Court Street Shooting: 26-Yr-Old Woman In ICU

July 4, 2011

[Updated] There was a shooting in the Court Street area a short while ago this evening [July 4]. Bernews understands that one person may have been shot, and unofficial reports suggest the victim may be a female.

We have limited information at this time but will update as able. Bermuda had experienced a short lull in gun violence recently, with no shootings for the past 6 weeks; the most recent time someone was shot was May 23.

Update 12:30am: Police are present, with the area cordoned off from all sides with crime scene tape. There are some bystanders present.

Shooting Gun Swinging Doors Shot Bermuda July 4 2011-1

Update 1:06am: The forensics unit are on scene, and could be seen searching the front door area of Swinging Doors at this time.

Update 1:26am: Police confirm that a 26-year-old woman received gunshot injuries. She is the third female to have been shot in recent years, following the shooting of a 17-year-old female at Dandy Town in April 2010, and the shooting of a 24-year-old woman in Southside in November 2009.

Update 1:30am: Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said that it appears persons on a bike fired into a crowd, and that a man also received non gunshot related injuries. Video statement below:

Update 1:38am: Police statement:

Police responded to a report of a confirmed firearm incident that took place at 11:28pm on Monday on Court Street in Pembroke outside of Swinging Doors.

It appears that men traveling on a motorcycle shot at a group of individuals congregated outside of Swinging Doors, resulting in a 26 year old woman being shot.

She has been conveyed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital where she is being treated for her injuries which are not believed to be life threatening. A man was also taken to the hospital with superficial, non gun related injuries.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may seen anything or anyone acting suspiciously to please contact police on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 1:53am: Police are beginning to remove crime scene tape. Car owners whose cars were within the Police cordon tape are now being allowed to move their cars.

Update 3:15am: All police presence is gone from Court Street, and the area is completely quiet. The photos below are from earlier, and show the police examining the area.

d Shooting Gun Swinging Doors Shot Bermuda July 4 2011-1-4 (1)—–Shooting police forensics Bermuda July 4 2011-1-5

Update 7:00am: The victim is listed in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit this morning.

Update 9:30am: The man who received non gunshot related injuries has been released from hospital.

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  1. Kam says:


  2. outkasted says:

    First!…Females Ya gotta be kidding me right? This is going to be a loooong HOTT summer.

  3. d reader says:

    females snatch handbags
    females get shot

    equal rites for all


  4. I heard that a female shot another female… but that is not from a reliable source. Can anyone confirm?

  5. wat is realli goin on buh ! dis stuff aint gonna get no better itsz all gettin worst buh. wen are the better daysz comin , :S !!

    • Joe Delmonte says:

      Speak english you hog.

      • Dee says:

        @ Joe Delmonte – I might have put it a little less strongly but yes posters to this site, you are not texting your friends you are posting to a public site please post in readable English!

        • spliffaday says:

          @ delmonte & dee – it is in readable english…just read de ting deh slower

          • Ganja Mon says:

            LOL !!

          • it is what it is says:

            I agree!! LOL!!! if you read it how it sounds you get the jist of what it says..everybody wants to be a critic!!!!!!

    • Cleancut says:

      OH GREAT! Now the gangs are on Bernews.

  6. Never mind! Just read the official police report that confirms that it was – as usual – men travelling on a motorcycle who fired the shots.

  7. lone soldier ugetme says:

    Its freakin ridiculous the role these girls r takin in this masacre… In that life, u live by the gun, u die by it! Its sad, but its turning to be true! They all are daily gun weilders, henessey drinkers, and weed heads – shooks do we now see why they’re acting with no remorse?

    • d reader says:

      Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said that it appears persons on a bike fired into a crowd

    • United says:


    • The Real says:

      Why would you peg weed heads as gangbangers? Weed heads would be at home watching T.V. while eating a bucket of KFC helping the cornel get profits up in Bermy. These people shooting are definitely coke heads. This is why they’re so desensitized, all gangbangers are coke sniffers and puppets of gang leaders/their coke suppliers. That’s right parents if your child is a wannabe gangster he’s also coke head getting high on their own supply.

      This is The Real!!!!

  8. Will says:

    damn, and i went to bed last night thinking we haven’t had a shooting for weeks. then i wake up to this NIGHTMARE!

  9. me myself and I says:

    Very sad day in Bermuda when this is the type of news that you wake up to. BTW Bernews thank you always being on top of it all.

  10. Point Boi says:

    so um trollin FB and mi gurl is venting about violence etc. with no specifics, I know something wrong, so I switch channels to BERNEWS…..vola!

    Brilliant coverage BERMEWS! You’re kicking them rich bies butts to tha curb. Who needs 30 staff reporters and who needs to kill 100 trees on daily hard copies….certainly not BERNEWS….

    Save the trees and no reporters with funny names! BERNEWS my HERO 4 life

    • Organic Bermudian says:

      Well said!!!

      • hmmm says:

        Very well said. The other day a reporter (obviously unfamiliar with Bermuda) said that someone graduated from “Dellwood Middle School” 50 years ago. Dellwood was not a middle school fifty years ago. smh.

  11. 2 Guys on a bike fire into a crowd, these guys cant shoot so who says female were the intended target. Damn kids are bored, thats all and its been too peaceful of late. HOW THE HELL DOES IT COME TO THIS, SERIOUS MAN…….. Forget the good days, start giving 79 years in prison and the death penalty and mean it, cause they do not care anymore ….

  12. #ANYTHING! says:

    Bermudians say ANYTHING!!! Sometimes pl should just STFU cause clearly you don’t know what you talking about! A female shootins a female?! The female playing parts! At the end of the day they shot into a crowd of ppl not caring who they hit because what? All this crap is sad! And the youth of today of products of their environments! Smt I believe pparents really need to be held accoutnable for their kids actions! Its needs to stop

  13. Proud 2B a Bermudian says:

    The “females are the ones causing and starting ALL this crap so hey this didn’t surprise me especially considering how [edited] not saying I condone it or wish her any harm but hey… Also I find it interesting how Parkside have created sooo many enemies yet ALWAYS think its 42…you never ni who it could be when EVERYBODY wants you dead..

  14. get out of bermy!! says:

    u all better wake up n just get out of Bermy!! b4 its ya turn!!

    • BEBLESSEDBDA says:

      I know thats right…

    • BEBLESSEDBDA says:

      THIS IS WHY I packed up and shipped my sons out of Bermuda. This ignorance goes on all over the globe, yes. But Bermuda is way too small and after the first few murders that was it for me. I decided that I did not want my sons to become statistics down there. The biggest influences down there are drugs money weed clothes and our winner GUNS. That in which I dont want in my life either. You all may think Im weak for leaving because yes I do still have many family members who do still reside there but at the same time I FEEL SAFE. Its sad to say that I didnt feel that way anymore in the country I was born and raised in and love so much to this day. I just dont favour the way anything is going. That goes for politics as well. Bermudians have become slaves in their own country that they keep going day to day and its unfair and SAD. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  15. GPS says:


  16. PLP but not the Government says:

    Drive by shootings at crowds of unknown people will surely lead to them killing their own but obviously as they are driven by the Devil what’s it matter to them?

  17. Think about it says:

    What I dont understand is, why don’t the police instill a curfew for that area of town. You can’t possibly tell me that they don’t know that a whole bunch of illegal activity goes on there? I can drive through there at 11 in the morning and see it. Same reason why white folks avoid that area and if they do go through there, their windows are up.

    • the truth says:

      Those windows better be bulletproof…..

    • for real says:

      Whtie folks go through that area…they just don’t go at 11am because they don’t want other folks to know what they’re doing.

      • Think about it says:

        White folks drive through there to get to TCD. I was driving behind them once and I kid you not they rolled their windows up right when they got just past Jamaican grill and I don’t blame them.

      • Concerned Bermudian says:

        PURE white people in Bermy do cocaine, poppa (“pure” as in “many” or “lots of”, not in reference to racial purity, because the very idea of that is offensive and there is no such thing).

        • Think about it says:

          I’m not debating that. Sure they do cocaine, but I know that they don’t go to court street at night to get it. Sh*t, most back folks wouldn’t go court street at night, it’s a slum that needs to be cleaned up by the police. I thought they were supposed to be doing some sort of redevelopment project there anyway, what happened to that?

    • Christina says:

      Does it matter WHO goes through Court Street!? Point is it’s not safe for anyone…especially when these fools are shooting into crowds now.

    • shamel says:

      now now no need to stereotype all us whites we don’t all not go there or roll thru with our windows up LOL….get your head out of the sand!

      • shamel says:

        oh and i should add that i have never gone there for any kind of drug, and neither have any of the other whites i know who go round that way although i’m sure it does happen

  18. Public Leaning Post (PLP) says:

    So its official: We’re at the next level – now they are shooting into crowds not knowing who they are going to hit. Next, it will be Front Street. My money is on The Beach or Docksiders.

    • shamel says:

      is it a worse crime in your mind if it happens on front street? cause that’s probably not the attitude that will fix the problem

  19. get out of bermy!! says:

    sum of u idiots just dont get it. tell ya children there is more in this world than just Bermy! n 2 leave that country “NOW”. i left n only wish i had done it sooner..

  20. SWEETBLACK says:

    Really people are we that surprised that this has happened. What makes me so mad is that the police know that court street is a known place for illegal activity. when enough is enough. it is sad to hear that another one of our young people is getting shot again. i hope this young lady pulls through. its to the point that people are waiting for something like this to happen because it has been to quiet. whenever something likes this happens the police put a police vehicle on court street for a few days and then its gone. what is that for to save face? why is it that when something like this happens in places like court street it feels like not much is being done. let it happen on front street everyone we go crazy. as long as we are killing each other no problem,but attack the white areas and the people go crazy looking for justice. put the same effort no matter where it happens

    • get out of bermy!! says:

      “YA RIGHT”>>>LMAO

    • Christina says:

      Always an opportunity to use the race card…*rolls eyes*

    • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:

      EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS ABOUT RACE…If you all start to talk and let the Police know who is doing all the shooting then justice will be done but NO, I am not going to snitch on my black brother for killing my other black brother, “thats not a black thing to do” and If the police are on court street 24/7, then the police are harassing the people, but then when someone gets shot its because the police dont care about the black community. They just can’t please you all. you need to change your name to BLACKIDIOT because thats what you sound like. Crime is crime, its not a black thing or white thing…

      • Change to Grow says:

        I agree with Enough is Enough! Its not a black or white issue, its a Bermuda issue. The police respond to each case according to the situation not the location. Its the community that displays prejudice. In a perfect world with perfect citizens, this wouldnt occur but it isnt. The direction of our community in crisis is not going to change overnight, just as it didnt become this overnight. If you want to see change, change yourself first. Instead of saying, I dont want to be like my parents, remind yourself how you grew up because I know I loved the freedom to travel anywhere on the island without fear of shots being fired. Instead of just loving your sons/daughters, raise them. Instead of trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” keep up with your family. I could go on and on, but we all know what we need to do. So instead of complaining – fight for change.

  21. Public Leaning Post (PLP) says:

    There is a mass exodus out of Bermy as we speak. Planning my own exit too – but nobody is buying anything. Houses, condos, cars, bike – ain’t moving. Can’t leave until I get rid of the majority of it.

    Pretty soon, the only people left will be those who do not have the basic ability or sense to leave.

    5 years from now Bermy’s third world status will be official.

    • get out of bermy!! says:

      if u cant sell it all just leave anyway! y stay untill sumtin happens 2 u then say “well i was gona leave but no1 would buy my car”

    • BitterSweet says:

      LOL.! Rent that place out to some foreigners…sounds like your best bet if you’re serious about leaving.

      –But I definitely agree, I’m in college in the US and to an extent I DREAD coming home for such a long period of time (summer vacation). The money is good, but he environment is tarnishing.

  22. SWEETBLACK says:

    no one is playing the race card. it is proven we in bermuda do not hear of white people shooting each other,do we? i didn’t think so. iit all boils down to personal choices. these young men feel they have no other choice but to do what they do. i am in no way making excuses for their actions. i am really tired of hearing about it,but its realty blacks are killing blacks and i as a black person am tired of it.

    • #1 Gee says:

      as a Portuguese person I feel left out of the conversation and marginalized.

    • Christina says:

      ….So if there hasn’t been any shootings (which I agree, there hasn’t) with white people then how do we know they will “go crazy looking for justice”??? A murder is a murder. The police force in Bermuda is prodominantly BLACK… so I, as a person of mixed ethnicity am also saying its a very ignorant thing to assume…We’re all tired of these murders but as long as there is nothing done about them (i.e. people speaking forward, better punishments and more cohesion as a society) then they will continue to happen

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        I am pretty sure that Gaglio was a white Bermudian male who was shot at his house while hosting a poker game…

        I am pretty sure that no one went “crazy for justice” after the fact…

  23. SWEETBLACK says:

    i personally am tired of it. what can we do as acommunity to stop this type of behaviour? i would like to see oung black maen in bermuda to be looked at in a posotive light not a negative one. i know other people feel the way i do when i say it starts in the home. mothers pay more attention to your sons and fathers get in their lives otherwise you will lose them to the streets and wonder y.

  24. SWEETBLACK says:

    i have a 9yr old son and i do my very best in raising him ALONE. it gets trying at times but i have been doing it all this time and will not lose him to the streets.

    • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:

      If you don’t want to lose him to the streets, you need to change your attitude…its starts at home…because the way your talking right now, I feel sorry for your son…You bringing up race and police into something that has nothing to do with it, shows me that you will always have an excuse for misbehavior. When your son gets in trouble at school, you will blame the teacher and not what he has done…If he gets caught stealing, you will blame the police for locking him up and not your son for stealing. If you love your son, protect him the right way and stop making excuses.

    • another single mom of 3 sons says:

      Sweetblack…just keep doing what you are doing. Yesterday I was swimming at John Smiths Bay…a young man no older than 7 what shouting curse words as the waves hit him. First I told him that those words were not acceptable and I did not expect to hear them again and before I left I approached the ladies that he was with and told them that if he said that a lady told him off it was me…he had already mentioned it to them I guess in case they saw me speaking to him but told his mom that it was because he was throwing sand (clever little boy). When I told her the real reason that I told him off she said thank you and she would deal with him. So not only should parents do their part as you clearly are; we all need to guide the children with love but also teaching them respect. Even if they are not our own!

  25. Yup blame the police for everything says:

    Here we go again…the police should do things differently?! When they DO go and search the males sitting off in these areas you have a certain activist out there screaming that they are harassing young black men….and then a whole bunch of his co-signers start agreeing and fueling the anti police sentiment…there are honest people who hav businesses in the area..why don’t THEY do their part to assist with the issues in their neighbourhood (perhaps they are). When we had issues of drug dealing at Admiralty House we as a community worked with the police assisting them to deal with the problem. You no longer have the congregation of young men openly dealing drugs from that area that is frequented by young children. WE as a COMMUNITY need to do our part as well. But nope it is far easier to place the blame on the police who are supposed to do all things for all people…the time spent on road traffic accidents…domestic disputes…loud noise complaints and the list goes on takes away from time doing other things. But sit back and continue to blame the police instead of looking in the mirror and asking if we are doing our part to assist where we can….

  26. Yes I says:

    Don’t let these jokers run you out of Bermy……Time for us to run them off the island!

  27. George Courtney says:

    the gun violence problem can be cleaned up if the police & government do the same thing that was done in los angeles & conduct an immediate “operation hammer” assignment —11th comment

  28. Enough already.. says:

    Reading many of the posts sometimes scares me more than the violent things that are actually happening in Bermuda. We’ve got some ignorant people here… I mean maybe you’re not out shooting, but you kill by what you say and type on line. Remember Bermuda is ‘another world’. Let’s not lose hope in this beautiful island we have been blessed with. Yes, we have problems. Sure we do, like any other civilized society. There was no way were going to escape forever… But really, one by one, let’s guard our own behaviour, raise our children well (that would be MOTHERS AND FATHERS), parent those who don’t have parents, improve our education system, create opportunities for one another. Enough already about how Bermuda is going to the dogs and blah blah blah… This is our island and it is OUR responsiblity to make it better for those coming behind us. And we can, we just have to believe it then DO it, and stop talking so much…!

  29. Truth be Told says:

    Well leave then all of you who are thinking or speaking about it. We don’t need you here you are a part of the problem. All you don’t is talk and obviously have no interest in doing anything to help the Island you say you love. Only the strong survive so bye bye to all you weak lings.

    I’m tired of people saying others are playing the race card when they speak on young black males in situations like these. WAKE UP it is a race issue and until you realise that and stop being on the defence like blacks are blaming you personally you wouldn’t even have the slightest chance understanding what’s going on here.

    Rust starts off as a little dot on metal in time if left unattended it spreads and becomes such a problem that it would take constant work and commitment to get that piece of metal even close to its original state. That’s what has happened with the lifestyles of those who are taking part in these activities. The black community was freed but left without a ladder to climb up and at the bottom may things were introduced that negatively impacted their social lives Drugs, such as crack and heroin destroyed families. The value of marriage became less important. The fathers started disappearing from their childrens lives. These things plus more resulted in children being neglected, abused and thought little values. As time moved negative mentality has grown due to the highlighted media coverage and negative street influence. Some have chosen to take advantage of whatever opportunity put before them mostly because they had someone supporting them and encouraging them to do the right thing. Others for various reasons have not made the more positive choices. This is more then people trying to be “gangsters” or something their not. These are misguided people who are a part of a very bad underworld.

    We don’t need to think outside of the box we must destroy the box in order to come up with viable solutions to this problem we face. Like it or not we are all in this together and the actions of a few will affect the majority. “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” We have to do different because “The problems we face as a result of our level of thinking can not be fixed by the same level of thinking which created them” We have to be radical in our thinking or nothing will change what is happening.

    I’m not going anywhere I’m going to fight this head on I’m not afraid. This I our Island and we must work to take it out of the hands of destruction. I came from the same hardships that many of those doing these things came from and have at times been caught up but I have been blessed with the strength to overcome my hardships and move in a positive direction and I am more then willing to put in the necessary work to help lead my brothers and sisters out of the wilderness.

    • Stenson Burgess says:

      My horse is too low…where can I get one like yours?

    • Change to Grow says:

      Well said!

    • Terry says:

      Well, who the hell are you. We cannot follow if we have a leader that is not known . Bullshit………

    • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:

      Give me a freaking break “truth be told”..what a bunch of buls…are you that ignorant that you believe your own horse crap. You can not blame the past for whats going on now. Its called “person choice” If I go down the road and kill someone, don’t blame my mom, it was my person choice (just saying), if I sit here and call you an idiot don’t blame my growing up with abusive parents, it’s my person choice….You said and I quote “I came from the same hardships that many of those doing these things came from and have at times been caught up but I have been blessed with the strength” that was your personal choice to change your life. I talk to many kids and I always tell them, don’t let anyone rich or poor, white or black make you feel any less about yourself. You are whatever you want to be, only you can make that choice YES, as adults we can try to teach them the right way but its up to them to do it. Its about people trying to teach eachother the right thing, not black teaching blacks, or white teaching whites, its human race teaching the human race. Until people stop makin excuses about why crime is going on, Bermuda will never change, it will just get worse. Stop blaming the race..We look the way we look because God wanted us to look this way. He made us by his image not by request. I didnt put in a request and asked God pls make me short.

  30. Pathetic Lazy People (PLP) says:

    Of course it is a race thing yes. It is young ignorant blacks (not whites) that are running around killing blacks (not whites). Now it has reached the level where they are shooting randomly into a crowd of people. Not heard yet whether the woman hit was white or black – people are just assuming she is black cos what white would be out at night down there? Not me I can tell you!

  31. Legal Eagle says:

    ENOUGH with race and police bashing!!! The violence is all about money,drugs,turf and retaliation—-AND simply CANNOT be beaten without the Community determination and assistance!!

  32. Legal Eagle says:

    Bermuda also needs a RICCO statute which greatly assisted the USA in cleaning up similar criminal gang problems there–where it is now an offence to simply be a member of a criminal organisation!! Of course, Community assistance will still be needed to uncover and provide proof in each case. It certainly served to eliminate at least the leaders of American criminal organisations and made ‘wannabes’ think twice about joining them!!

  33. Truth be Told says:

    So Legal Eagle tell me then what colour are those taking part and how did they get to that point where “The violence is all about money,drugs,turf and retaliation” has taken over their morals? You don’t have to agree with my prior post but at least it has facts supporting my argument and a suggestion as to how we can go about change. Its jot just a random outburst as yours seems to be.

    • Serious? says:

      @Truth Be Told

      “You don’t have to agree with my prior post but at least it has facts supporting my argument and a suggestion as to how we can go about change.”

      Facts supporting your argument?!? WHERE exactly in your post do you suggest ANYTHING useful or empirical that incites real change? Saying things like “We don’t need to think outside of the box, we must destroy the box” isn’t SUGGESTING anything, its simply an empty, sanctimonious metaphor! Maybe you meant the part when you said “We have to be radical in our thinking”, which is akin to saying that bananas are yellow or that the sky is blue…it’s something that someone self-important says when they want to hear themselves talk.

      I’m not saying that I have the answers, because I DON’T. I agree with you that it’s a race issue, but you’re guilty of EXACTLY what you’re accusing everyone else of, and that’s called HYPOCRISY!

      p.s. – I’m Portuguese, if that makes any difference to you, which I imagine it will.

    • Legal Eagle says:

      Well ‘truth be told’ (a misnomer indeed) MY facts are over 20 years of experience actually involvement in this problem–from both sides of the fence—-and I assure you race is not an inherent element of a criminal organisation, gang and resulting violence. For over 50 years in the USA (and the reason the RICCO statute was introduced) the criminal groups were predominantly white Irish and Italian–one of them my ancestry. As currently in Bermuda, that violence was also based on the combination of money,drugs,turf,enforcement and retaliation–so those
      acts show that race is not the cause or issue! The solution rests with the firm resolve to no longer remain silent and tolerate it by the ENTIRE COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY-not fragmented or distracted and thereby weakened by the divisiveness of racial rhetoric!!

  34. me dat says:

    Have any of you stop to think that these females are affliated.. Stop saying anything like for real half of you just don’t like what’s going on so you just saying what you think you know females are mainly the reason why this sh*t is going on.. Think of that they aint shooting into a crowd cause they bored they doing it because they know who is standing around. Before you speak know what your talking

    • Terry says:


      • it is what it is says:

        @ “me dat” I totally agree with you….if ONLY THEY KNEW and before I get “attacked” by the “Bernews gangsters” who will say, “well if you know anything you should go to the Police” they know…..and at ‘think about it” my windows are up when I drive through “the block” because my AC is on not because I’m scared!! LOL!!! they may have just been turning their AC on when you saw them and you just PERCEIVED that it was because they were’s not as if putting their windows up made them invisible!!! LOL!! and if they are as afraid as your PERCEIVING than there are other ways of getting to TCD other then driving through “the block”…LOL!!!!

        • Terry says:

          It is …are you reproducing paranoia? There hasn’t been a white person killed on Court Street in……..since we rolled up windows……………….

          I’m almost finished my new song….Island in the Sun…….Won’t make a dime but

  35. Truth be Told says:

    Legal eagle good suggestion in “Bermuda also needs a RICCO statute which greatly assisted the USA in cleaning up similar criminal gang problems there–where it is now an offence to simply be a member of a criminal organisation!! Of course, Community assistance will still be needed to uncover and provide proof in each case” Now where talking.

    That’s a very good hit in destroying that ship. Now let’s go for the long run after that also. There can be a green light red light system put in place for all those under 16 years of age. Under this anyone 16 and under will only be allowed to be in certain places (green lights) like Churches, youth center’s, community centres, School events, or any other designated places approved. Places like walls, fields not approved or with nothing to offer them at that time, bar areas, random places that have public access but no structure program for them to take part in. (without an guardian present of course) would be zones as Red lights. This would help to insure that our youth are limited from exposure to the negative ill’s effecting society that they would profit from continuing. This would also put the onus on those doing things like cutting up drugs where they can see, delling them were they can be or doing anything that they could pick up to make them move away so that they don’t bring the police around them. Parents would have no choice but to know where their kids are because if their kids are thought their the next ones the police are looking for. Some of these young ones have already pulled the trigger and those who have nobody positive supporting them are the most at risk of carring it on. We got to heal the spots we have comming up so that we can prevent an even bigger spread of rust. Because even after the gang life is made illegal those who feel the pain will still react the same just under a different frame of mind. If anything the streets adapt to their surroundings for instance if cameras are placed in the area they have to do what their doing then measures get taken to insure limited identification. So taking the gang tag is good but it won’t be and end all because they most trapped would just adapt so we have to be ready.

    I like your point so let’s put these type of things forward.

  36. Truth be Told says:

    @serious Please don’t speak to me unless you have something of value to say. I named someone in the post you refer to and it was not you so keep your petty comments to someone who has time for foolishness. I will not reply to you next post if it is directed at me.

  37. Truth be Told says:

    And my points on why its a race issue in Bermuda still stands as I’m speaking of the root of th issue…. This is not a mirror of other places just a slight resemblance. We have a problem and the reason it exist is because of some of the things I outlined. So why we can use what worked in other places w have to tweak them for Bermuda. We can only do that by knowing how we got here so that our level of thinking since then can change. And I am 29 so I have about 20 years experience with the in and outs because I have lived it personally, seen it and know the type of people where talking about. No school can teach you life experience.

  38. me dat says:

    You people are funny big write ups every time a shooting happens like write that some where else cause you say the same thing all the time if you want it stop take smith and wesson and other weapon warehouses out of business.. O forgot its impossible so the shooting aint going stop so take your sad storys some where else please and thank you tired of reading the same sh*t everytime

  39. Truth be Told says:

    Well last I checked you couldn’t read the comments unless you clicked your browser strolled down the comments and actually read them. Maybe you could try not doing those things and see if that helps you with your little problem. I say what I want when I want.

  40. get out of bermy!! says:

    Truth be Told u r a “IDIOT!!”

  41. me dat says:

    @truth be told people like you are the reason sh*t is happening say what you want when you want then POW then what you going say????? Like you say you want its been 136 shootings in bermuda so you saying you want it stop aint helping why don’t you get in the streets and say what you got to say aint no gangsters reading this your crazy uma let you know that! We are a 21 square mile island why can’t we all that say we want it stop come together and go and crash these so called gangster?? Why can’t we take our island back if you could write all this online for dame sure you can say it in public learn your facts on why its happening don’t be scared fight for what we use to be as a island cause for dame sure I ready to. I’ve lost 5 of my closes friends to the gun and for I’m not up for loseing any more so how bout let’s starting taking the island back let’s.. And yes we can blame the police for it all cause if there was police presense around like it is in other country and doing anti gang squads just busting these areas on a day to day basis the volience will come to a very fast hault why are police carrying guns if people that are shooting are still getting away