Miss World: UK Issues Warning About Extremists

September 21, 2013

With organizers facing growing anger from several groups, the Miss World contest in Indonesia has been mentioned in a new bulletin issued by the UK government, which warns of a high threat of terrorism in the country, saying that “extremists may be planning attacks targeting the Miss World Pageant being held in Bali.”

Katherine Arnfield — who was crowned Miss Bermuda earlier this year — is in Indonesia representing the island at the international pageant.

Miss Bermuda Pageant 2013, June 23 2013-66

Even after the event’s proceedings were moved from Jakarta to Bali in an attempt to separate contestants and attendees from the bulk of Indonesia’s conservative population, the British government has still seen fit to warn visitors to the country, especially those attending events related to the Miss World competition, to be vigilant and take care at all times.

Text of the UK Government’s statement:

Terrorist groups continue to plan attacks and have the capacity and intent to carry them out at anytime and anywhere in the country. The Indonesian authorities have disrupted a number of planned attacks on tourist locations, including in Bali.

Extremists may be planning attacks targeting the Miss World Pageant being held in Bali from 8-28 September, including possibly against hotels used by participants. In addition, local Islamist vigilante groups have threatened to hold large-scale demonstrations to disrupt the event.

There have been a number of suicide bombings in recent years and further attacks are likely. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by foreigners. Beach resorts, bars and restaurants, hotels, markets, shopping malls hosting major international brand outlets, tourist attractions, places of worship, foreign Embassies, ferry terminals and airports are all potential targets. Indonesian government and law enforcement interests may also be targeted.

Video  of protests over the Miss World competition in Jakarta:

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    Not sure who is responsible but please ensure Ms. Arnfield is safe.

    I guess we are all surprised that the decision was made to hold the contest in Indonesia given the generally ‘conservative’ nature of Indonesians.

    Sometimes it is a case of ‘better safe than sorry’.

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    the only thing these Terrorist groups understand is DEATH!