Premier In “Trade Mission Talks” In Mexico City

November 19, 2019

Premier David Burt is attending “trade mission talks” in Mexico City, where he will meet with business leaders and speak with officials at the British embassy, with the Premier also set to attend tonight’s Bermuda vs Mexico football match.

Last night, a Government spokesperson said, “The Premier, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, today left for trade mission talks in Mexico City.

“During his time there, the Premier will meet with asset management, infrastructure/hotel development business heads and top technology business leaders, together with private high-net-worth individuals and their professional advisors. The Premier is also scheduled to have talks with officials at the British embassy.”

Premier Burt stated, “It has been ten years since Bermuda and Mexico signed the Tax Information Exchange Agreement [TIEA].

“This is an ideal opportunity to continue to explore synergies between our countries and examine how Bermuda, as a leader in tax transparency, can work with Mexican businesses to create jobs for Bermudians.”

The spokesperson noted, “The Premier will attend the Bermuda vs Mexico CONCACAF Nations League football match on Tuesday evening.

“He is accompanied by Ms. Lynesha Lightbourne, Business Development Manager for the Bermuda Business Development Agency and Mr. Eduardo Fox, Official Adviser to the Government of Bermuda on Latin American Affairs.”

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  1. question says:

    My guess is about $8k, however the cost of meals and ground transportation will mysteriously be zero.

    • Beats de almost $40,000 Sylvian spent in Brazil.

      • question says:

        Zane & Co spent more than that trying to get billionaire yachtowners to come here, after being rude to them for the past decade.

      • question says:

        By the way, you’re mixing up the cost.
        Sylvan Richards’ trip was $30k. Nowhere near as much as the $36.5k spent by the PLP in 2012 going to the London Olympics. That’s where you’re the ‘almost $40k’ from. I guess – the amount the PLP spent on travelling to see the Olympics.

      • wahoo says:

        Or the $35K per year we spent on your dumb a$$ edumacation.

      • Entre Manure says:

        Stop BSing us Burt. You want us to believe that you just so happened to be in Mexico on business while Bermuda vs Mexico was playing and since you are there you are going to support the team. Just say you are going to the game because all is good in Bermuda and we can all afford it – right! I look forward to hearing about what business you did in Mexico that couldn’t be done by phone or email.

        Meanwhile many charities, PTA groups, businesses and donors are donating supplies to our public schools because the Ministry of Education has no F’N money! You WON’T deal with the fact that the Ministry has way too much management, consultants, and ministers earning big salaries for doing little or nothing and teachers being asked to do too much in deteriorating schools with no tools – because we have no money! Meanwhile Burt, Caines, DeSilva and a few others always seems to find the money to fly and cruise all over the place. Have they ever used air miles to pay for tickets? Or do ministers get to keep them and use them later for personal use?

        Anyway, we know you feel safe because the people believe in you and will back you guys no matter what you do or say. Trump has the same security. You also have the security of not worrying about being confronted with a public protest because you are never here!

        Good luck to our boys tonight! However, regardless of the result of the Bermuda vs Mexico football game tonight – our Premiere wasting money that we do not have and adding to our debt – makes us all losers!

      • Entre Manure says:

        Meanwhile 2+ years in and not one payment made by Burt using Concurrency.

        PLPs focus has changed. he could not get foreign investment like he promised so now the PLP are trying to motivate locals into investing in Fintech!

        PLP supporters and the government. If you believe – I mean REALLY believe in Fin-tech, I challenge you to share your knowledge and let us know what crypto currencies you are supporting so that we can compare the value today versus the return on investment in 2 years before the next election. I bet – not one believer will step forward!!

      • Entre Manure says:

        How much was spent by Brown and his group at th e Playboy Mansion? Oh did you forget about that one.

        How about the $4 million spent on Beyonce concert. How about 20/20 cricket. What did the Black Mayors conference cost? Then there was the Diaspora Tourism initiativeand the two Globalhue contracts.

        Do you really want to compare dollars spent and return on investment!

  2. aceboy says:

    Trade mission talks? With Mexico? Lol. Anyone who believes that, I have a bridge to sell you. Enjoy the game Mr. Burt.

    • toadinthehole says:

      yeah, why not just be honest … oh hang on, those voters in C17 might be a bit p!ssed?

  3. Dollar Store says:

    This is a joke yes?????Or another free bee on us under guise of Trade Mission Talks???? What the F do we have to trade???? Other than expertise in overspending, and some useless hot air politrikens. Please also advise of any gains in High Net Worth individuals or Mexican business can or are here?

  4. Moor says:

    He seriously thinks we believe this will create “jobs for Bermudians”?
    It’s a free trip to a minor football match

  5. #CLUELESS says:

    Meanwhile at the bus stop

    • red rose says:

      You will wait and wait … until the new bus schedule arrives sometime in the next 17 years..

  6. Onion_peels says:

    It’s always amazing to see how far someone can stretch a story in order to see a football game.

    Just be honest.

  7. JohnnyB says:

    “the Premier also set to attend tonight’s Bermuda vs Mexico football match”

    ok that makes a lot more sense

  8. che says:

    We are talking about a Boondoggle Mission

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Off on another junket racking up air miles to be used later. How much for this one & what will the ROI be? You can be sure that it will be far more than the cost of the Governor in his fluffy hat to read a Throne Speech.

  10. hanky panky says:

    LOLOLOL A trip to watch football disguised as business …. and off island days before a by-election. This guy is supremely arrogant!

  11. somuchless says:

    Anything for a trip. This is utter nonsense. Stop flying around the world. We can’t afford it. We’re broke.

    • I dont believe that statement, de last time we were told we were broke we found $77 Million for a sailboat race.

      • The America's Cup says:

        LOL OJ–you are a treasure aren’t you!

        At least the AC did something positive for Bermuda and raised the country’s visibility on the global sports stage.

        Money was spent to bring the world to Bermuda–not for the Gvt to take a trip to attend a sporting event.

        After all this–I hope Bermuda wins when they play!

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Regardless of his ongoing misunderstanding of ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ROI on the AC he still refuses to talk about what we got out of the vote buying Beyonce concert , the REAL PLP Jetgate or the Uighers smuggled in under the cover of darkness.
          He’s not only a ‘treasure’ he’s truly special .. As he says , LMAO

        • Wow says:

          Do you realize the UBPoba Sylvan Richards used $30k of the people’s money to attend a sporting event……..namely the Olympics???

      • Dollar Store says:

        hey dopey we made money on the spend

      • kevin says:

        spent 77 to take in 300 that my friend is sound economic planning …whats that you say …exactly plp hasn’t a clue never had and never will have ….you ever heard of the statement ‘ You don’t know what you don’t know “

        • STFU says:

          Ok so where is the mythical 300? No one can find it? Oh wait.. it got lost like the Jetgate money!

          • Double S says:

            Or like the Port Royal money.

            Or like the Global Hue money.

            Or like the Dame Evans Court Building money.

            Or like the Dockyard pier money.

            Or like the Faith Based Tourism money.

            Or like the $1.2mn payment to a former PLP leader money.

            Difference being is one was private funds and the list above (plus many more not included) is OUR money.

      • aceboy says:

        We have found over $20 million for a rich man’s golf game. Zane was off snuggling up to the same superyacht owners he thumbed his nose at during the “sailboat race” all the while telling anyone who would listen that it was such a success in Bermuda and now Burt snuggles up to “high net worths and their advisors. Do you see any hanky panky in what Burt and DeSilva say locally about fairness and equality and what they do?

  12. toadinthehole says:

    So he cares more about a soccer game than the constituents in Pembroke Central? Why is he in Mexico when he should be knocking on doors in C17 … the arrogance of this man knows no bounds.

  13. red rose says:

    LOL, gotta laugh how he acts like he hates the Brits but is happy to make use of the British embassy for this … more hypocrisy from this supremely arrogant Premier

    • trufth says:

      He really is a piece of work isn’t he?
      Unbelievable, this guy. The ballz.

      • STFU says:

        That’s exactly what we need a leader with balz! Put him on as striker!

  14. somuchless says:

    And I bet he doesn’t even speak Spanish.

  15. DF says:

    I’m sure many voters in Pembroke Central would love to fly business class to mexico and stay in a nice hotel to watch a soccer match. SMH. Our Premier is really showing his privileged roots now.

  16. average bermudian says:

    the local law firms((AS&K AND CD&P AND OTHERS)who have been trying to drum up business in these south American jurisdictions such as Mexico- are welcoming this visit by the plp government!

    • Real Deal says:

      we need to work on China too. we just need to find a loop hole that will protect of the the usa backlash

    • Onion_peels says:

      When did Mexico move to South America?

    • Awakening-Giant says:

      Just to be clear México is in North America not central or South America.

      Hopefully Mr. premier can take note of the first class bus service cdmx has .

  17. Gustav says:

    trade Mission talks
    is that the new description for :
    i Need a free trip for a Football match

    such a Joker believes that People dont understand his greedy attitude

  18. Hola El Presidente del Islas Bermudes says:

    Hola El Presidente del Islas Bermudes!!!

  19. Real Deal says:

    just being real wining in Mexico is a dream. you have overwhelming Mexico support and you have to deal with their climate. well we will see but i aint putting no money on it.

    • wahoo says:

      What does it cost us to send a full team to these games? Reality bites but we have a lot of things that we can better spend our money on. Good luck team and Mr. Premier.

  20. Cow polly says:

    We’re gonna trade avocados as we have a surplus after the hurricane

  21. Y-Gurl says:

    Winter holiday time, we have to keep the trade doors open between Mexico and Bermuda lots of Doritos lovers are depending on this official visit

  22. One Who Escaped says:

    A lot of hogwash from a very little man.

    • LOL says:

      When is the UBPoba changing the name again? Will it be before the next election defeat or after? You folks are so angry at the people and the only leader you have is Craigy JETGATE UBPoba out of desperation LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  23. CHRIS says:

    remember when we had a ‘cultural exchange’ with Cuba? Why do people keep voting for these people? they do NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.