,Dame Lois a Building,Kings Wharf etc where the money went.
    Some got very wealthy whilst the poor are paying for it now.Oh,do not forget the 2.4 Billion debt they,the PLP put on oiur children!

  13. Noel Ashford says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. This man is Bermuda’s worst mistake ever and history will never forget this, his name, his family’s name and the damage he did to us economically and socially. He can try an intimidate people all he wants to by being a bully but like America says to terrorists (economic, social, political or otherwise) We don’t negotiate and you don’t rattle us. This is the architect of our demise, if he had any respect at all he would sit back and eat humble pie for the horrible damage and things he did in his time. Being narcissistic and playing victim fools nobody whatsoever. Those days are over. We have seen the true colors of this character. We all know he wants back to a position where he can play the same tricks again and again, but Bermuda doesn’t want him back there. He needs to get that memo already for the good of the country not the good of the one. To the PLP: The only desperation shown here is that you wasted you money on this clown as a keynote speaker – how desperate are you using the same playbook hoping that dividing us will unite enough people in favor of your incompetency as a political party.

  14. Squirt says:

    When PLP was in office there was also a shooting every week !!!!!!

  15. Ian says:

    What a weak response… Or non-response rather. They’ve addressed NOTHING he said in the speech as if people wont notice. The silence is deafening!

    • LiarLiar says:

      How many times do you want them to answer the same allegations that have been thrown at them since their formation?

      No matter what they say you, Dr. Brown and other sycophants will simply believe what you want to believe.

      Your hatred will not be lessened no matter the response given.

      Peas in apod and all that.

      • Ian says:

        Its not hard to question the OBA’s track record of being predictable and beyond that blatently obvious in the actions as it relates to whose interests they place above all others, including average every day Bermudians.

        While the OBA and its supporters in particular ramble on with allegations, the proof of their poor conduct is out there for everyone to see from their policies to the resignation of Ministers.

        Doesnt take a pea in a pod mentality to see it.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      And when the economy was failing, Dr. Brown’s addressing to it was to increase funding to Tourism and Transport (wasn’t that his portfolio) while decreasing the budget for education and healthcare. Why should the OBA address something they have already addressed, when Dr. Brown has never addressed why he lead our economy to ruin, why he privatized TCD with no going out to bid or RFP’s? How he could let $800,000,000 dollars disappear from the government books? What did Bermuda get from the US for taking in the 4 refugees they created? Why was Andre Curtis never required to provide any details about what he was doing with $450,000 taxpayer dollars, until questioned by the opposition, and what did we ultimately get for that money when the documentation he managed to scrounge together quickly was woefully inaccurate and insufficient? Why has he now chosen as his spokesman, someone who believes our country should be burned down and our government shot? Why does he cheer for democracy, but think it should be overthrown at his call?

    • serengeti says:

      What about the bit where they addressed what he said about “not waiting three years” and “taking back the government”?
      What was he on about? A violent non-democratic seizing of power? Throwing away democracy? Doing away with the constitution and rule of law?

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        I want the PLP to prove that the bullent was not their Idea in the first place.


      • PBanks says:

        May not need anything as deep as that. All they’d need to do in theory is woo one (disgruntled/frustrated) OBA MP to their side and they can go ahead with a vote of no confidence.

      • Ian says:

        Is that how you interpret that?? “A violent non-democratic seizing of power?”?? lol bit extreme dont you think? The OBA’s endorsement of a frickin sleeping provision to “facilitate” the granting to status to AT LEAST 1500 PRC-holders moreso qualifies as an undemocratic seize of power!

        • Hmmm says:

          Then the PLP shouldn’t have written that law. Don’t be angry at the aftermath, be angry at the what caused it…THE PLP.

          Personally I welcome all PRC holders who qualify. Thank you for helping build Bermuda it is your home as well as mine.

          • Anbu says:

            Its too bad the dummies in the plp dont see it that way. All prcs are automatically white and vote oba. Whatever. Itd be laughable if we werent in such dire straights. But to them everything will be just fine as long as people who look like them run the show. Right into the damn ground.

        • Creamy says:

          The Supreme Court endorsed the law passed by the PLP. But don’t let facts get in the way.

          If the PLP didn’t want the law to say the things it says, they shouldn’t have passed it.

          What did Brown mean then? He said he doesn’t to wait three years, and he wants to take back government. What do he amd his thugs have planned, exactly?

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Ian please summerize what DR. Brown said in your own words and I will be happy to address each point. Should be quick as most of the speach is about Dr. Brown which is being investigated. Where are the solutions to the economy that he helped crash, solutions to employement which he help reduce employement oppertunities not just for whites but blacks as well, where is his solutions to the social ills left in his wake, where are the words that would bring the country together as a REAL leader brings people together and does not tear them apart. In Bermuda they say we have too Bermudas however I’m Bermudian not Bermuda 1 or Bermuda 2.

      LOL when you pick though the speech you and the other mouth pieces here then I’m sure either I of others will address valid points..I wait till you find any.

      • Ian says:


        - He (EB) will be frank, uncensored and truthful.

        - Privatization and mutualization is an undermining, destabilizing force against the spirit of Union activity.

        - The OBA is the UBP by another name… Thats obvious to anyone

        - The OBA used social experimentation and the exploitation of a black leader to secure election victory. Albeit blatently obvious in its method, it required “buy-in”, commitment from those involved and patience.

        - Prominent local media center(s) have been blatently biased in their depiction of PLP activity vs UBP/OBA activity (we all know this is true)

        - Said local media center(s) can be VERY effective in shaping popular opinion (true everywhere)

        - The UBP/OBA has proven their (lack of) credibility through its conduct iro the referendum on gaming and the “Jetgate” affair

        - He is still being investigated by police

        - There is no way to hide theft, misappropriation of government funds and other untoward financial activity as a high profile government official in an information age, especially when the UBP/OBA is most closely aligned with those who have access to information related to the movement of peoples money.

        - He is a Doctor with his own practice, an entrepreneur and his wife a Wall St investment banker and lawyer… Surprise surprise they do well financially. Common perception is blacks who do well did something untoward to acheive prosperity.

        - The UBP/OBA knows the value of not resisting a controversial exploitation of a sleeping provision in PRC legislation (with clear intent) as it undoubtedly serves their political interests.

        - The UBP/OBA’s (and its endorsers) demonization of Paula Cox, perhaps one of the sharpest financial minds amongst all of the extremely average folks our political space is typically comprised of, has resulted in her professional ostracization even by organizations she has added significant value to in the past. This furthermore speaks to the effectiveness of a relentless propaganda machine run on plenty of mantra and little evidence.

        - Why is the UBP/OBA so adament on partnering with outsiders via (seemingly) shady deals rather than exploring ways to give the country’s people access to invest in gaming opportunities like others who ACTUALLY LOOK OUT FOR THEIR PEOPLE first and foremost, like the native Amercians successful gaming model.

        - The People are increasingly aware of the UBP/OBA’s tendencies and should continue to be, including those within the “OBA”

        • Ringmaster says:

          Ian is clearly Jamahl Simmons. Who else could come up with such a fanciful explanation of that speech. By the way read up and learn about the Native American Casinos. You are way out of touch. Hint. No tribal member works in a casino. They are all minimum wage immigrants not tribal members but the tribal members split the profits.

          • Creamy says:

            I think you’re right about Ian. Ian arrived just about when Jamahl got fired for the tweets.

          • Ian says:

            lol last month I was “Betty” apparently! You guys are comical!

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Kudos to Bernews for permitting comments on this topic. It is what makes you the first click in the morning for so many.

  17. Truth is killin' me... says:

    S.S.D.Self Serving Diatribe…T.T.S.P.This Too Shall Pass!

  18. Ty says:

    @ Mr Speaker – I totally agree with you on that one. Soon come – NO ONE will vote for either party.

    Also listenening to Mr. Brown on the news last night – I almost stood up and extended my right arm at a 45 degree angle and chanted “Hail ……”

    I wonder most time why people rely on any political party to map out THEIR future. Do like granny used to do…. stick you money under the mattress.. be respectful on your job to ensure security and take care of yourselves. PLP/OBA/BIU/ are NOT for you guys. If they were, there would be none of this TetterTotters nursery Sh!t going on.

    Take care of yourselves BERMUDA

  19. Starting point says:

    Irony: the PLP he so heralded now a days would not consider Dr. Brown a Bermudian, I assume they feel he should go back to where he came from, the US.

    are not Black with two Bermudian born parents…no place for you in this PLP!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      that goes for a radio talk show host too.


      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        It was pure comedy to hear Chris on Station today. He was desperately attempting to walk back his speech made at the banquet.
        Brown may have read the riot act and ordered him to scurry next door and engage in a damage control discussion.

        It is too late, we all heard it. However, most reasonable people would agree with him. But he didn’t stick to Brown’s game plan.

  20. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Triangle: “They took over an unholy financial mess, the likes of which Bermuda has never seen in its 500 year history.”

    Yeah..Slavery, disenfranchisement, segregation, humiliation, theft of property,better educational opportunities for the status quo, better job opportunities for the status quo, better opportunities purchasing prime real estate before integration, big business and bank biasness and interference by the status quo, racial profiling, skewed incarceration rates of our black men, lack of buying affordable housing, lack of proper social programs for Bermudians, etc notwithstanding, all before 1998. The slow creation of a huge underclass before 1998 necessitated the attempts by the PLP to level unfair practices and policies and look out for ALL Bermudians especially the disenfranchised so that all can try and have a chance at a decent life on this island rather than looking at the greener grass of others who benefitted from white privilege. This coupled with the financial meltdown of 2008 which eroded international business are contributors to our financial situation.

    The class divide and wealth gap today are in may ways far worse than ever than in our 500 year history. I am sick of hearing the rhetoric that every single $ the PLP borrowed was somehow all unnecessary. Many capital structures were necessary during their administration. And don’t use overruns as an excuse. They happened under the UBP as well (Tynes Bay, Cedarbridge, Westgate..). May I add and like it or not, Minister Richards has added significantly to the debt as well. He also found it necessary to borrow. The numbers do not lie. There are less revenues than expenditures, that’s the bottom line largely based on global economic factors which affect us today. Now is the time for out of the box thinking to tackle this entirely and I am not talking solely about using the civil service as the only punching bag to squeeze dollars. We cannot use the same old tired revenue formulas and the so called austerity measures hoping for a different result. That’s the definition of insanity.

    • Paz says:

      Austerity is the only way I’m afraid. That and some global economic tailwinds.

      I laugh when I hear Bermudian politicians, mostly the PLP sadly, talk about spending as stimulus. This just doesn’t work in Bermuda. There is nothing IN Bermuda to stimulate. The real money comes from outside the country. The internal economy simply supports the one generated externally.

      Deficits and the country’s debt gives us little wiggle room. This was created by the previous governments incompetence. The Cog abdicated her responsibility. The current government has to borrow given the imbalance they inherited.

      Regarding the cultural and wealth gap being, in many ways, at a 500 year high. You must be kidding. This statement has absolutely no credibility given the wealth creation and social progress over the past 25 years. It is an insult to the entire country.

  21. Rhonda says:

    I suppose Marc Bean fired Terry Lister as well… should we now view all resignation in the UBP renamed OBA as being fired… should I start the list…

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Mr. Lister didn’t resign from his cabinet post, Dr. Brown did fire him from his Cabinet, he did resigned from the PLP. Nice try at misrepresenting though.
      On a relevant note, it was Mr. Butler who resigned from Dr. Brown’s cabinet when he felt he could no longer stand for what Dr. Brown was doing as government.

  22. Just a matter of time says:

    If the so called missing $800 million dollars was indeed missing why isn’t the current Govt having a full out investigation into the matter? Bring in those responsible to account! Why isn’t this happening? This should have been their first order of business once they got elected if it was that important. They have every duty to investigate and must do so if this is the case. So why haven’t they investigated and if so what are the findings? Nothing after nearly 2 years? Maybe the OBA stalwarts on this board can collectively ask their Govt on the update on this to move this along rather than repeat the matter ad nauseum on this board.

    • Politricks says:

      They are.

      From what I understand the forensic accountant has been in BDA since late 2013. The PLP, in the beginning of 2014, even queried the Government on several occasions in the House as to who was brought down from the FCO to conduct the investigation and as to the scope of the review taking place. Check the Hansard Reports from the winter/spring sessions to confirm the PLP’s interest in the matter and their questions regarding the investigation.

      These investigations take time and the alleged perpetrators aren’t dummies who wouldn’t try and hide their shady dealings. Just as Min. Richards responded to Min. Desilva’s statement that no wrongdoing took part under the PLP’s watch hence why there have been no prosecutions thus far: Give it time and it’s coming.

      Just out of curiosity what is your opinion in the utilization of a blind trust for taxpayer funded capital projects as was the case for the new police/court building?

      • aceboy says:

        He has no idea what a blind trust even is….which is the reason he keeps getting hoodwinked by those he thinks are his friends.

        It’s just like the people who thought a “qualified” audit was actually a good thing. Qualified to them meant a qualified person did the job.

        • me says:

          Aceboy, who the hell is “them”, you officious prick?!

          NEWSFLASH – much to your disappointment, many of “us” are educated, intelligent, knowledgeable and do know what both a blind trust and qualified audit are.

          Your condescending rhetoric disguised as intellect fools only you and feeds your obvious insecurity. You can visit a therapist to address your complexes.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Who do you think “them” is that he is talking about? Interested to hear your responceld be quite telling.

            LOL this may also apply to you

            “Your condescending rhetoric disguised as intellect fools only you and feeds your obvious insecurity. You can visit a therapist to address your complexes.”

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They have been, they know that there is $800,000,000 is accountable for from the public books, but poor financial oversight and accounting has made it hard to find out where it went.

      • me says:

        a portion of it went to that expatriate, British, white couple who were charged with theft from the Bermuda Government! No word about them – interesting…

        • Creamy says:

          You’re out of the loop then aren’t you. Ewart is not the only ongoing investigation.

  23. Derek says:

    I am not a PLP person and quite frankly I have very little to no liking for Dr. Brown, but I must admit in my opinion much of what he said about the OBA was true! lol

    • sonso says:

      Agreed. But how does that turn into an overthrow of the sitting government of the day, in what some would consider the beginning of a coup?!

      I think at the next OBA banquet, Sir John Swan should get up there and tell us all about how the PLP put us in the mess we find ourselves in, all while recounting his path to riches! Thats all Dr. Brown did last weekend.

  24. What a waste! says:

    Dr. Brown!
    You have to be honest about your attack on the PLP for your ego-centric drives. It doesn’t take an ophthalmologist to see that you are the cause of the disintegration of the support of the PLP. You failed to model leadership, mentor others or motivate a country. You modus operandi is to show up and toot your own horn then the party does not see you until you need a platform to tell your version of the truth. This is not good. Vulnerable people trusted you because of your profession and your passion. We thought you were about justice and you simply threw big parties and increased the racial tensions with no resolution. You are not taken serious because you don’t put no skin in the game. You talk and then run. If it doesn’t you your way then you don’t want to play….what is this…you have wasted your gifts on you!

  25. Just a matter of time says:

    Premier Dunkley displayed incredibly weak leadership not acknowledging the speech at all and dismissing the many real issues facing Bermuda mentioned in Dr. Brown’s speech, a former Premier. Like it or not, this speech is resonating and gathering traction fast throughout a large cross section of the community – future voters. His lack of some type of counter response which should have been done is stunning and politically suicidal. Even if he said ‘the speech was interesting, some food for thought, or something’. Instead nothing? However, he doesn’t mind cursing in the house on a hot mic and denigrating others though. Very weak. The OBA members and the blinders they insist on wearing just adds to their demise.

  26. Jeff says:

    Dr. Brown hasn’t got the memo that the pot is empty.

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:


      Of course he did, although he didn’t need it. Why do you think he planned and stayed in office for such a short time?

      Why do you think he will not return to public office, there is no incentive……lol

  27. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    the o.b.a needs to take a page out of the p.l.p. playbook and acquire an insider, whistle blower,someone who has all the digs on certain past n present politicians that spoil the whole party…they know who they are,but due to the propaganda machine and loyalty to the name P.L.P, and fear of said person…i doubt that would happen unless one of them were to actually snap out of the spell…actually i think the sincere plp member, although just a few, should bring their baskets to the O.B.A’s table…that would be awesome Governing…just the ones that are in touch with reality…the ones which are not interested in playing the rebellious 60′s over n over again like an outdated record on a hifi. geeeshh man.

  28. purple says:

    Plain and simple. If the PLP were such a wonderful government under Brown & Cox, there would be no OBA government.

    I’m not a fan of the OBA government either, but it doesn’t sound like much has changed with the PLP (with Bean) after the standing ovation given to Brown.

    Sliding slowly backwards???

  29. Steve says:

    Well,the Doctor stuck his tongue out at the elected government,who then turned around and dropped their shorts in reply.
    Hopefully these groups can now move on to meaningful work before the weeks over.

  30. doggystyle says:

    a good place to start the damaged GP1 car when he was premier do a little digging you might be shocked

    • I agree. Anyone recall that fella, “Mysick” I believe was his name? Well if there is any truth in the old saying about, “birds of same feather are said to flock together”…Need I say / write more?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Ha…..who doesn’t remember golf clubs !!

  31. Unbelievable says:

    All Ewart Brown did was talk about himself. Me, me, me, me.

    His speech had nothing to do with labour or helping Bermudians.

  32. Just a matter of time says:

    There are few times in history when a particular speech resonates with such impact and force. Dr. Brown’s speech was one of them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like him. It spoke the truth and progressive liberal people responded to that. The OBA cannot handle the truth period so yes, it struck a nerve. Lots of nerves! MLK and Mandela who are often touted by the conservatives in Bermuda here lately, would certainly not have been supported by the current ideologies of many of these OBA supporters at the time these men gave their speeches. Like most conservatives did at the time they would have been viewed as communists, socialists, terrorists, troublemakers, whiners, etc. Deja vu. Hindsight is conveniently 20/20.

    • PBanks says:

      To be fair, politicians of every stripe in Bermuda are trying to quote MLK or Mandela and piggyback off their achievements or aspirations. It’s called politicking.

    • Double D says:

      Progressive liberal people don’t usually stand against gay rights, issue violent threats to the people’s whose politics differs from them and state they are going to take ‘tehir country back’, denigrate certain politicians because of the color of their skin, question the nationality of elected representatives (i.e. the birther movement).

      Actually all of the traits above have been exemplified by the PLP and mirrored the Tea Party approach to politics.

      Can you please tell me what is actually progressive and/or liberal about the PLP these days?

    • Double D says:

      Forgot to include your vehement disdain and hatred for all foreigners and immigration in general.

      Another trait shared by the PLP and the Tea Party.

      Look forward to hearing how you view the PLP as being progressive and liberal.

    • serengeti says:

      The PLP aren’t ‘progressive liberals’. The PLP is a right-wing, nationalistic, anti-foreigner, anti-immigration, and isolationist party. They are pretty much the key identifiers of the PLP these days. It is an extreme right-wing party.

  33. haha says:

    “Jamahl Simmons, spokesman for Dr. Brown, said: “Here they go again, demonizing Dr. Brown anonymously”

    How was it anonymously when you know it came from the OBA or one of their members ya dummy…smh

  34. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Just a thought…but why are the PLP all up on the OBA like white on rice..? who ever is calling the shots is like they got ADHD or something all that wasted energy on nothing of dire importance …just a bloody distraction to the real matters at hand,(getting out of the red, in case you didn’t know) is that how they plan to regain power, by being more of a hindrance than a help..? not seeing Bda interest in that strategy… if you want to impress me then … what is preventing PLP from inviting their very own millionaire or perhaps billionaire friends to invest in Bermuda for Bermuda, using their political privileges, perhaps get a handsome finders fee, to improve his families quality of life, ending with maybe 3000 or so jobs becoming available…i find absolutely nothing wrong with this scenario because i know what the trickle down effect is…do you?? you are looking a millions of $$, but your share which trickles down to you really is just a drip, dribble, ooze, leak, seep, or spill. AND YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT SO YOU BETTER CHANGE YOURSELF.

  35. We Are Not Amused! says:

    if Dr Brown tries to overthrow this Government it will be his and the plp and biu’s downfall.

  36. haha says:

    Marc Bean is Brown’s PUPPET!! haha

  37. mumbojumbo says:

    I don’t give a rats butt for racists!of any colour….and …I hereby formally suggest you join the human race or go off somewhere and be by yourself somewhere…this world belongs to the human race…not some few rasist fools!

  38. foldgers says:

    I started to watch the news last night… but then .. His face appeared… and the hole in the middle of it started talking. Things took a turn for the worse as He started talking about Himself. No .. his momma did not raise no fool… she raised what was probably a charming young man…. However, independence set in, and he changed Himself into the person he is today… Hmm… He has to be some kind of fool to think he has absolutely nothing to do with the mess our country is in. I wish he would just go yto the 2.4 million dollar vineyard home and chill.. leave us alone .. so that we can move forward and try and dig out of the mess he left.

  39. Just wondering says:

    Why did the BIU have Dr. Brown speak at the Labour Day function? Don’t they normally bring in internationally renowned labour speakers? Was Dr.Brown all they could afford? Also, wasn’t there some discussion about the firing of staff members of the Bermuda Healthcare Services because they wanted to join a union? I’m just wondering. Either way, I find the decision to have him speak is odd. Especially since when he was Premier we had so many ‘illegal industrial actions ‘ under his command. Anyway just wondering.

  40. Just a matter of time says:

    Dr. Brown and the PLP did not increase the racial tensions. Dr. Brown was way ahead of Bda’s time and for the first time in Bermuda’s history tried to create a national dialogue on race unlike no other Premier with the Bermuda Race Relations Initiative (BRRI) and what happened? You want truth? White Bdians in the main (pretty much 99%) refused to participate. I know, I attended those forums, etc and have seen their consistently low turnout to these events. They simply were not interested in hearing the history or why racism is stifling progress for Black Bermudians, why they are angry, etc. It has to be dealt with and not by putting your head in the sand. Dr. Brown was not afraid to say and do bold things. Like Marc Bean today. Everyone wants this island to succeed. So tell me, when is ever a good time to talk about and deal with the real issues of race and polarization in this country without it ever always be labeled as playing the ‘race card’? When? Can you see Dunkley leading such an initiative outside of the token appearances to Black events? He doesn’t have it nor is he interested.

    • Binky says:

      @ just a matter…
      It is true that Dr Brown attempted to open dialogue on what for many is the elephant in the room.
      However, white Bermudians were well aware that the BRRI, whatever the original intention, was not intended for any dialogue or learning. They heard early on that those whites who attended were made scapegoats for the entire white race. The attendees were very motivated to attend BRRI to learn. What they learned was that you cannot have a dialogue with people whose only interest is to vent their rage on any representative of the white race who was there.
      I think most would agree that there are valid historical reasons and, for many, personal experiences, for black Bermudians to feel enraged. I think most would also agree that, while venting rage may feel cathartic, it actually often damages the venter more than the recipient.
      The majority of white Bermudians are not out to get black Bermudians. A great many are trying to learn about matters such as white privilege and our racist past and the effect they have had on our black fellow Bermudians. Don’t mistake the poor attendance at BRRI for a lack of concern or interest among whites generally, because that is far from true.

  41. Just a matter of time says:

    @Politricks. I missed your response which got lost in the volume of messages. I will never shy away from expecting the right thing to be done. If names need to be called then so be it. If there are alleged misappropriations, then there should be criminal prosecutions. Blind trusts for capital expenditures? If that is the case, I feel the same way. The Govt purse should be open and transparent. That is why PATI under the last administration was formed. I will not support wrongdoing from any administration. If you’re bringing up examples, let’s not forget the closed shop culture of politics for decades under the old guard way before 1998 with cigar smoking Cabinet meetings at the RBYC to boot. Talk about your blind trusts. People voted for change in 2012. Example upon example is showing in such a short timeframe with this Government that not much has.

  42. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    At least their response was not riddled with the word’ “I”. They are showing collective unity. Their response was unified. That said, you should always ignore a bully.

    With Dr. Brown’s speech, we gave up counting the word “I” after reaching 120! He’s preaching unity, but still it is all about him. Also, aren’t politicians supposed to be some of the smartest people in the room? Aren’t they supposed to be offering solutions, ideas and ground-breaking initiatives? The only thing Dr. Brown did in his speech was look backwards at HIS past history. No ideas, no solutions, no innovations.

    Finally, on a separate note from “the speech”, stop complaining about Paula Cox not being able to find a job. Why does she not start her own firm, like Ms. Wilson, Ms. Browne-Evans, and the countless others of us who cannot find work? Stop being a victim already and stop being used by Ewart Brown to propogate his propaganda. Like you told us, time to do more with less.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh poor Paula. How much is her retirement paycheck as a former Premier? she hung around long enough to qualify for that.

      So, nobody will hire her. Boo Hoo. Why should a firm hire her? Why would one, given her performance as Premier. She could start her own practice but again, who would want her services? Who would want the services of anyone with any past associations with Dr Brown?

  43. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Double D. There are anecdotes too numerous to mention regarding the progressiveness shown by the last administration. The righting of antiquated and oppressive laws (e.g. to be arrested for not having a fixed abode was happily left on the books by the UBP et al.) The PLP changed much of that. They updated old Acts and amendments too numerous to mention to keep up with the modern times. Eliminating decades of discrimination regarding War Veterans whose mostly white members beforehand enjoyed decades of excellent perks. Progressive. Remember the fall out with the introduction of the fast ferries by Dr. Brown? You would have thought it was Armageddon. Well look how useful they are now huh? It’s actually a tourist attraction and prominent island feature. Progressive. How about the Heritage Wharf project? A seemingly cash cow in the beginning but these mega cruise ships are all we have that’s keeping us going mostly in tourism. If it were not for that we’ll have pretty much nothing except the few hotel beds for the few air arrivals. Progressive. And as tempting as it is for the haters, don’t blame the PLP for the reduction in beds. That was the global recession. Regarding being liberal. I admit Bda has a few demographics that are tough to please in this small island of entrenched cultures and traditionalism. But any Govt willing to push the bar regarding race relations and making real attempts to stop the oppressive tactics of disenfranchisement from centuries of systemic institutional racism that is biting the majority class in the behind has my respect. It is certainly a heck of a lot more than the stifling bigotry by the oligarchy towards certain classes of the population prior to 1998. Unfortunately the oligarchy still exists and got formalized again just today. It’s a hard nut to crack, I admit but not for want in trying. Something is better than nothing.

    • Creamy says:

      Nah. The PLP is a right-wing nationalist party. It is a nationalistic, isolationist, anti-foreigner party. That is really all it stands for.

  44. Coffee says:

    So the UBP /OBA got their feelings hurt ! Who cares ? Run along now and patch up your wounds .

  45. Declan says:

    There were many global recessions. Every one of them barely affected Bermuda. To blame Bermuda’s current economic situation on global economics is nonsense.

    This man single-handedly ruined Bermuda. You see, Bermuda Inc operated on a carefully crafted principle of trust and the absolute best place to conduct reinsurance and other offshore businesses. The best and the brightest came to work in Bermuda and the trickle-down effect, no matter what your profession was, meant that Bermudians enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the world.

    A man with a very strong personality, convinced himself that he had been wronged in his younger years, managed to convince a majority that he should be their leader. Carefully-worded speeches, laced with inflamatory language, got him elected. The Premiership was a case of stepping on toes. Despite having zero experience in the fields, he awarded himself both the Transport and Tourism portfolios. I wonder why?

    Bermudas ruination was just starting, what with openly creating an anti-expat culture, thus driving away the very people that created Bermuda’s wealth, and embarking on absurd spending projects where accountability was nil. No we can’t use the words that we would like to, and are so obvious, as publishers are afraid to print them.

    In many ways, I feel sorry for the PLP. There are some fine people among them. It’s a great shame that their opportunity to Govern was ruined by this man.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Thank god that some others have clarity of thought and understanding .
      Unfortunately not enough to save this island.

      + 2 to you

    • Creamy says:

      Very good post. Nicely put.

  46. Just a matter of time says:

    Serengeti: “The PLP aren’t ‘progressive liberals’. The PLP is a right-wing, nationalistic, anti-foreigner, anti-immigration, and isolationist party. They are pretty much the key identifiers of the PLP these days. It is an extreme right-wing party.”

    Sounds very Tea Partyish and is certainly not the PLP. The PLP has the name progressive in it. It has always stood for something by way of justice for all. The OBA stands for nothing but for the rich and foreigners. Very anti-Bermudian. The PLP are not anti-immigration or anti-foreigner. They are against the lack of will by the OBA to implement proper policies and the call for proper immigration reform now before our tiny 21 square mile island is sliced up and given away entirely. Nothing wrong with protecting this tiny precious birthright in the middle of the Atlantic for all Bermudians. Nothing wrong with having national pride. It’s not like we have oodles of land to give away like many of the Caribbean islands. Yes, we need foreigners to fill in some gaps. It’s the manner in which they manage to stay long after their stay as guest workers at the expense of qualified Bermudians which is the problem. What’s wrong with building from within? Our young people are now disillusioned. They are leaving or not coming back from college. The fact that foreigners have been maneuvered to take jobs from Bermudians through the decades old practices of tweaking job descriptions to ensure their longevity and sustainability is not anti foreigner. It’s reacting to dishonest practices. You couldn’t overstay your welcome elsewhere. It’s being pro Bermudian for all Bermudians. What’s wrong with that?

  47. Dylan says:

    Actually it is a shame the OBA even put pen to paper , Dr Brown (give respect for his qualification only )has already gone past his best sell date his only claim to fame is the planned destruction of this nation . Frankly surprised he could find an engagement to speak at.

  48. Southampton says:

    Wake up people, this man is only out to suck you dry.
    Not worth listening to anything he says.

  49. Funny says:

    I was just thinking the other day about what happened to the allegations made by David Bolden under oath.

    Good to know that it hasn’t simply been brushed away as usual.

    Two outcomes only possible:

    - charging and convictions of wrongdoers


    - David Bolden is charged with perjury (but it shouldn’t take 3 years to determine that)

    Will be interesting to say the least.

    • Ringmaster says:

      I would go for your first point. There are no doubt certain ex Ministers who need to be contacted and questioned and they may not still be in Bermuda. You’ve answered your second point.

  50. take out the trash says:

    Why would anyone even listen to EB. If all he came there to speak of was to defend himself. Ask yourself, who does that? Me thinks the BIU AND PLP were tricked as to what EB was going to speak about.. Maybe he had to lie to you !! Dummies “!

    • true clours says:

      Anyone who is falsely accused, that every and any opportunity to defend themselves.

      • What says:

        Really ? Have not heard official allegations against EB. So yea, why is he defending himself?

  51. Steve says:

    When the Doctor asks us to bend over, 1/2 of us still comply without questioning before or after the intrusion. Many of these same folks still don’t ask questions when the pain has gotten worse and the bills keep escalating.

  52. Redman says:

    OBA Respond To Dr. Ewart Brown’s Speech – Why???

    The OBA Govt have better things to do than respond to that drivel, how about acting like the Govt and start leading & setting the tone rather than continually replying to this sort of rubbish? It makes you look weak & you look like you’re the opposition rather than the Govt.

    Dr. Browns speech is for the converted who lap that stuff up heartily, I’d bet if he’d f@rted many in attendance would have cheered. Keep on with running the country and get Bermuda moving forward, that will relegate Dr. Brown and the combined opposition to what they do best; being in opposition. Anyone who can see what the PLP’s new legacy is wouldn’t vote for them until they actually start to care about the people rather than just power for powers sake.

    IMO Dr. Brown doesn’t give a d*mn about Bermudians nor the ‘workers’ and I’d bet most Bermudians don’t care for what he has to say, they saw how he led and most are glad he’s gone… I sure as h%ll am!!

    In closing, his speech was a waste of F#*%&@g time!! ;-)

  53. clearasmud says:

    This was a weak emotional effort to respond to something that did not require a response. If the government is confident that it is on the right track then they should speak to what they are doing and not be attempting to reap up old news. Let your work do the talking for you if you are so sure you are doing good work!

  54. hulktoo says:

    Once again back and forth, to no avail.
    One has a freedom of speech, one is entitled to an opinion. (fair enough)
    Which one we going to allow to influence us. One can speak to his blue in the face .. on can form an opinion until he runs out. do we have to be apart of this ongoing slender(really) Can we not have positive, what is your reality?

  55. Rasta says:

    Dr.Brown wants the PLP in power so so much!
    He and his crew can then carry on like before.

  56. MAKE MY DAY says:

    One guaranteed thing that BDA must NEVER ever do – if it is to survive in the future is elect the PLP or E. Brown back into power – because that will doom-the-Island to complete failure!!

    Remember that “fact” at ALL times – because your future really does depend on it!!

    PLP = Progressive Loser’s Party!!!