Author Tells Of ‘Secrets, Shame, Shackles’

October 14, 2019

Gracelyn Love Davis Bermuda Oct 2019A Bermudian author’s semi-fictionalised account of her life and the “unusual events” which caused her to leave the island for almost 30 years is flying off the shelves at local bookstores.

Published in September, former teacher Gracelyn Love Davis’s “realistic fiction novel” Secrets, Shame, Shackles: Don’t Judge Me is proving to be highly popular with Bermuda readers.

“Love has been a joy and a curse,” says Ms Davis in the book’s jacket copy. “I was always a good girl. I stayed on the straight and narrow and tried to do the right things.

“But when a telephone call, unforeseen experiences, and catastrophes erupted, secrets, shame, and shackles emerged. I was thrust into survival mode. I needed to escape. I needed a lifeline! Then came God.”

After having taught on the island for 15 years, Ms Davis relocated to New York after her life here was upended by the “secrets and shame” she describes in her book.

Retiring from teaching in the US after 28 years, she returned to Bermuda.

“As a child and young lady, everyone referred to me as ‘ a good girl’,” says Ms Davis. “‘Yes, I was and remain a good woman. But, my story reveals surprising events.”

Available at Bermuda’s book stores and pharmacies, Secrets, Shame, Shackles: Don’t Judge Me was also published in an Kindle edition.

Bermudian author Gracelyn Love Davis: Secrets, Shame Shackles: Don’t Judge Me

Secrets, Shame Shackles Book Bermuda Oct 2019

Reviews posted to the online vendor’s Secrets, Shame, Shackles: Don’t Judge Me page have been overwhelmingly positive.

“OMG! I just read this book by a local author Gracelyn Love Davis,” said one Amazon reviewer who awarded the book five stars. “A definite page-turner. It was a touching, moving, heart racing, thought provoking story of a girl cloaked in secrets and shame which shackled her until she found the God that promised to set the captives free.

“She qualified. I read it in ONE night”.

Ms Davis, will be signing copies of Secrets, Shame, Shackles: Don’t Judge Me at the Bookmart at Brown & Co. on December 14.

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  1. Thank God for such a Testament of Faith and a source and resource of help and strength, and for making your life story available, for the strengthing of so many in our Island home, may your book reach far beyond your wildest immagination and reach those of us who need it most.

    Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God, and taking your life experiences to give back, to propell others forward.

  2. Blondina Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing something that was so private and personal. It took courage. That Courage shows who and what you are today, a child of the most High. “The Devil meant it for evil but God meant it for good”. Your story will inspire a lot of wounded souls out there who are going through the same thing. Out of all that we go through in life God is still in control. Thank you