Photos: Four Super-Yachts Visit St George’s

May 3, 2016

The first annual St. George’s Marine Expo was held this past Sunday, with three super-yachts gracing the east end during the proceedings, with the Mia Elise II, Tsumat, and OKTO all seen in St George’s.

The 216-foot OKTO has a futuristic design with a long list of state of the art amenities, costing some $500,000 per week to charter and listed for sale at a price of over $60 million, while the 164-foot long Tsumat is reported to have an estimated price of $50 million.

The third yacht paying a visit to the east end during the expo was the 198-foot Mia Elise II, which costs $250,000 per week to charter. In addition, the ‘Kisses’ super-yacht was seen in the east end on Monday.


Regarding the St. George’s Marine Expo, a spokesperson previously said, “This event is one of the most exciting events being planned for this year. Ordnance Island and Kings Square will be transformed into a festive setting of flags, tents and boats while featuring an array of marine related products, services, sports, and seminars.

“The Marine Expo will be a family friendly annual event that honors history, celebrates sport, embraces technology and recognizes the opportunities in Bermuda’s Maritime Environment.

“The expo will encourage activity in the town by targeting boating enthusiasts from across the island. For the past two years a small committee consisting of representatives from BEDC, Bermuda Yacht Services and the Corporation of St George’s have been working to make this event a reality.”

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  1. WOW! says:

    These were AMAZING in real life! HURRY UP with that MARINA already!

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    With the Americas Cup coming to Bermuda prepare yourself to see many more gracing the Olde Town and Hamilton Harbour :-)

  3. bee says:

    This is exactly the type of business we need. Don’t need to widen the Cut. Just get a proper yacht club/facility and get the hotel built. Let’s get on with it!

  4. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Hope this Mega-yacht activity and Sailing frenzy translates into revenue for St.Georges,business,and Hamilton Revenue for struggling small business owners and Entrepeneurs.Hope that taxi drivers and lunch wagons and mini bus services,get away like bandits without being taxed by the big boys,who make the rules.We will see.Looking on.Peace.

    • jahlove says:

      lol nope! most stopped in st georges just to clear customs, at hamilton princess !

  5. Patricia says:

    Question. Is the Bermuda Flag supposed to fly the highest when yachts, boats, ships are in Bermuda waters?

    • PhD. says:

      No, just predominately.

    • Your Crazy says:

      I believe they fly the flag where ever the boat is registered. A lot of sea vessels and aircrafts are registered in Bermuda

    • Toodle-oo says:

      When in a foreign port the courtesy flag of that destination goes at the top of the mast above all others , regardless of its size.
      The country of registry flag can be huge but is nearly always flown at the stern of the vessel .

      For an example check any of the cruise ships when they’re in and tied up alongside.

      • Nanny Pat says:

        Wrong. First off, not all vessels have masts – your example: cruise ships don’t. Second, the flag of the hosting port must be flown somewhere, but nowhere in particular, just so it can be easily seen. This is a kind gesture to the host port, not a law.

        • Logic76 says:

          Cruise ships have masts, they generally house their radar arrays. Mast doesn’t pertain solely to sailing vessels. Generally rule of thumb, the ensign is usually flown from the stern of the vessel, traditionally offset to the starboard side. The mast can be used to fly a courtesy flag as a gesture of kindness.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          The term ‘mast’ was used to denote the highest point from which a flag could be mounted . It was not meant to literally mean ‘mast’ as on a sailing ship as I’m not stupid enough to use the term and then give a motorized cruise ship as an example . On most large motorized vessels you will find that the highest point is an electronics mast near the centre of the boat . Please refer to the pictures of the yachts above .
          That earns you a big DUUH ! Not much of a boat person are you ?
          And it IS a maritime ‘law’ as in it is an offense to not fly the host port’s flag from the highest point , above all other flags on display.
          Having it ‘somewhere’ but nowhere in particular as long as it can be seen is totally false and wrong .

  6. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    just the type of activity the Americas Cup brings to Bermuda…well heeled people with loads of money to year will be amazing…..