Photos & Video: America’s Cup Event Opening

October 16, 2015

[Updated with more photos + video] The opening night of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series included a spectacular display of fireworks, which followed the official opening of the “Bermuda Festival and Event Village” earlier this evening [Oct 16].

The event continues tomorrow, with the six teams taking to the waters for the first day of racing in Bermuda; and there will also be a number of land based activities taking place as well.

For the event schedule and a list of vendors at the Event Village click here, for an overview of the actual sailing race and rules click here, and for all our coverage of the America’s Cup click here.


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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Extremely colorful but, how long did it last?

  2. Coffee says:

    $77 million and counting !

    • navin johnson says:

      Bermudians working all over Front Street the last few days and all Bermudian should start subtracting everyone’s income from that $77 million is you know how to subtract…..Front street has a buzz that has not been there for years and the depression is lifting..all except for you

    • Zevon says:


    • Herb says:

      I was going to comment coffee but i have to keep remembering what my grandmother always taught me

      “where ignorance is bliss till folly to be wise” she was so right in your case

    • Jahmani says:

      kind of like the 800 Billion dollars the PLP blew .

    • C James says:

      Guess you are hoping that if you tell that lie enough times, that it will become the truth eh coffee? Typical plp strategy. Lie lie lie.

      Pathetic Loser Party – for people too stoopid to know better.

  3. Bermuda123 says:

    I was there – great spectacle and great buzz. Also wonderful photos (.and fireworks are very difficult to photograph well) so congrats to the photographer.

  4. Just a matter of time says:

    Coffee is right. It’s amazing how numbers only matter in selected cases with some folks on this board. $77 million is a huge gamble on the hopes that exposure from this increases our tourism and foreign investment numbers. And all Bermudians should be closely monitorng. I, yes JAMOT even took a peek last night to see how my money was spent. Don’t get me wrong I want this to work. But is it true that vendor fees were $600? I stand to be corrected. But if it is true that could discourage and push out the average vendor. Yet AC gets freebies. Oh the irony. I did not see the typical Harbour Nights vendors and prices were quite expensive I thought. And I don’t see how an Italian establishment selling an expensive Jamaican curry goat and roti dishes being typically ‘ethnic’ or local to promote our island. Isn’t that what we are doing here? Promoting the island? Not from the perspective of the rich. I found the boats to be quite impressive though sitting majestically in the Harbour with a beautiful sunset backdrop. That was my favourite moment and definitely picturesque. I want this to go well but again it’s amazing what can be done by this Govt and their AC organizing committee when there is the will to spend it as such.

    • Tolerate says:

      Just a matter of time; it’s great that you are encouraging this event and I agree with you on this being a gamble, however I think a sensible on to take considering the event.
      You did seem to have a problem with the $600 vendor fee? I don’t agree it is too high for such an event.
      Curious how much do vendors pay for Cup Match spots? And before I get blasted on the comparison, remember this is a WORLD event not just a Bermudian one.

    • Diablo says:

      I agree JAMOT.

      It is hilarious to watch you PLPers become all of a sudden worried about Govt spending while you remained as silent as a church mouse when your Party increased the national deficit by more than 2,500% in less than a decade.

      Didn’t read any of your concerns when the PLP spent nearly $50mn on a condo development, during a period of declining house prices, which only sold one unit while the BHC board resigned in protest of being overruled. Bet you thought spending over $1mn do Beyoncé to perform for an hour was great.

      Didn’t hear you when the former Premier spent tax payers funds at the Playboy Mansion or when he wasted our money on the faith based tourism scam which was runs by his campaign/branch manager.

      Lost your voice I guess when they overspent hundreds of millions on the dockyard pier, Berkeley, the new court building etc.

      Where were you when the PLP sold our financial futures to foreign borrowers because of their addiction to spending on whatever their hearts desired. But they couldn’t find the funds to perform audits on the seriously underfunded pensions from 2004 to their ousting. You have said you are a trained accountant, so what is your theory on why thy refused to have these funds audited? Hmmmm.

      But now all of a sudden you and your crew are in a tizzy about the Govt spending on an event that is broadcasted in over 100 territories, and event that has Hotels almost fully booked in October. The $77mn figure you and your crew quote is a lie. $25mn of that is sponsorship guarantee which will more than likely not be utilised as the sponsors of this event are some of the biggest corporations in the world. Other spending includes infrastructure in dockyard which is to be the new home of marine and ports while the rest of the money is spent in to the local economy. Look at how many local businesses have benefitted from this weekend alone. And despite your hatred that Italian restaurant is a Bermudian business as is the Jamaican culinary entities.

      I could go on and on, but what’s the point. So my question to you is why you and your crew have all of a sudden become fiscal conservatives? Amazing what an election can do huh?

    • Ann says:

      Really, I already said this once today, where were you when we wasted all the money on Beyoncé and The Love Fest, where’s the 800 million, and can we talk about the place in Warwick the Pathetic Loser Party had to have????

      • Pete says:

        SOOOO right Ann. And as a reminder to those sore plp/biu losers , what made AMC a smashing success was It was a Major PVT run and Financed Operation, no civil service, and no biu interference as was done to torpedo the AG show in Paget.
        The Bda. Gov. input was minimal.
        This 3 year event is Private run all the way!

  5. bluebird says:

    This success is really making the PLP/BIU Very depressed they will all be neediing some help with this.
    Th ere is Not one country in the Carabbean that has a Goverment ferry service.
    There is not one country in the Carabbean that has a Goverment bus service
    Ever wonder why that is ???

    • Hmmm says:

      Not into politics but remember that the govt bus service was out of the UBP era. The PLP didn’t start the service. Of course there are many more layers of history to the transport system on our rock and many of those layers were created to support UBP agendas.

  6. namreh says:

    i’m tired of every post ending up in plp vs oba could we just enjoy the post. People alway think because i am the same color of wheat bread that I am affiliated with a certain party but as an Island that majority is the same color as I am I guess the majority voted oba. I guess most people have a way of expressing opinions online which is not totally bad. I just think when every post goes down the same path of a debate over oba vs plp its diverting the attention off of the topic of the post.

  7. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Tolerate. The vendors pretty much know the customers they are dealing with at Cup Match. They also have years long experience as their guide.

    @ Diablo et al. Perhaps there is a technical issue holding up the audits and not just cost. Long overdue I agree but the delay is happening under the OBA watch as well. $77 million for the AC and not the audits? It’s all about priorities isn’t it? Interesting how it’s ok for the OBA to take chances in spending trying to make things work and not the PLP. It still remains to be seen whether singular day events in this past World Cup series and the 2017 event will translate into meaningful revenues. Right now all I see are inflationary effects starting with the rents. I suppose it is a full gone conclusion now that the 2008 crash had NOTHING whatsoever to do with our debt situation. It was purely the PLP’s fault huh? I will say it again, our faulty pricing and revenue formula and false sense of security is what is getting us into trouble or else we would be out of this debt.

    I see we are really depending on the fast ferries now. There is a lot of moaning and complaining when there isn’t full service here lately, yet Dr. Brown was nearly drawn and quartered for introducing the near apocalyptic idea of fast ferries way back when. Our cruise ships are our main tourist numbers right now…good thing the PLP had the foresight to build the wharf to even more complaints by the then UBPers and their followers (mostly OBA today). Yes some fixes were needed – substance over form is what I am concentrating on. The hypocrisy is amazing.

    @Namreh. Agreed.

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