‘Village Was Great With Amazing Atmosphere’

May 28, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

The America’s Cup is off to a fantastic start for the fans.

People we spoke to attending the opening day of racing at the America’s Cup Village had a great time with no issues with transportation and vendors.

Lisa Whitehead said: “The experience was amazing. I got to the Village on the America’s Cup ferry. Everything and everyone was so friendly, professional and very well organized.”

Ms. Whitehead ate at the Pie Factory and said her extra large beef pie was “delicious too.”

Slideshow of the attendees at the opening day


Germiko Hill said he was “pleasantly surprised” with the transportation in and out of Dockyard for the event.

“The process was very efficient. We chose to park and ride so we pulled up to Boaz Island and had volunteers scan our passes and usher us to our spot. They then directed us to the ferry which dropped us right into the Village.”

Mr. Hill said riding on the ferry over allowed him to see the races up closer, so that was an added benefit.

He added that it was a short walk to the Village from there and it was just as easy on the way out back to his vehicle.

Slideshow of the Opening Ceremony held on Saturday evening


“There was a tiny bit of confusion but we got out to the transportation zone and onto a shuttle bus which took us right back to Boaz Island.”

He said the America’s Cup Village was “fantastic” and was “impressed with how everything looked. We went early enough that we didn’t have to wait in huge lines for anything. All the vendors we visited were quick and efficient.”

His only complaint was that he wished there was more seating in the shade but said overall “Bermuda put on a great show for the world.”

Andrew Simpson also drove up and parked at Boaz Island and caught the ferry over. He said there were “no issues” with the transportation and the “Village was great with an amazing atmosphere.”

He enjoyed the free water provided at the AC Village and the “vendors were amazing.”

His advice if you’re planning a trip up to Dockyard to the AC Village is “Go early and beat the crowds.”

Shanna-Lee Kerr went on the bike and “the ride to Dockyard was smooth sailing all the way. It was easy to park and there were people to direct you.

She and her husband Tim enjoyed watching the races on the big screen. They also had a “delicious Ashley’s lemonade and brick pizza dinner and finished up dancing to Wyclef. It was well attended but easy to walk around inside the village. It was a really enjoyable day.”

Nichola Cunha used the park and ride, which she said was well organized.

“We did not have to wait for a shuttle to the village and the bus drivers were friendly. When leaving the village we walked back to the shuttle pick up area where the mini buses were waiting, again we were greeted by a friendly driver. We did not even wait five minutes to head back to the parking area. All the parking attendants were friendly too.”

Ms. Cunha added the village was great, well set up and she “could feel the energy and excitement. “The kids area had plenty of helpful volunteers. It was a great experience to see the AC boats, and be a part of such an amazing event.”

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  1. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    I cannot say it enough. OUR BERMUDIAN ENTERTAINERS were ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS !!! Soooo very professional and so very, very, good. The Opening Show was so just perfect – both in length, content and so visually very pleasing.
    Well done guys! You rocked!!!

  2. O.M.G says:

    Thanks to all that has worked so hard to make this happen we all should be proud. And to all of you that don’t think anything of this I say poor you. Keep sitting home and waiting for someone to give something. Many years ago we were all very proud of this little island and embraced the people that entered our waters. You are only going to hurt yourselves even more. Stop letting the PLP take you back all they are doing is inslaving you. As long as you let them talk for you you will never go anywhere. What did they do for you in the fourteen years of power. Nothing.