Miss Hamilton Parish 2014: Indigo Palacio

June 22, 2014

In the fourth of a series of profiles of contestants, Bernews today spotlights Indigo Palacio, who is representing Hamilton Parish in the Miss Bermuda Pageant, which will be held on July 6, 2014.

Miss Palacio graduated from CedarBridge Academy in 2013, enrolling at Bermuda College shortly afterward. Following a change in her career path, she decided to take a year off to assess the direction in which she wanted her life to go. Miss Palacio is volunteering at the Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of the Arts, saying that she feels at home and in her element amid art, fashion, and exotic creations.


When asked why she decided to enter the Miss Bermuda pageant, Miss Palacio said, “A lady had asked if I would like to be sponsored for the Miss Bermuda Pageant. I was hesitant at first, but then I felt honored to know that someone believed that I have what it takes to be Miss Bermuda and would be willing to invest their time and money in such a great opportunity like this for me.

“Continuing my journey in the pageant, I feel that Miss Bermuda means being a mentor, and showing the world that there is more than just having a pretty face in this pageant.”

When asked what has been the most enjoyable part of the process so far, Miss Palacio said, “The most enjoyable part of the process so far was greeting the tourists at the cruise ship in Dockyard. Teaching them our history and our culture, helping them, and suggesting places that would spark their interest.”

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When asked if she was nervous or excited to get on stage for the pageant, Miss Palacio said, “I am nervous, but it’s a good feeling. Appearing on stage is a challenge that I would love to overcome. Entering this pageant has given me the courage to overcome this small fear of mine.”

When asked who has helped her the most to achieve this success along the way, Miss Palacio said, “There are so many people who have helped me, but I would like to recognize my mom, my two sisters, Pharaoh and Maya, and my cousin Brinae. They have been my backbone through this competition and my entire life.”

When asked, should she win, what she planned to do with the exposure that being Miss Bermuda would give her, Miss Palacio said, “There are so many young fashion designers and artists in Bermuda. I would like to have a big gallery opening so everyone can be aware of who they are and what they have to offer, rather then buying international clothing and art. Also, I would encourage after-school programs to teach young children, especially females, etiquette and self respect.”

When asked, win or lose, what’s next for her after the pageant, Miss Palacio said, “I plan to go back to college. Volunteering at the Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of the Arts has helped me to see the career path that I love. I’ve always been a visual artist, but I would love to work in an art gallery, greeting people, talking to them about art, and helping to set up and prepare for art shows.”

When asked if there was anything else that she’d like to add, Miss Palacio said, “I would like to help more in the community by taking care of the elderly and reaching out to young people across the island.”

The 2014 Miss Bermuda Pageant is scheduled to take place on July 6 at the Fairmont Southampton, where reigning queen Katherine Arnfield will crown her successor. Tickets for the event are available at Pulp & Circumstance at Washington Mall, Fabulous Fashions at Heron Bay Plaza, and online at bdatix.bm.

Photographer: Donovin Seymour
Hair: Impressions
Makeup: O’faces

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  1. Street Smart says:

    My comments are gonna be the same on all of these ladies!! Bermy has struck a BIG GOLD MINE this year!!! Again, NOT tryna be a judge in this contest!!!!

    • Hot Button says:

      Go go Indigo. Best wishes. Your mom is also very pretty. She taught me.

  2. Be Fair says:

    Gorgeous girl !!

  3. Niner 3 zero says:

    Well hello! Very talented! Goes to show that you don’t always have to travel half way around the world to distant countries to find a beautiful woman!

  4. Steve Biko says:

    She could be a Queen of Sheba look alike

  5. Justice! says:

    Another view of the true essence of Afrikan beauty–internally and externally! Indigo’s face alone is sufficient. I don’t go for Afrikan women exposing their temples before the lustful eyes of the world.

  6. TGAOTU says:

    Shut your trap about Afrikan women and exposing their temples!

    Stupid a**!

  7. TGAOTU says:

    Queen of Sheba is a myth with NO historical evidence to support it – sorry to burst your bubble. The “Land of Punt” is also mythical and never existed. SORRY!!!!!!!

  8. Justice! says:


    I detect some insane jealousy there. mhwsmpplvthawhtylv! Burst my bubble and go figure!

  9. Island Princess says:

    @ Justice!

    Your statement “I don’t go for Afrikan women exposing their temples before the lustful eye of the world” surely hasn’t stopped you from looking and trust it would be safe to say she wouldn’t be going after you either.

    Indigo, all the very best to you; you are a beautiful young lady who will represent your family and Bermuda well.

    Good Luck on Sunday!!

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