Bermuda’s Tyrone Smith Ranked 14th In World

June 22, 2015

Following his impressive showing in Morocco earlier this month, Bermuda’s Tyrone Smith is now ranked 14th in the world by the International Association of Athletics Federations [IAAF].

The follows after Smith won the IAAF World Challenge Mohammed VI d’Athletisme de Rabat in Morocco with a massive leap of 8.20, which served to qualify him for the 2016 Olympic Games, where he will be making his third Olympic appearance on behalf of Bermuda.

To give a comparison to show exactly how world class Smith’s leap of 8.20 is, during the 2012 London Olympics the silver medal was won with a leap of 8.16, while the bronze was won with a leap of 8.12.

Screenshot from the IAAF site showing the rankings

tyrone rankings

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  1. D says:

    Wow that is really nice

  2. lifesabeach says:

    Congratulations. So nice to see young bermudians doing great things!!

    Good luck and all the best

  3. This is very impressive and as a Bermudian I am convinced more and more that there is nothing we lack on the World stage.

    I just pray that the Government of the day do not overlook this young man, like the former Governments like the U.B.P and the P.L.P

    Like Nickey Saunders, Brian Wellman, Shawn Goater, Clarence Hill, Debbie Jones, Marionette Bean just to name a few. Some of those who put Bermuda on the map but were forgotten and only recognized during the time of their day in the spotlight, but their has never been a government or a education minister that would see to it that we have their lives and stories implemented into our history books and taught in our schools.

    Mr. Tyrone Smith is not a statistic, neither is a he a person who sits on the wall doing nothing or a damn nuisance to society, so to the O.B.A please consider the fact he is 14th in the World, not the dot of the ocean, or the Isles of the sea, but the World, America’s Cup is down the road, But Mr. Smith’s victory is in our face, give him what a true Hero deserves.

  4. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TYRONE, May You keep improving in sport & life, + KEEP SPREADING THE “ONION JUICE”.

  5. ME! says:

    Wow oh wow!outright awesome!keep it up!