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May 4, 2015

Visiting Delaware State University and meeting penpals from Dover High School was the mission of 15 CedarBridge Academy students who are members of the girls club ‘Teen Girls in Focus’ [TGIF].

The purpose of the trip was to encourage an interest in higher education and to further develop relationships with female students that the students had been in contact with for over a year.

“I enjoyed the tour of the school and am now interested and going to be in contact with people at Delaware State University because of the campus and reasonable tuition price,” said Diana Arruda, an S4 Student, prefect, member of National Honour Society, and member of the Student Government Association.

After visiting the Delaware State, with its historic and new buildings, students attended a national basketball game to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play against the Philadelphia 76ers, with the highlight of the night being the special recognition for Teen Girls in Focus shown on the scoreboard.

TGIF is a group of girl students who also participate in several community service projects while in Bermuda. Traveling to Delaware offered the opportunity for more of the same, and the students spent a day at a multicultural centre, providing a community service to young women who have children and can not afford diapers and are in need of a meal.

S1 student N’Tajee Virgil said, “We went the multicultural centre, a place where people donate clothes and other things for the people that can’t afford it. They had a diaper, clothing and food pantry and I helped with folding up the clothes to make them look decent for the next set of people who came in later that day.”

Students visited the plantation home of John Dickinson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, signer of the constitution, and penman of the revolution. They also visited Dover High school and were stunned to find it was well maintained and up to date.


“I was nervous because I did not know what to expect at an American high school. When you see high schools on television you expect it to be violent and dangerous,” said Ms. Arruda.

“But the school looked amazing. Everything in the school is well kept. Many classrooms have laptops for the students to use. The school gives students free breakfast and lunch every day. This is being done to see how many students take advantage of free food being given to them and also to make sure the students have something to eat.”

Tinnisha Pearman said, “There are more than 2000 students at Dover High, and the halls were packed with students. The students have four classes a day for two hours. They get to use their phones wherever they want. They don’t have a uniform but they do have rules, which of course some students don’t follow.

“Their lunch is free; they have a subway section, pizza, and then hot sandwiches. You can only eat in the cafeteria, unless a teacher gives a note saying that you could eat in her room. The classes are small.”

Kavwana Richardson attended a history class with her penpal, saying, “The teacher was giving the students the location of Bermuda. He was all wrong, I was a bit shy, but I told them our correct location. He was surprised that he was wrong.”

Diana said the day ended with a pep rally because it was the last day before their spring break. At the pep rally, they presented a gift and a Bermuda flag to the CBA teacher connection of the high school. At the end of the presentation, all of the school teams were introduced and recognized.

Then the school band, cheerleaders, dancers, step team, and junior military performed for the students. Their performances were superb and the whole school encouraged everyone. The final activities of the day were games.

“l I enjoyed the day at the school and would love to bring some of the ideas back to our school for our pep rallies,” said Ms. Arruda.

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