Parliament: Audio & Order Of Business

July 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

[Updated with live audio] The House of Assembly will be in session on Friday [July 1] and the session looks to be quite busy, with 14 statements listed, including an Update on Financial Performance, Banks and Deposit Companies Amendment Act 2022, Contributory Pensions [Amendment of Benefits] Order 2022, Consumer Affairs Annual Report 2019-2021, Annual Report Legal Aid Office 2020 – 2022, the Recognition of the Skills Development Programme Training, and the Tourism Investment [Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa] Order 2022.

In addition, the schedule also lists statements on the Landmark Launch of a Bermuda and United Nations Economic Partnership, Update on the Litigation Guardian Service, Processing of British Overseas Territory Citizen [BOTC] Bermuda Passports, Update on the Establishment of the Economic Recovery Plan, Preparations for the Introduction of Signature Learning Programmes in September 2022, Airport Fire Rescue Services and an Update on the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.

Update: Live broadcast has concluded, and the audio of the morning session is below:

The Order of Business is below [PDF here]:

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