Bermuda Triangle Championships Held Virtually

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Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda held the Bermuda Triangle Championships virtually this weekend, with 52 competitors from the United States and Bermuda competing in 38 divisions.

A spokesperson said, “Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda held the Bermuda Triangle Championships virtually. We had 38 divisions with 52 competitors from all over the US and Bermuda competing in those divisions.

“Bermuda was well represented and the competitors really shined and did us proud.

Ella Metschnabel in yellow belt Amarriah in orange

Bermuda Triangle Championships 1


Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda

  • “Under 7 beginners kata – Bruce Masters 1st and Isaac Metschnabel 2nd
  • “8 to 11 beginners kata – Amarriah Vaughans 1st and Ella Metschnabel 2nd
  • “8 to 11 intermediate kata – Callahj Simons 1st
  • “12 to 17 beginners Kata Staciya Smith
  • “12 to 17 intermediate kata Amiel Trott 1st and Khwai Mendoza 2nd.
  • “Also Massanda Vaughans 1st in weapons and Amarriah Vaughans 3rd in krazy athletics

Bruce Masters, Joah Simons, Isaac Metschnabel

Bermuda Triangle Championships Sept 2021 2

Zenji Ryu Karate School

  • “Talia Iris 1st in over 18 black belt kata and weapons
  • “Dominique Brown 12 to 17 advance
  • “1st in self defense, kata, creative kata, musical kata, creative weapons, musical weapons and 2nd in traditional weapons

Bermuda Karate Institute

  • “8 to 11 intermediate kata Zechariah Mcllwain 1st and Seiji Watlington-Ingham 2nd
  • “8 to 11 intermediate weapons Seiji Watlington-Ingham 2nd
  • “Krazy athletics Zechariah Mcllwain 1st.

“Bermuda should be proud of these competitors and everyone wants to come to Bermuda for an in person tournament next year. Having this tournament helps shine a light on our tiny island.”

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