Video: Singer Posts Video Of Her Fall At Concert

August 8, 2017

Soca star Destra Garcia posted a video clip of her fall during the Cup Match Summer Splash event in Bermuda, with the footage showing her falling, laying on stage and being taken away on a stretcher.

“Sometimes you see these things happen to other ppl and never dream it could ever happen to you,” she said in a video caption on Instagram.

“Thank God everyday for life, no matter how much it feels like you’re struggling, someone out there is worst off than you are. Just be grateful for life itself. Weird looking back on that night! Feels like a movie.”

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  1. Caramel says:

    As I mentioned before, I hope this was not a staged fall. I am questioning the careful way she approached the spot in which she fell. To be that careful, indicates to me that safety may have been questioned.

    Destra,, we are very sorry this happened to you, and hope you get well soon but please if this was other than what is believed, please do not try to pull one over on the Bermudian people.