Videos: Political Candidates Discuss Marijuana

November 28, 2012

Subsequent to the recent news of a now-former PLP candidate being found in possession of a small amount of marijuana, at least seven of the election candidates have been asked at press conferences whether they have ever smoked marijuana.

Those admitting they have used marijuana or “had a puff” in the past include Susan Jackson [OBA] and Wayne Perinchief [PLP].

When Minister Perinchief replied he said: “In my younger days, I had one puff yes, and unlike Bill Clinton I did inhale it. Have I been drug tested. Yes. Since I have been a politician. Yes. Was I clear, yes.”

Craig Cannonier [OBA], Jonathan Smith [PLP], Louise Jackson [OBA], and Gaylynne Cannonier [OBA] all said they have not used marijuana.

Mr Smith was the first candidate to be asked the question at a press conference held on Monday [Nov 26]. He said he had not smoked marijuana and noted he did not even drink alcohol. He said he had no problem answering the question, but thought all 70-odd candidates should be asked rather than just single him out.

Bob Richards [OBA] was also asked at today’s press conference and said: “I have been around for 64 years and my answer to you is this. Since I have been in public life I have been drug tested…before that it’s nobodies concern but mine.”

Speaking on decriminalization, Mr Perinchief said “Decriminalization has been discussed at length, and there is developing a consensus that decriminalization of marijuana for small amounts for personal use should be looked at for the future – yes.”

When asked about the same topic, Mr Cannonier said: “It is something that we are reviewing, we are looking at it. We know that is is a concern, our youth group has been looking at it, we’ve asked for feedback from them and we will forward our results when we are done with that.”

Nineteen U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, and on November 6th Colorado and Washington state voted to allow recreational use of cannabis.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier & OBA candidates:

PLP candidates Jonathan Smith and Wayne Perinchief speak on the matter:

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  1. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    So Mr. Richards
    I take that to mean, that prior to putting yourself forward, you may have….
    Is there anything else you want to plead the 5th to Mr. Richards?
    I hope you werent hanging around Medical Hall, back in the good ole days, when quite a few of the UBP peeps, used to take the slow walk up de steps.

  2. chits&giggles says:

    Absolutely LOVE Bob Richards reply

  3. Come Correct says:

    Finally! Thank you! Here’s a bit of info, hope it helps….ITS A FORKIN NATURAL PLANT!!!! WITH NUMEROUS BENEFITS!!!! READ A FORKIN BOOK!!!!(Preferably one on the topic at hand) maybe one day if we’re lucky these books will be printed on hemp like the American constitution, and no not so I can smoke it, so we can stop cutting down trees that help us BREATH!

    • True St. Georgean says:


    • Truth (Original) says:


      If you smoke, you should stop.

      • Come Correct says:

        Why should I stop? Do some research, in depth, don’t just scratch the surface because the truth is always the hardest to find. Kim Smith posted a link the other day, I did a google search for “facts on marijuana”, the link he posted was the first a google search turns up, shows you how far he looked. Fact is, you can pay $$$ to have your website at the top of a relevant search, now tell me who has the most $$$, pharmaseutical companies for one, who will stop at nothing to spread their propaganda to protect their billions of income, you can’t patent a 15,000 year old plant and cures don’t bring profits. Whether you like it or not, it is my right to put whatever I want into my body whether it be drinking alcohol, clorox bleach or using marijuana in just one of the various ways. Sorry but I will not remain silent.

        • BdaLuvin says:

          I agree with you!
          PEOPLE don’t have to smoke there are other ways to ingest it. Vaporizer etc.There is much ignorance on the topic of Hemp and Cannabis here in Bermuda.
          I urge you all to educate yourself ( read valid independent sources NOT pharmaceutical/ FDA approved or funded researches)
          Here is a link to a documentary called When We Grow This Is What We Can Do from the UK one of several out there to educated to uneducated:

      • Come Correct says:

        Ah true you are correct, if you smoke you essentially incinerate most of the positive chemicals it contains, ingestion is by far the best but due to prohibition, by far the least affordable.

  4. Nandi Davis for Premier

  5. OBA is just like romney says:

    Craig said he didn’t use… maybe they should have asked a different question.

  6. About Time! says:


    Craig, the election is in 19 days… You may want to come up with a better answer.

    “It is something that we are reviewing, we are looking at it. We know that is is a concern, our youth group has been looking at it, we’ve asked for feedback from them and we will forward our results when we are done with that.”

    At least the reporter didn’t let him give a BS answer…

    Bring on the Debate.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      “Our youth group has been looking at it” Translation:”From my view up here on my horse I don’t see it as something worthy of my precious attention, we have passed it on to our youth group because this is a youth issue and besides I’ve never smoked a weed kernel in my life…….hmph…… don’t even know what it smells like, …….how do you pronounce that again? Marry Juanna? Yeah see I’m just to ignorant about this youth issue, I’ll wait till the Young Turks return with their findings.” Lol Now personally I’m against the use and legalization of all substances but Craig is full of it. Unfortunately I must admit that the war on drugs is a war of education and reducing demand not a legal issue. There’s only one society of people who successfully did that and it was without enforced laws but with spiritual values.

  7. HardTalk says:

    *Breaking News – Premiere announces 3 potential candidates for constituency 12 Devonshire South Central. Final Decision to be made later this evening. The 3 hopefuls are: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear. Let’s wish them all the best and may the Best Muppet win!

  8. elementary says:

    Demand a DNA test, if they ever smoked it in their life it will show in a DNA test.

    • bermy$hotta says:

      ya $illy

      marijuana don’t show up in ya DNA unless someone in ya family is a cannabis plant

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Well somebody must have been with child by one of them massive talking cannabis trees in ‘Lord of The Rings’. They get busy.

  9. JT says:

    Do not let this issue be of any relevance in this election. It is about the economy – only.

    • Come Correct says:

      Taxing legal marijuana could save our economy within 5 years…and that’s playing with a safe number.

      • street wise says:

        Think of the number of visitors that would come here if weed was legalized. Hotels would be full all year! Bermuda’s financial challenges would be solved! That alone is reason enough to legalize the harmless plant.

        • Spot the Cog competition says:

          Would still be criminals selling cheaper tax evading stuff. Tax collection, monitiring, quality control and policing would cost more than any revenue collected. We would also alienate the rest of the world who are against drug use. Imagine the deaths on the road of innocent people due to drugs enhancing forgetting to drive on the other side of the road. Ouch

        • Just Us says:

          Agreed, Let’s ease up Amsterdam’s revenue and help with their overpopulation of tourist….

  10. Smokey says:

    How small minded are we. Most old folk smoked ganga back in the days.Some bought houses etc offer proceeds back then. Funny when things come out of the closet. Some tell the youth that they worked hard for what they have, never smoked.But they put money into the trade to double or tripple their profit.OUT OF THE CLOSET!Be real.Show them how to turn the proceeds from their enterprises legal,eg open a small business etc. Otherwise gangs form and next comes organised crime, a much deadlier and white collar crime. Marijauna is a minor so called drug.There are other drugs out their which IB workers prefer because of their transparency to detect at the workplace. With drugs follow the the big money and lifestyles and you will know which drugs you should be chasing. Stop chasing small fish!

  11. UncleSam says:

    I’m all for personal liberties and rights but smoking anything is a health hazard. The Gov’t should find other sources of revenue other than the smoke shops that most people are envisioning.

    Legalize the plant completely so the people can grow their own and those who are health conscious can make edibles. Fine anyone caught outside of the home, discourage public use and don’t even think of a “Weed Tourism” promotion. Relax the prosecution but don’t promote a “new” culture based on drugs of any sort. It’s a slippery social slope and one that is sure to backfire if mismanagement.

    Civil liberty for all

    Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine (+others) are all legal and make corporations money and are harmful to consumers, yet are encouraged through culture, television and even religions. End the Hypocrisy!

    • street wise says:

      A the rate we are going how else are we gonna get Tourism on track?? Unfortunately, the Bermuda Government (plp or UBA) will move too slowly on this initiative to gain any marketing advantage… and by that time most of the States will have legalized the plant. Oh well… another HUGE tourism opportunity lost….

      Legalize it.

      Vote wisely.

  12. BdaLuvin says:

    I urge you all to watch this documentary ( one of many)
    It is called When We Grow This Is What We Can Do here is the link->

  13. Craig looby says:

    Politicians have not ended prohibition for economic reasons, they are protecting the profits of organized crime.

  14. Ringmaster says:

    Amend the reference to it in CURB’s list to make it mandatory, along with declaring wealth by race. That should generate the best debate.

  15. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    PLEASE BERMY, PLEASE! Decriminalizing is perfect – FOR THE GANGS!!!!! Legalize yes! Decriminalize NO NO NO NO NO! Huge mistake Bermy!!!

  16. Guess Who says:

    Who cares if you smoked or inhaled marijuana. The next question would be who sniffed Elmers School Glue. Whoop de do. I have never smoked any type of substances. Do I get rent free this month, a discount on $11.00 peanut butter, free electricity for paying it and it never been turned off in my 48 yrs of being here.

    No No No No. Who cares who you vote, they are all crocks. Its all about themselves and money. The odd one who gives up themselves for their country is not allowed to serve their country freely. It comes with rules and regulations, guidelines and restrictions. Goal posts that move for the convenience of the person who Kisses axx the best.

    Do you even know about the the people in Bermuda who genuinely can not make ends meet, who do not ask for help? No we are too caught up into ourselves.

    Who Cares? Children can not read and are moved on to the next level. Deal with and do not talk about the real issues. TOO MUCH TALK ABOUT NOTHING. what are you doing to help, should be the question?

  17. eugene smith says:

    @BermyShotta – thats a funny response!!

    BR response leaves many more questions than answers…

    OBA or PLP, here is your chance to win over the community affected most by this. State that you will no longer prosecute for small amount of weed (1st offense even) so as to severely limit the chances of bermuda’s youth in getting their education abroad because they have a record for something that most of us in BDA have done…even you who are now seeking to be elected. To say anything less will not be in your Party’s best interest. Saying that you will be following the current law without the platform that you will change or ammend will prob mean you will lose the election.

    OBA don’t sound like the UBP with your answers…this will surely expose you.

    There are far more voters who want to see something done about this that will swing the vote, white and black…believe that.

  18. Charles says:

    Bob was the only one who had an honest answer to that question.

  19. Spectators Corner says:

    THE EMPORER WEARS NO CLOTHES. Read it and educate yourselves about the plant and the history of how it was used as a marketable comodity.The problem only gets worst the longer we take to truly address it.In Portugal I beleive they decriminilised it and crime rate decreased,they also saw a reduction in the amount of people using it.Lets not play political football with this topic .Lets take down the WET PAINT SIGNS….

  20. HardTalk says:

    @ Judge Dredd They have to accept any candidate they can find. After all, they are running out of ex UBP politicians.

  21. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    The fact is that Holland, where marijuana has been legal for years, is reversing its policies. They have taken measures in the past few years to combat criminal organizations behind cannabis plantations. They have also approved (in 2011) measures to reduce drug-related nuisance, and to reduce drug tourism, which is regarded there as a nuisance. They are taking steps to make the ‘coffee shops’ (i.e. cannabis shops) to be available only for residents, not tourists. There is also an exceptionally difficult problem with hard drugs in the country.

    So anyone who says “let’s make it legal, we’ll get lots of tourists, happy days will come, our economy will rebound”, is actually looking at it is a very superficial way.

    • Will says:

      not up to date then are you..they dropped all of the policies aimed at preventing drug tourism ie the Wietpass (weed pass) though they have allowed individual cities to make up there own minds. Most cities have stated they will do nothing to prevent tourism.

    • Come Correct says:

      They are only doing this because of the pressure they are getting from their neighbors like Germany and Belgium because people are just crossing the border, buying the righteous, and goin back home, Holland is taking money from their economy lol. Funny how its all about the $$$.

  22. OBA Ganja Farmer says:


    I know how to read coded political talk…when someone says they have “not used marijuana”, that means they smoke no less than 3 FET BLUNTS OF LIGHT GREEN per night. #TruthPersonified

    It annoys me that the OBA is still acting all timid and awkward about weed. WEDGE ISSUE, SON. RUN ON THAT S#%T AND DIFFUSE THE HYPOCRISY.

    Grab it by the cojones and be like: “AY DUN, GUYZ NEED 2 GET CHARGED, U KNO?”


  23. foolishness says:

    Consenting, informed adults should have the freedom to choose what they put into their own bodies and to alter their own perception, even if that means possibly harming themselves. “If I am not sovereign over my own consciousness, then I am sovereign over nothing. We have given the state the key the most intimate part of ourselves”. By itself, using drugs is a victimless crime and the state should not have the right to imprison or punish people for it – we already have laws to deal with other crimes that people might commit. Prohibition is a gross violation of human rights and the “War on Drugs” is really a war against the people of the world.

  24. foolishness says:

    There is no convincing science evidence that marijuana causes psychological damage or mental illness. Marijuana only makes you panic. Also, marijuana does not kill brain cells. None of the medical tests currently used to detect brain damage in humans have found harm from marijuana, even from long term high-dose use. The claim that marijuana kills brain cells is based on a speculative report dating back a quarter century that has never been supported by any scientific study. You can’t die using marijuana, it will take 800 joints a day to kill you. So, when people tell you that you’re frying your brain cells, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  25. Will says:

    all those who said no are lying. yes there might be one or two who havent..but be real —–
    But whats the issue here. Its less damaging than alcohol, and in all fairness i’d rather a person smoke than drink then go into work and start making policies for us
    also its funny when cannonier states fabric of society will break down if the law isn’t followed. NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH, crap tons of people smoke herb in Bermuda and it holds the fabric of society and social life together. Lets see, getting drunk does that hold any for of fabric together? don’t think so, fights, violence, death due to driving..the list is endless

  26. Steech says:

    Actually the policies are not being reversed. Read for yourself.

    “Dutch Weed Pass Plan Abandoned By Incoming Dutch Government”

    “Amsterdam tourist cannabis ban rejected by mayor”

  27. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh come on, this is a non issue, a nice distraction from the real issues. The consensus, both sides, is that it should be decriminalized for small amounts for personal use.

    How hard is it to find a piece of legislation somewhere to plug into Bermuda. The PLP is afraid of the church vote. The OBA does not have that rope around their neck.

  28. Come Correct says:

    @Zane DeSilva….You cant spell healTHCare without THC, wake up.

  29. foolishness says:

    It’s time we tax and regulate marijuana. The War on Drugs is a proven failure.  We have spent several decades and thousands of dollars trying to eliminate marijuana.If we regulate marijuana the way we do alcohol and tobacco, we can put the gangs out of business. Our courageous law enforcement officers will be free to secure public safety rather than chasing after informed adults for getting high. We can make sure our children are protected.

  30. Filta says:

    Bob should have come clean. If he smoked in his younger years it cool. Not answering leaves me to believe that he did get high at one point and that is cool. Now I hope he feels the way regular people feel when we are criminalizes, and made to look like we are worst then any other none smoker. I hope we all realize that it has to be made wright, and stop making criminals out of us just getting high.

  31. Suspicious says:

    All plants created by Mother Earth not for man to regulate .