Police Hold Strategic Firearms Training

November 23, 2011

The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] is currently delivering a Strategic Firearms Commander [GOLD]  Course at the Police Training Centre, Prospect.

The course, which is running from 21-25 November 2011, is designed primarily to meet the needs of officers of Chief Inspector rank and above whose current roles and responsibilities include strategic command and management of spontaneous firearms incidents and authorised firearms operations.

This will include commanding the deployment of armed surveillance, armed response officers, tactical support and specialist firearms teams in operations against their full remit.

National Security Minister Perinchief Visits 2011 Strategic Firearms Commander Course 

The aim of the course is to enable these officers to perform the role of GOLD in firearms incidents/operations.

All seven BPS Chief Inspectors will undergo this training.

Consistent with its commitment to the United Kingdom Caribbean Overseas Territories [UKCOT] Working Group on Armed Policing [WGAP], the BPS has made places available for the following five officers from UKCOT police services.

They are as follows:

  • Commissioner Steve Foster – Royal Montserrat Police Force
  • Superintendent Darron Williams – Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police
  • Detective Superintendent Kurt Walton – Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
  • Inspector Ian Brellisford – Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
  • Inspector Alwin James – British Virgin Islands Police Force

The course will be provided free of charge and basic barrack-style accommodation will be provided at Prospect.

Qualified BPS trainers will deliver the current UK National Police Improvement Agency [NPIA] course curriculum and the two BPS Assistant Commissioner of Police’s will be assisted in their role as Assessors by Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, Cumbria Police, UK.

National Security Minister Wayn Perinchief, who had the opportunity to visit with the officers said: “This is an excellent opportunity to share our local expertise with our colleagues within the region.

“The men and women of the Bermuda Police Service are well trained and their willingness to assist other law enforcement colleagues in this important operational area is commendable.”

Photo courtesy of the Bermuda Police Service

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  1. outkasted says:

    Like Farrakhan said..”Its systematic…Eventually the thugs will turn the guns on us and the Police will arm themselves. Get you sons and daughters out of the gang life because it will be only a matter of time when the Police will come kicking down your doors to arrest your son or daughter..and if they resist well you know what happens after that.” Bermuda is too small..it won’t take long to clear up the gang situation. The hardcore guys will end up locked up or worse. The rest of the proverbial “fence straddlers” will choose not to participate and return to their mundane lives or move on to the next “cool” thing to do. It’s Systematic.

    • True Dat says:

      I totally agree with you Outkast!!!

      You see whats coming next!!

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Sounds to me that the Police are stepping it up a notch and will soon be going after more and more thugs and kicking in their doors like up there in Southampton last week. Drug dealers beware…they are coming for you and they are getting properly trained to deal with your guns and backlash.