BTA Extends Registration For Tourism Workshop

August 27, 2015

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has extended the registration deadline for its Tourism Experiences application workshop to August 31, with Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn saying “we’re encouraging anyone who is interested in submitting an application to receive funding for their tourism idea to attend the workshop.”

The Tourism Experiences application process for the BTA investment in home-grown ideas reopens September 3. From that date, applicants will have one month to submit their home-grown ideas to grow the tourism industry.

The new process will be for tourism experiences that take place between January 1 and December 31, 2016. The BTA funds entrepreneurs’ ideas for visitor experiences up to $75,000.

Also on September 3, the BTA will host a free, voluntary workshop designed to educate potential applicants about creating successful tourism experiences. The workshop, to be held at Elbow Beach Bermuda, is split into a morning session from 8:30am – 10:30am and an afternoon session from 4:30pm – 6:30pm.

Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn on the workshop extension:

The same content will be shared at both sessions, so applicants should only attend one session. Tourism industry trends and marketing strategies will be among the agenda items covered. The workshop will also walk potential applicants through the online application portal.

To register for the workshop before the new August 31 deadline, visit online.

Applications are categorized into three areas, including sports, arts and culture, and new experiences. Successful applicants will be announced on Friday, October 30.

To date, the BTA has invested about $2 million in home-grown ideas through its Tourism Experiences Investment process.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    This is the type of thing that should be done in the off season, not in season when everyone is busy.

    Not the first time something like this is poorly timed. After Labour Day the season crashes. October or November is the time of year to sit around a table, chew the fat, & talk about next year.

    • When are these F!@#ing Dreamers gonna do something viable for tourist numbers to increase, instead of conjuring up gimmicks like, Best Bermuda fish sandwiches and jumping off cliffs.
      Paying someone $1000,00 A DAY and then rewarding them with $100,000 bonus for failing in this PRESENT economic environment and considering we are paying a Tourism Minister $150,000, SpongeBob proclaiming “We are Broke, We have no Money and the infamous Money don’t grow on trees, makes you wonder how the media and UBP cheerleaders are staying quiet, yet they had an inquiry on CEDAR BEAMS.
      You just don’t write S!@# like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. somuchless says:

    the Bta staff need to give back those bonuses.

  3. Neutral says:

    September 3rd is the registration date. You have ONLY 3 months to put something together. The BTA and CEO needs to be more realistic if they really want some quality ideas. I think opening Jan 1st needs to be looked at. The tourism season in Bermuda doesn’t start until April 1st anyway.

    • RBKing says:

      Makes you realize what an unbelievable miracle it was that Maclean’s bid for redevelopment of the waterfront was put together in the 5 days that were available when the tender was advertised. He must have e been one of those brilliant flippin geniuses they’re always talking about.