Raelyn Robinson Wins Medals At U.S. Track Meet

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Six-year-old Bermudian Raelyn Robinson won two silver medals and one bronze medal at the Virginia Invitational Track Showcase.

A spokesperson said, “The local track and field community is buzzing with excitement over the outstanding performance of six-year-old Raelyn Robinson at the recent Virginia Invitational Track Showcase, a USATF-sanctioned meet, where Raelyn claimed two silver medals and one bronze medal in a series of thrilling races. At just 6 years old, Raelyn has already made a mark in the world of junior athletics; having held the title as Bermuda’s fastest 4-year-old and fastest 5-year-old, Raelyn jetted to race competitively, internationally, for the first time. Demonstrating incredible speed and sportsmanship, Raelyn quickly became a standout competitor in the 6U division.

Raelyn Robinson US Track Meet Bermuda May 2024

“Competing in three events (50-meter dash, 100-meter dash, and 400-meter race) against some of the most talented junior runners in the U.S., Raelyn showcased rocket speed and determination. In the 50-meter dash, Raelyn secured a silver medal with a time of 9.39, narrowly missing out on gold by 1/100th of a second. The excitement continued as Raelyn brought home a bronze medal in the 100-meter dash finals, finishing with a time of 18.32 against tough competition (one of which set a new national record in the U.S. for that age group). Raelyn earned another silver medal in the 400-meter race with a strong finish of 1:50.30, further highlighting her versatility and endurance as a young athlete. These achievements are even more impressive considering Raelyn’s young age, having just turned six years old this month and the level of competition.”

Raelyn’s parents, Wes and Chez Robinson, expressed immense pride, “We knew Raelyn had a passion for running and sporty-type of activities even as a toddler, but to see her excel at her first international track meet, at this young age, is truly inspiring. She trains diligently, has fun, and always gives her best effort out there. These medals are a testament to her hard work and excitement for running.”

The spokesperson said “The Legacy Virginia Invitational provided an excellent platform for young athletes like Raelyn to showcase their skills and foster a love for athletics. The event featured approximately 1,000 participants from various U.S. track clubs along the east coast. Many of the U.S. coaches praised Raelyn’s performance and were in awe of her natural talent and speed without spikes. She was the only one to make the podium with no spiked running shoes. When asked why she didn’t have spikes, her parents noted that in Bermuda they don’t train 5/6 year olds with spikes.” They added, “it’s not something you can just put on your feet the day of the race; Raelyn would have to learn to run in them. Now that we know 6U categories overseas use spikes quite often, Raelyn will definitely have a pair. We’ve already checked the sports stores on the island and they don’t carry sizes that small, so we’ll fit them overseas.”

Raelyn said, “I had fun racing in Virginia and met new friends. Now I just want to get my spikes so I can win the race!”.  Raelyn’s parents shared, “We believe it’s important to celebrate the achievements of young athletes and want to highlight the importance of supporting and cultivating young talent, in any discipline. It provides an opportunity for young ones to showcase their skills, gain valuable experiences and foster a well-rounded individual.”

The spokesperson said, “Most track clubs in Bermuda typically don’t take children until they are 7 years old. Raelyn has been training with Steve Burgess at Steve’s Running Academy since January this year. We look forward to seeing Raelyn continue to grow and seeing where her interests take her, whether in running or any other area. As Raelyn continues to shine, the future looks incredibly bright for this young star. Congratulations, Raelyn!”

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