Video: BCHC Discusses Radiation Treatment

December 27, 2014

Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre [BCHC] recently announced the charity’s plan to introduce radiation therapy to the island, saying the benefits include the fact that patients will not need to be off-island for extended periods and that the savings to healthcare costs will be $6 to $7 million per year.

A spokesperson for BCHC said, “Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre announced that we have undertaken an initiative to bring radiation therapy to Bermuda.

“For cancer patients, the majority will be referred for radiation therapy. Sixty-seven percent of individuals being diagnosed with cancer will go off for radio therapy.

“Unfortunately, because there’s no radio therapy option on the island, these cancer patients need to go overseas – be it Canada, the United States, or the UK – for their treatment.

“Radiation is delivered over the course of – it could be five weeks, it could be six weeks, and could even be 10 weeks – and so we can imagine if a patient is overseas for radio therapy, they may be staying in a hotel, they may be by themselves, not around caregivers or loved ones.”

“It can be very stressful to be there on your own and going through this kind of treatment.

“Currently, cancer patients can receive chemotherapy and also surgery here at the King Edward Memorial Hospital. With the addition of radio therapy, that really gives the island a comprehensive cancer care program.”

A brochure released by the BCHC outlines the group’s plans to introduce the treatment to Bermuda, saying, “Patients can receive comprehensive cancer treatment right here at home rather than having to endure lengthy stays overseas. Patients may, where feasible, continue to work and enjoy a normal life style with the support of family and friends close by.

“Bermuda’s insurers currently pay almost $10million for their clients to travel overseas for Radiation Therapy. Our projections show that, with a facility in Bermuda, treatment can be provided at a third of that cost, at a savings to us all.

“With its addition to existing cancer detection, imaging studies, surgical procedures and chemotherapy treatments, Radiation Therapy will streamline continuity of care, increase efficiency and reduce patient waiting and treatment periods.

In many cases it is not feasible for patients to travel overseas for palliative radiation. These patients would significantly benefit by having access locally for pain control.”

The full BCHC brochure follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. sage says:

    The incidence of cancer is way too high here, and an ounce of prevention…

  2. Tony Brannon says:

    The incidence of cancer in Bermuda is indeed “WAY TOO HIGH”.
    Please sign the petition banning a lethal substance that is silently but steadily contributing to the death of Bermudians. GLYPHOSATE HERBICIDES: ROUNDUP / RODEO and others….

  3. I will no longer contribute to the various tentacles of Cancer Corp. Each year, thousands of patients are coerced into undergoing lethal treatments of chemotherapy; radiation and surgery. Better options are available, yet the healthcare systems will not support alternative therapies. Now the well intentioned healthcare sector, wants to import instruments of false hope, to our shores. Poisoning the immune system, with chemo then adding insult to injury with radiation, are both primitive attempts to kill the cancer cells, before destroying healthy cells as unintended collateral damage. Doctors are satisfied with five year outcomes, when in truth, the rest of us are targeting full term lives of
    75 or 80 years.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      hear ye hear ye…finally, someone with the intelligence to research the Alternatives…i couldn’t have said it better…

      • Creamy says:

        So you think rich people have the cure for cancer but they don’t want us to know about it?