Jamel Hardtman Arrested By Regimental Police

July 6, 2010

Well known radio personality and Bermudians Against the Draft [BAD] member Jamel Hardtman was arrested by Regimental Police today [July 6] for what the Regiment stated was the “military offence of failing to perform his military duties.”

Regimental Spokesman Major George Jones said “The Defence Act 1965, as upheld by the Privy Council, sets out the proper procedures as to how any member of the Regiment can be excused to pursue full-time education. Despite having repeatedly outlined these procedures to Pte Hardtman he has continued to disregard the current legislation and has failed to properly apply for deferral. Pte Hardtman, like any other member of the Regiment, must comply with the current legislation in order to be deferred, and I note it is not yet too late for him to do so.”

Mr Hardtman, along with others, had fought for many years to abolish conscription, taking their case all the way to the Privy Council in London, Bermuda’s highest court of appeal. The Privy Council upheld conscription in their ruling on May 24th this year.

After the arrest of fellow BAD member Lamont Marshall Mr Hardtman turned himself in to Warwick Camp earlier this month. Hr Hardtman went on to say that “as a man of my word I will turn myself in in support of Lamont and remain hopeful that we are able to reach a peaceful solution.”

Regiment Spokesman Major George Jones continued on to say “May I also clarify certain misperceptions that currently exist. Pursuant to the Defence Act, every member of the Regiment must complete a minimum of one 15-day Camp a year during the term of their service. In order to comply with that legal requirement Pte Hardtman, amongst others, was directed to assist the Regiment with providing the necessary support during this year’s Cadet Camp. However, pursuant to a separate court injunction passed this afternoon the matter has subsequently now been submitted for judicial review, and as such we are unable to comment any further on the pending legal matter at this time.”

Update: Responding to our request for comment, Mr Hardtman said “I have been thwarted in my endeavour to secure higher education by this most corrupt system that has hindered so many in so many different ways. A young black man in pursuit of higher education is being made out to look like a criminal by an institution that has no regards for civil or human rights.”

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  1. ROCKFISH says:

    Perhaps Hardtman can tell us how the Regiment thwarted his endeavour to secure higher education. Then he can advise us how others have been hindered in so many ways. Details please!

  2. Col Klink says:

    I know someone who the Regiment actually helped to further his education.
    Once his name was called he got on a plane and left the island and stayed in school until he was no longer eligible by age !

  3. UncleElvis says:


    “I have been thwarted in my endeavour to secure higher education by this most corrupt system that has hindered so many in so many different ways. A young black man in pursuit of higher education is being made out to look like a criminal by an institution that has no regards for civil or human rights.”

    Seriously? How has the Regiment “hindered” and “thwarted” you from securing higher education? Have they called schools saying “Don’t accept him!”?

    Oh, and… not going when you get called up is against the law. Unjust as it is, it’s still against the law. That means that, if you break that law, you ARE a criminal. You’re not being made out to look like one. You are one.

    I admire what these guys are doing and agree with most of their positions, but come ON. This “I’m a martyr to the system” shtick doesn’t work…

  4. Researcher says:

    Conscription(involuntary service/military) came to an end in the UK in 1960…

    Here is a Human Rights Issue addressed on Bermuda territories by UK Parliament about consctiption.

    Maybe this will be of some interest


    Human Rights

    23. We recommend that the Government should take steps to ensure that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender status is made illegal in all Overseas Territories. (Paragraph 260)

    24. We recommend that the Government should closely monitor the conditions of prisoners, illegal immigrants and migrant workers in Overseas Territories to ensure rights are not being abused. (Paragraph 268)

    25. We conclude that although extending voting rights to non-Belongers will be politically difficult for Overseas Territory governments, the Government should at least encourage local administrations to review this issue with regard to non-Belongers who have resided in an Overseas Territory for a reasonable period. We recommend that the Government should propose that non-Belongers’ rights be an agenda item for the next OTCC. (Paragraph 275)

    26. We recommend that the Government should encourage the Bermuda government to move away from conscription and towards the Bermuda Regiment becoming a more professional organisation, with voluntary and paid elements. We conclude that this could make serving in the Regiment more attractive, giving it the staffing resources required to extend into maritime duties. (Paragraph 285)

    As a Bermudian it is my belief we take interest in decisions made concerning interest in our urban island and things going on in uk parliament about our island.
    Knowing helps to make better decisions within our island for the people, as others see Bermuda as a ‘jewel’ in England’s crown. Does anyone wonder why???

    Come on Bermuda, come together, you did not come this far for nothing. Read in ‘In the EYE OF ALL TRADE PAGE 50 paraphrased ” In the mid 1620′s the people that formed the back-bone of the new diverse economy, were the people – black Bermudians, women, children, and older men, when the young white men were departing the island because of economic pressures.