Video: Sunday Sept 27th ‘Good News’ Spotlight

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News that MoonGate hosted the MASA Art Competition, Argus Group is celebrating 70 years of service by donating over $70,000 to youth programmes, Teachers Rugby Football Club has awarded a total of $7,500 toward supporting the education of three young club members, and Natasha Trott and Leanda Blackman made football history were all some of the positive news stories from the past week.

GN cover Bermuda September 27 2020

In additional good news, Zeiko Lewis scored in a Charleston Battery victory, Nahki Wells scored in a Bristol City win, Leilanni Nesbeth scored in a Florida State win, Dennico Hollis helped Stenhousemuir defeat Uddingston and Drumpellier, the BCB Cricket Youth League Champions were named, and Conor White finished second in Canada.

Other good news stories included Emergence Limited winning an international award, Nicky Gurret donating books to West End Primary, the MarketPlace Entrepreneur Spotlight featuring 9 Parishes and D&G Sherbert, and the Covid-19 health worker profile featuring Sakina Usher.

We also posted various community photo galleries, including coverage of the the MoonGate MASA Art Competition, Flag Football League week two action, the Winners Edge Road Race, and ProVid-19 winning the BGA Team Challenge.

In an effort to highlight some of positive news happening in our community, we supplement our standard morning and evening email newsletters with a special Sunday “Good News” email newsletter edition, and also produce a highlight video and article which strictly focuses on the positive news about Bermuda and Bermudians from the past week. You can sign up to have the free newsletter delivered via email here, and/or access the links below.

In addition, for those who like positive news, please feel free to visit our sister site, which seeks to showcase uplifting Bermuda news and visitor related services, or, which offers an array of free Facebook and social media cover images, graphic designs and videos to assist you in showing off your Bermudian pride on social media!

Links to some of the ‘good news’ from the past week are below:

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