Murder Victim’s Family Forgives Those Involved

June 28, 2013

[Updated with video] Extending their appreciation for the community’s outpouring of love, the family of the late Verneil Richardson said it is “our desire is for peace in our community and forgiveness of whoever may have been involved in the murder of our dear son.”

The statement was delivered this afternoon [June 28] by Minister Paul Richards of the Church of Christ on Brighton Hill Road on behalf of the family.

At approximately 1am on Wednesday [June 26], 21-year-old Verneil Richardson was fatally stabbed in the parking lot of the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club. Adam King appeared in Magistrates Court this afternoon, where he was charged with murdering Mr Richardson

The statement from the Richardson family follows in full below:

The family of VerNeil Richardson extend their heartfelt appreciation for the community’s outpouring of love and support during this very difficult time.

As followers of Christ and His example, our desire is for peace in our community and forgiveness of whoever may have been involved in the murder of our dear son.

As believers, we would be remiss if we failed to use this opportunity to praise and glorify God.

Our beloved son has left this Earth now and the grieving process has begun. But in the midst of our pain and sorrow, we are also concerned about those left behind to deal with this misfortune.

We also take this opportunity to plea to any member of the public who may have witnessed the incident to make immediate contact with the Police Service.

We encourage you to help us and the community to understand what took place that evening. Or do not hesitate to call the confidential and anonymous crime stoppers on 800 8477.

We believe that out son’s life had a purpose and that he did not die in vain. It is our sincere hope and prayer that some young person somewhere seeks and finds God and His grace as a result of this tragedy.

This is our prayer, not only for this situation, but for our entire Bermuda community.

May God grant his peace and mercy upon all.

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  1. This is a very moving and powerful letter that has been written by this family, I would truly say that it takes the love of Jesus Christ and the recognitions that this could not be done in our own strength.

    To loose a child through a selfish and cruel act and then the parents return their show of support for the accuse and all who witness, along with the family of the accuse, that takes much courage.

    I truly would like to say that I respect you highly and would not like to be tested in this area, but hope and pray that if the event ever occurred to one of my own, that I to can look beyond the fault and show forgiveness.

    So I say to both families and to friends and enemies alike, take no thought for tomorrow, as we never know what a day could bring and the shoes we may have to wear. Keep trusting and believing that God through His son, Jesus Christ will truly sustain us in our hour of need.

    It really humbles me to read this letter and can not fully comprehend what these parents of both the victim and the accuse are going through at this time, but our prayers are with you and for you. May God continue to strengthen you all.

  2. Terry says:

    Better not to comment at this time.

  3. collins says:

    I could not be so forgiving if some idiot killed a member of my family !!!! I wonder what is behind the father being so forgiving for the murder of his son ??

    • Oh go take ur remarks n grow up! Always negativity from some one who perhaps, can’t deal with their own issues n want wonder why….stop ya dumbness n immature thoughts. He forgave because he can. That’s a man. If u follow Jesus, won’t be no chance of you getting lost! Ha! I can read n detect that u didn’t follow Jesus n ya still lost. Idiotic statement in my books.
      My sympathies n condolences to ALL concerned in this brutal callous loss. May God bless the family n strengthen them at such a time n times to come.

      • Jasper says:

        @our narrowminded residents (not all but some): It’s hard to take the critical comments of someone seriously when they can’t bother to type the letters a and d to make a complete three-letter word.

        What exactly was so immature about Collins comments??? They weren’t immature at all-maturity has nothing to do with it. Just because person A chooses to forgive someone who has done something wrong and person B says they would not, does not make person B immature at all-that’s the completely wrong word to even use. Most people wouldn’t forgive the person-Collins is just being honest.

        I any case, YOUR comments come across as immature-especially since you’re too lazy to write ‘your’, ‘and’, etc. How about YOU grow up and stop being so lazy and make your comments will gain some validity…what’s so hard about typing out an entire word? This isn’t Twitter.

    • Devils Advocate says:

      It depends on the circumstances for me.

  4. To Terry says:

    Your comment ‘better not to comment at this time’ speaks volumes and it is probably not positive. Why don’t you ‘not type’ next time!!

    To the Richardson family: This is an amazing testimony of hearts that are fully committed to The Lord. I pray God’s peace over the entire family, especially the parents of Mr. Richardson.

  5. Jerry says:


    Hmmm…who did the knife actually belong to?
    Who originally intended to use that knife?
    Who started the conflict and intended to cause bodily harm?
    Was it self-defense or was it a case where someone panic for their life and reacted?

    People find out the facts and keep an open mind because the devil is a liar and would have you believe what he wants you to believe. I hope not to sound heartless but we need to break the silence and stop living in denial.

    Everyone is afraid to make these sort of comments because they are just that…afraid. Afraid to speak out and that has always been the habits of Bermudian people. I don’t even have to be from Bermuda to know what is really going on.

    To the police service I pray that you do your jobs diligently and get to the bottom of this (not sugar coating anything) and inform the public of the truth.

    Too many gangsta’s on your lovely island are getting off and you say, “oh we didn’t even know they where gangsta’s”. Parents you have them living in your house and you know it but are afraid of your kids so you stay silent.

    If you need help reach out to your community because it is believed that it takes a community to raise a child. Bermuda you need to come together because this situation could have been avoided and Mr. Richardson could have still been here with us today.

    This is why I believe @Terry didn’t wish to comment but Jerry will.

  6. Jerry says:

    To Mr. Richardson’s family I really feel sorry for your loss because you are God fearing people and are strong as Job from the bible. In the end of it all I believe your son is covered because of both of your strong faiths.

    Really and truly God bless your family~

  7. Sandy Bottom says:

    The family forgives the perp and the alleged perp turns himself in.

    There is more to this than meets the eye.

  8. Django unchained says:

    Condolences to tis family. I respect their position but there is no way I could or would take their position.

  9. blindbutcansee says:

    Spot on. Definitely more to this than is first thought.

  10. SoMuchMore says:

    through christ you can overcome and forgive the worst situations and this is a good move. i applaud the family for having the heart to forgive.

  11. I didn’t no ya boy that past but I feel the pain what his family going through. Just keep your head up Richardson Family..I totally Rate “take no thought for tomorrow as we don’t know what a day shall bring and the shoes we will be wearing”#Rea talk

  12. cousin says:

    Really sad that a young man is gone into eternity before he really got to live life. There were enough witnesses to shed light on what really happened and the truth will come out. Sad for both families.

  13. mlke says:

    r.i.p birdie I wish all u haters would stop stop talking all your bullcrap because bridie was a good youth and he was raised right if u don’t knowthetrue story please stop talking adam heads king was a ratttttttttttttt

  14. Candy stripes says:

    I would not forgive someone for murdering any of my children.An eye for an eye!

  15. ABM says:

    If they truely are forgiving this young man, then they should not be pressing any charges. Just like the family who forgave the woman who killed their young daughter by vehicular homicide. She faced no jail or trial time and went free. The same should apply here. Of course, if they are truely a god fearing and forgiving group of people. IJS

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      It is the attorney general who decides whether or not to proceed with a criminal prosecution, not the victim’s family.

      In the other case you’re referencing, the prosecution did proceed.

      • ABM says:

        Actually, they did not proceed. Because the family was not pressing charges the prosecution decided not to follow up because the mother was at peace.

  16. Ian says:

    The family forgave, because God calls us to forgive. If you cannot forgive, then how can you call yourself a Christian? Jesus was nailed to a cross to die, he was spat on and beaten before that, and he still forgave them… So please, check yourself.